Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 320

Raikage and the Darui linen underneath both opened their eyes wide, unexpectedly that the enemy had such an ability.

Next second

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

Unmatched repulsion broke out.

Raikage has fallen several times at a speed since Raikage, and the entangled lightning and sparks of air friction are intertwined, like a meteorite.

The ninjas who came to the Raikage Building to support one by one involuntarily stopped and watched the scene blankly.

"Find a cover and get down!"

Darui yelled for a reminder, and threw out his thick linen clothes.


The meteorite fell and the earth shook.

The air wave entrained the smoke and spread from the ring, and everything it passed through was crushed into flat ground, with a radius of hundreds of meters, and was enveloped by billowing smoke and dust.

The ninja who was here to support, the person running in front was affected by the air wave, and it was as if he was hit by a heavy hammer. The kite flew upside down, and the blood was thrown into the sky.

I don't know how long the aftermath has passed.

Darui embraced and pushed away the boulder that was pressing on him, and stood up holding the linen clothes.

They couldn't help but feel at a loss as they looked at the center of the village, which was covered in smoke and dust.

At this time, those who came to support arrived one after another.

White-skinned and blonde Xi; Samui who is more majestic than Tsunade; Two Yugi people who are mature and calm, with a long braid behind their heads; Tashiro wearing blindfolds; Two disciples of Kirabi Karui and Omoy, Samui’s brother Azi

In addition to these elite ninjas, there are also many ninjas, densely packed, forming a circle of three and three outside.

Roughly speaking, there are at least thousands of people.

And there are many giant crossbows on the higher cliff building farther away, and anti-aircraft weapons such as Kumu launchers have aimed at Kuroyoshi.

"Darui, what happened?"

The two men who looked at the shoulders bleeding from the wooden figure and stood with the linen clothes supporting each other.

This is the first time she saw Master Raikage's right hand so embarrassed.

Not only her, the others also looked at him in horror, especially Karui, who was even more stunned, with an expression of dare not to be confident.

Darui gave a wry smile.

Just about to answer, I didn't want an exclamation from the other side.

Everyone heard the reputation, and saw Omoi put Raikage's shoulders on his shoulders and walked over step by step.

When he saw Xi, he quickly shouted: "Hurry up and treat Master Raikage!"

Xi didn't dare to delay, she rushed over and laid Raikage flat on the ground, then treated him with medical ninjutsu.

Lei Ying's body was stained red with blood, and his strong body was filled with construction fragments, and there were many cracks, and the bright red muscle fibers and bones could be seen.

Such a horrible scene made Yun present couldn't bear to keep watching.

"How could it be that even Master Raikage was defeated."

Karui watched this scene unwillingly, biting his lower lip, his hands clenched tightly, and his knuckles turned white.

"Did that person do it?"

Samui is one of the few people who are not influenced by emotions, keeping calm and asking about the situation.

It's just that, as you can see from the trembling beautiful eyes, her heart can't help being so calm on her face.

At this time, there was an uproar from behind.

Several people turned around and looked, only to see Kuroyoshi from just falling on the ground.

Ignoring the surroundings and aiming weapons at it, his eyes were frightened, uneasy, hated and wary of him, and walked towards Yunyin's higher level.

That being in the midst of thousands of troops, the still calm and composure made the people around him more uneasy.


The two men stepped out with a strong stride, blocking the direction of Kuraki.

As she said, Kuraki stopped obediently, just a pair of purple, and her eyes were still indifferent.

"The reincarnation eye, that is the reincarnation eye, how can anyone in this world have reincarnation eye!?"

The two tailed beasts in the wooden human body screamed again, and the words were full of incredible.

Hearing the voice of Yuri, Yumu couldn't help but open his mouth.

Yunyin Village once had six branch bloodlines handed down, and I knew a little bit about the ancient Xinmi.

Although most people regard this as a myth, just listen to it casually.

But as Ren Zhuli, Yu Mu Ren had communicated with Yuri, knowing that not all of those stories are myths and legends.

As for the appearance and characteristics of the Six Dao Immortals, she knows well

Circles of ripple-like eyes, this is the pupil technique that belongs to the six realms.

"Stop me without speaking, you are really arrogant!" Kuroyoshi said lightly.

The wooden man came back to his senses, staring at Kuraki dignifiedly, lowering the center of his body, holding a handle in each hand.

"Invaded our village, destroyed our homes, and killed countless companions, leaving Raikage-sama seriously injured and unconscious"

"No matter where you are sacred, if you do such a thing, don't think that you can get out of your body."

"Yes, you guys are enlightened!"

"Kill him!"

Yu Mu Ren's words resonated, and the morale of the surrounding Yunyin Ninjas skyrocketed, and each of them wielded their weapons to cheer for the Mu Ren.

Many more people stepped out of the crowd and surrounded Kuroyoshi in the center.

"Be careful, that guy can release the shock wave repulsion without dead ends, don't attack at the same time." Darui reminded loudly.