Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 323

She was not so naive, nor was she questioning Kuroyoshi, she was just venting her guilt and self-blame for the village.

However, Kurayoshi answered him.

"Because you people in Yunyin Village are very loyal. If you find you alone, things will probably become the same as they are now!"

"However, I really just want a little chakra. Originally, you wanted to discuss with Raikage, but he didn't give me a chance to explain what I was coming from. He just attacked."

"It is not you that caused the destruction of your village, but your arrogance and arrogance."

"Pretending to be one of the Five Great Ninja Villages, possessing the strongest military strength in the entire Ninja world, and not putting others in the eyes, this is your sin."

"It's not a crime!" Yu Muren stood up trembling, his eyes resolute, "This is our pride!!!"

Roaring, the wooden man launched a charge.

This is a desperate charge towards hell, and the wooden man hopes to die before Cangji takes Yulu Chakra.

In this way, the brigade connected with Renzhuli's life will also die, and it will take some time to resurrect.

Even if you can't stop this guy completely, you have to get sick of him, so that his plan cannot go smoothly.

This is the idea of ​​the wooden man.



Cangji raised his hand and created a huge gravitational force, which attracted her as a whole, pinching her neck with his right hand.

The Hungry Ghost Dao's ability was activated, and the Chakra of the trip was absorbed along the body of the Yumu Man.

Ding!Chakras with the special material "Yolu" detected, can forge the special item "Yolu Ring", is it forged?

"Not forging yet."

Kuroyoshi rejected the system in his mind, and then set his eyes on Yugi.

Watching that poignant face became pale, it was even hard to breathe,

Kuroyoshi threw him out with a flick of his right hand, and laughed at himself: "I'm saving the world, but it turns out to be like a big devil."


After the wooden man clutched his neck and breathed for a while, his face turned ruddy.

She stared at Kuroyoshi with hateful eyes, "Destroying our village like this, but talking about saving the world, what kind of mentality do you have to say such a thing!"

"There is so much difference in the horizon pattern, even if you explain it, you will not understand." Cangji turned around and walked out slowly, "The Chakra ancestor is about to wake up, and the Moon Eye will once again illuminate the Ninja World. At that time, the whole world Falling into silence, I am just preparing for the impending destruction."

"You also have six descendants in Yunyin Village, and there should be some Xinmi inherited from ancient times. If you still don't understand it, just ask the other trip in your body."

"By the way, Earth-Blasting Sky Star is a sealing technique, and none of your companions died. When the chakra of the maintenance technique is exhausted, it will be automatically cancelled."

"Of course, this sealing technique is a bit rough, and I cannot guarantee that everyone is still alive."

The wooden man stared blankly at the disappearance of Kuroyoshi's back, and then cried with joy.

As long as the people are still there, the village can be rebuilt.

Compared to the incomprehensible Chakra ancestor and the Moon Eye plan, Yu Mu Ren only cared that his companion was not dead.

"It's awful!"

The voice of the trip rang in Yu Mu Ren's mind.

"Although it is disappointing to say these things when you are happy, things are really bad!"

"Why, what's the matter?" Youmu was a little confused.

"That treats the Ninja world as a field and life as a fertilizer"

"The mother of the Six Dao Immortals, known as the Datongmu Keiyaji, the ancestor of Chakra"

"If that person is not lying, then the entire Ninja world will usher in an unprecedented catastrophe, and it is very likely that the entire human race will be extinct."

Chapter 232 Xiao Organization Collection

After Cangji left Yunyin, he forged the Ring of Travelling again.

"The Ring of Another Travel: With all the chakras and attributes of Two Tails Travel, the wearer can use it at will."

The Chakra of the Brigade has no special attributes, but it can make a person's body lighter and more flexible. The fingers can protrude sharp claws and become like cats.

Collect the nine ring of tail beasts

Kuroyoshi could feel the resonance of the ring ring stronger, and seemed to be eager to merge into one.

These nine rings have the same origin, even without the help of the system, they can blend together by themselves, just like nine-tailed beasts.

However, the system prompt did not sound.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi did not integrate them.

Because he didn't know whether the rush to merge the nine rings together would have any impact on the subsequent integration upgrade.


Looking at the rings full of fingers, the colors and shapes are all different, and the dazzling array makes him dazzled.

"This is too fancy, quickly forge out the props of the Outer Golem, and carry out the final integration upgrade."

After making a decision, Kurayoshi immediately sent a message to Nagato: "Nagato, let the Akatsuki members gather, and it's time to kill them."

"They are in different places and it takes some time to get together."

"Let me know when we gather."


Hanging up the communication, Nagato groaned a little, and sent a message to all the core members through the ring: "The preparations have been completed ahead of schedule. Go to the base of Kawa no Kuni for a meeting to discuss the next step within three days."

"Is it finally going to start?" Dedara was eager to move. "I'm almost suffocated."

Guiyu ridiculed: "Then you'd better hold back into a dumb gun, otherwise, you may blew yourself up one day."

"what did you say?"

"Angry?" Guiyu laughed: "Don't you always want to engage in ultimate art? I think this ending is suitable for you."