Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 318

Rai Ying also has a serious face

"I know."

At this moment, a young man with black hair and dark eyes, delicate features and a soft face walked out slowly.

It was Kuroyoshi.

He looked at the two men who were wary, smiled slightly and said: "Self-introduction"


The rough sound interrupted the young man's self-introduction, and Lei Ying put one hand on the desk and rushed out with strength.

He was entangled with thunder and lightning, and rushed to the front of Kuraki like a heavy tank, and his sturdy right arm with a heavy metal wristband hit the opponent's neck.

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

A huge repulsive force erupted from his body, and Raikage flew back faster since then, smashing the desk, smashing the windows, and flying to the street outside, hitting more than a dozen houses all the way to stop.

"I want to have a good communication with Raiking, but Raiking doesn't seem to want to talk to me!"

Kuroyoshi still had a smile on his face, but he no longer accepted the softness that he had when he first came.

The linen instinctively backed up two steps and pressed his body to the wall behind.


Four guards headed by Darui broke in, each holding a weapon to surround Kuroyoshi in the middle, and numerous footsteps continued to be heard outside.

Surrounding guards are coming.

Mabuyi felt relieved a little, and his timid expression returned to calm.

She took two steps forward and looked at Cangji solemnly.

"Who are you? Ran into Master Raikage's office."

Chapter 228 The Thunder Shadow Building Collapses

Kuroyoshi's indifferent eyes cast a glance at the linen clothes, and suddenly the young lady who had just settled down was surprised again, as if she had seen something terrible.

"What did you do to Mabuyi-sama?"

One of the guards scolded in a bad tone, while waving a steel knife in his hand to threaten him.

Cangji turned his head and glanced at him. The guard seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer, flying out like a broken kite.


Seeing that his companion was attacked, the other two guards suddenly turned red and swung their long swords at Kuroyoshi.

After being hit on both sides, Kuroyoshi's face was expressionless, a pair of purple, with circles of ripples in his eyes as pale as water.

"Don't act rashly!"

Darui felt bad and stopped them loudly, but it was too late.

The invisible repulsive force erupted from the inside out of the body, and the two who wielded a steel knife to kill Kuroyoshi immediately stepped into the footsteps of the previous person

No, it should be worse than that person

They smashed through the office wall, flew out like cannonballs, turned into shining stars, and disappeared from everyone's sight.

"This bastard!"

Darui cursed secretly, but did not dare to act rashly, but stared at Cangji with solemn expression.

The ability of the opponent to bounce objects inexplicably without Jieyin made him somewhat uncertain whether ninjutsu had an effect.

If he rushed forward rashly, he would only follow in the footsteps of the three guards.

Darui was not very afraid of himself, but the linen was still in the office.

If she falls, no one can protect her.

"You should be glad you didn't make a move."

Kuroyoshi turned his head to look at Darui, those wavy eyes that looked at people like ants

All of this put great pressure on Darui.

Looking at this person, as if facing a high spirit, even the heart of resistance could not be born.

The gap is too big.

Darui was sweating profusely, and his hand holding the great sword loosened slightly.

Seeing that the weapon was about to fall, a loud roar came from a distance.

"Don't be overwhelmed by fear, Darui!"

Accompanied by the loud roar, a sturdy man, surrounded by thunder and lightning, seemed to be heavily loaded with a tank, and smashed through the glass like thunder, and rushed in.

Moreover, his right hand had already turned into a palm knife, and it fell towards Kuroyoshi's head.

Thunder abuse level Chiyo dance!

Although it was only a b-level ninjutsu, with Raikage's sturdy body, the speed of the wind, thunder and lightning switch was powerful enough to break through the skeleton of Suzuo Nenghu.


"Too slow, too weak, haven't you eaten?"

Kuroyoshi looked contemptuously.

Just as the palm of the sword was about to cut his time, Kuroyoshi slammed a punch.

First come first.

Although lagging behind, it hits the enemy first.

Chakra concentrated on the boiling of his wrist, bursting into unparalleled strange power.

The thunder-dance armor that is enough to stop the thousand birds is like fragile cardboard, which breaks at the touch.


His fist broke through the armor and hit Raikage’s cheek severely. As the gas explosion cloud spread, Raikage actually flew out of the office at a speed several times faster than last time, crashing through countless buildings all the way and flying hundreds of meters away. Can't stop.