Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 324

"Uh, although it feels a bit wrong, it seems to be that way!"

"You idiot should blew himself up sooner." Scorpion murmured aside.

"You say so!"

"Is there anything I can't do remote meetings?" Jiao Du's voice interrupted the arguing between the two. "Wasting time is a waste of money. Three days is enough for me to find a lot of money."

"I said, stop it!" Fei Duan sneered: "If you make money from the dead all day, you will be cast aside by Lord Cthulhu. Maybe even the one who teamed up with you will be abandoned by Lord Cthulhu. "

"I'm not religious!"

"Damn, you have no faith."

The two quarreled during group communication.

Nagato was silent for a while, and said: "There are many things that need to be arranged, and new members need to be introduced. Long-distance calls cannot be cleared."

"That seems to be impossible."

"Any new people join again?"

"Senior Nagato, is that rookie Yetou?"

"Yedou? Never heard of it!"

"He's a very powerful guy. In short, you'll know when you see it." Nagato nodded, then after thinking about it, he said, "Fly, you come too."

"Eh eh eh, am I coming too?"

"I have something to tell you alone."

"Understood, I will definitely work hard!"

"Don't forget Itachi."


After the notification, Akatsuki's communication quieted down.

Kuroyoshi glanced at the "white" ring on his finger and smiled lightly, "If those people only look at their character and not their behavior, they are really lovely people!"

The original Yunyin Village.

After a period of time, the giant floating in the sky scattered on its own.

With a heavy heart, the wooden man rescued the villagers one by one.

The chakra with the tail beast supports it, and then uses the shadow clone

Although still unable to catch everyone, they also saved most of them.

Especially the high-level people in the core of the village, none of them are missing.

Some people with strong physique woke up first and helped other people, as well as those who were out on missions and rushed back after receiving the news.

After a lot of busyness, most people recovered.

The fourth generation of Raikage's physical fitness is very strong, and there is a body-protecting ninjutsu like Thunder Armor.

Although he suffered the most severe injuries, he was still one of the first to wake up.

Yumu hurried to tell her all what Kuraki had said before leaving and the information that Yuri had told her.

Lei Ying couldn't help but fall into deep thought after hearing the news from Yu Muren.

For a moment, he raised his head and said, "Samui, you take someone to inform the other four ninja villages that I want to hold a five-shadow meeting, and I will arrange it immediately."


Several teams set off from the Yunyin ruins and headed to the other four ninth villages.

The peaceful Ninja world is surging, and the storm is coming.

Three days passed in a flash.

The country of Sichuan.

Under a large mountain surrounded by a river, there is a cave with a vast space.

Nine people with different shapes and different shapes, dressed in red cloud robes with black background and hats with wind chimes, gathered here quietly.

Nagato and Xiaonan stood on the innermost boulder of the cave, glanced roughly, and nodded, "It's all here!"

"It's all here, so hurry up and say anything!"

The scorpion hidden in Fei Liuhu said in a deep voice, Deidara echoed, "Yes, yeah, are you going to attack the five great nations? I am the first to be the vanguard."

"Didn't it mean that there are new people joining?" Guiyu looked around curiously, "Where is the person? Hasn't it arrived yet?"

"There is no time to delay, I still have a big deal to do!"

"I'm going to preach too."

"Yeah, yeah, it's rare for a junior to join the organization, and I will finally become a senior."

"Don't think about it, Nagato has said that the newcomer is very strong and must be a full member. You should stay on the bench for a while!"

"NO, the world can't be so cruel!"

Several active guys in Akatsuki's organization talked individually, and the calm cave suddenly became noisy.

Nagato was silent and raised his hands.

Suddenly, the cave became quiet.

"Introduce new people first!"

As he said, Nagato looked behind.

Everyone in the Akatsuki organization followed their gazes curiously.

A young man with black hair and dark eyes, delicate features and a soft face, a slender young man walked out slowly from behind the huge boulder.

With a faint smile on his face, he waved a small hand at everyone, "Everyone from the Xiao organization, how are you!"

"Is this guy?" Deidara looked at the newcomer and said in deep thought, "Except for being a little more handsome than me, I don't see anything better!"

"The guy who is entangled with appearance, don't go around proclaiming that he is an artist." Xie said contemptuously.