Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 319

Cangji retracted his smoking fist, turned around and looked at the stunned Jabuyi and Darui, a trace of enlightenment appeared in his mind.

"I understand, I was wrong." The voice gradually turned cold. "I shouldn't have the idea of ​​communicating with a group of arrogant guys, I should communicate directly by force!"

As the voice fell, the vast smoke of Chakra erupted from his body, enveloping his body and burning like a blue flame.

"Okay, what an amazing Chakra!"

Azabuyi was dumbfounded, and he didn't notice the parts on his hands falling.

And Darui's throat was even more dry, swallowing saliva involuntarily, and the panic in his eyes was no less than that of linen clothes.

Kuroyoshi's power to release Chakra is stronger than that of Yao's rampage, and his sense of oppression is even greater than before.

However, I have experienced fear once and have overcome it

Even facing greater fear at this time, although Darui's expression was extremely solemn, he did not lose his fighting spirit like before.

At this time, the footsteps outside the door became clearer and clearer, and a large number of ninjas poured in, making the originally wide office crowded, and even the corridor outside the door was crowded with people.

When they saw Kuroyoshi who was releasing Chakra, they all looked like Darui and linen, showing horror, surprise, and hesitation.

What's more, a person who trembles and can't hold a weapon, or retreats involuntarily, until he hits the wall and falls to the ground.

They are the guards of the Leiying Building, the elite of Yunyin Village.

But now, just seeing the scene of Kuroyoshi releasing Chakra, I was so frightened.

"Who are you?"

Forcibly suppressing the fear in his heart, Darui questioned loudly.

The rest of the people in the office looked at Kuroyoshi after hearing the words, wanting to know how sacred this guy who appeared suddenly was.

But the answer to Darui was a more violent chakra eruption.

Chakra is like a blue flame burning more and more vigorously. With Kuroyoshi as the center, a huge wave of air erupts from the inside to the outside.


A circular shock wave penetrated from the Raikage Building.

Time seemed to stand still for a second at this moment.

In the next instant, the entire building collapsed instantly.

In the center of the smoke and dust, a figure quickly lifted into the sky.

It is Kuroyoshi.

He was floating about a hundred meters in the sky, looking down the entire Yunyin Village like a god.

A large number of ninjas rushed here, but more of them were ordinary villagers fleeing everywhere, like ants in chaos.

Strong force will swell people

In charge of the lives of everyone in Yunyin Village, he felt for a moment that he was the true god.

But this feeling only appeared for an instant, and he was stunned out of his mind.

The multiverse is vast, and there are so many people who are stronger than him.

I am just the overlord of a small planet in a universe, so I think I am a god

It's so arrogant.

"What the hell do you bastard do!?"

On the ruins of the Raikage Building, with blood on the corner of his mouth, Raikage, who did not know when he ran back, raised his head and roared, while Darui, who was equally injured, stood beside him.

Behind Darui stood intact, just a dusty linen clothes.

Obviously, Darui protected her from the previous shock.

Otherwise, the guards half-buried under the rubble are her fate.

Kuroyoshi smiled coldly, "I wanted to introduce myself before, and I wanted to explain why, but you didn't hesitate to use force to interrupt."

"And now, you asked me about my identity and purpose in turn"

"In this world, only strength is the truth!" Kuroyoshi sneered, "I have no patience to communicate with you anymore. Let me tell you something first. After I knock you all down, I will No one opposes my opinion anymore."

Chapter 229 Is the power not shown enough?


Lei Ying was trembling with anger, and a stronger Chakra burst out of his body, surrounded by lightning, surrounded by electric lights, and a blond hair standing upside down.

"Don't underestimate Yun Yin!"

Roaring, the ground full of ruins was trampled out of deep pits, and Lei Ying rose into the sky like a cannonball.

Kuroyoshi's indifferent eyes swept down, and he was about to use Shenluo Tianzheng to shoot it down again.

No, there was a leopard roar, and the black panther-shaped black thunder came first, and the leiying stepped toward the sky.

Lei Dun has poor black spots.

This is the black thunder of three generations of Raikage, and now there is only the only heir, Darui.

Kurayoshi looked over Raikage and looked down

The place where the black thunder connects is indeed in the hands of the burly young man with sexy thick lips and dark skin.

The leopard-shaped black thunder and Lei Ying went one after the other, and the difference was only about ten meters.At the speed of the two, when the former attacks the enemy, the latter immediately keeps up.

"After only watching it twice, did he figure out a way to deal with the Shenluo Tianzheng? It is indeed the next five generations of Raiking!"

Kuroyoshi exclaimed, but his contemptuous eyes did not change at all.


The panther roared and the god thunder descended.

In the face of this imposing thunder, Kuraki gently raised his right hand.

Suddenly, the black panther, who had just roared wildly, was sucked into his palm like running water.

"Absorbed the black thunder!"