Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 322

Kuroyoshi didn't rush to do anything, but silently looked at the Yunyin Ninja rushing towards him.

The expressions of each of them were clearly seen by the eyes of reincarnation, all of them were fanatical and excited, without a trace of fear.

Kuroyoshi slowly closed his eyes and listened to the shouts coming closer and closer.

"I didn't want to do this level."

"But, you guys who don't know what you are afraid of make me have to."

Yunyin Ninja slayed before him.

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes suddenly and stretched his right hand toward the sky, and a black ball flew into the sky from his palm.

The Yunyin Ninja waved a weapon at Kuroyoshi. The wooden man stared at Kuroyoshi on the mountain wall behind. The yin and yang chakra condensed on her mouth. Only when Kuroyoshi used the Shenra Tianzheng bombs to fly her companions' attacks, she would Launch the tail beast jade without hesitation.


"Ultra·Earth Burst Star!"

The imagined huge repulsive wave did not occur, but rather an extremely strong gravitational force came from the sky.

The weapons that slashed towards Kuroyoshi were sucked away in the middle of the slash, and the strong gravitational force even attracted people to the sky.

The Yunyin ninjas lowered their body's center of gravity, inserted kunai into the ground, or hugged heavy objects such as boulders to prevent them from being sucked away.

But the gravitational force grew stronger and stronger, and those who lowered their body's center of gravity just persisted for a while and were sucked into the sky.

Immediately afterwards, the earth cracked, the mountain peaks collapsed, and the houses and buildings were uprooted, sucked into the sky, and adhered to the black ball core in the sky.

The mountain wall previously grasped by the wooden man also collapsed and shattered, and she herself was sucked into the sky together.

However, the power of the tail beast is extremely huge, even if it is sucked into the air, it is not as defiant as other people.

She maintained the form of a cat demon, standing on a boulder, facing the core with her mouth wide open.

The dark purple chakra ball with the fusion of yin and yang ratio suddenly spit out from his mouth.

Under the influence of the core gravity, the tail beast jade rushed up like a broken bamboo.

At that moment, the world lost its voice.

Everyone can only see the strong light caused by the explosion and the explosion flame that obscures the sky.

Chapter 231 Annihilation of Yunyin Village

The flame shrank suddenly

It seemed that it stopped when it contracted to the extreme, and then expanded sharply, pouring out high temperature and energy like a nuclear explosion.

The violent air wave drew a circle of thousands of meters in the sky, blowing away the nearby clouds.

At the center of the air wave, the explosion of energy has formed a sphere with a diameter of more than ten meters, which is flaming red covering the sky, like a doomsday dusk.

Gravity stopped at this moment.

The boulders, people, and construction debris that were sucked up into the sky are falling down

Everyone was excited, and even yelled loudly to vent their fears.

But I was happy for less than a second, and a suction force ten times stronger than before came from the sky.

Not only the falling people and things are re-adsorbed, but even the peaks and the entire cloud hidden earth are uplifted, broken in the sky, turned into rubble, and absorbed, forming a huge ball.

In about ten seconds, the sun was blocked by a ball several kilometers in diameter.

Kuroyoshi looked up at the giant in the sky, and said nothing.

Although from the beginning, they wanted to teach Yunyin Village a lesson, let them realize the gap between ordinary ninja and six levels, so that they will be less obstructed in future unification.

But he never thought of uprooting Yunyin, he was merciful from beginning to end.

After all, as the village with the strongest military strength in the Five Ninja Villages, they will be connected to other worlds in the future, and their combat power will greatly help the entire Ninja world.

Even if it was the last released Earth-Booming Star, Kuroyoshi had been suppressing its original power, just thinking about killing this piece of ninja.

But the Mu Ren's tail beast jade broke his suppression of the gravitational ball, causing the original power to be released, and then uprooting the entire Yunyin Village.

The original Yunyin Village was full of mountain peaks, but now there is only a pit several hundred meters deep, and only a stone pillar stands at the foot of Cangji.

"This can be regarded as self-inflicted!"

Cangji couldn't help shook his head and raised his hand to the sky. The huge cat demon broke through the sphere and fell into the pit at a very fast speed.


The giant fell to the ground, and accompanied by the earth shaking, it set off high smoke and dust.

When the smoke cleared, the huge cat demon had returned to its original appearance

A messy, but calm woman.

She has lost the ability to resist

Although I tried to stand up, I couldn't succeed.

Cangji jumped down from Shizhu Mountain and walked towards the wooden man step by step. He walked on the rock without any haste, making a "da da" sound.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the wooden figure raised his head and looked at Kuraki, with hatred and unwillingness in his unyielding eyes.

"who are you?"

"What is the purpose?"

Kuroyoshi stopped in front of Yumujin and looked at her condescendingly, his eyes indifferent, without a trace of pity.

"A little chakra from two tails and brigade!"

"Another trip!"

The wooden man was startled.

She did not expect that it was herself who caused the disaster to destroy the village, and endless regret and tears welled up.

"why why?"

"Obviously the goal is me, why should we destroy the village, why should we do such a superfluous thing!"

The wooden man questioned loudly.