Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 325

"what did you say?"

"Do you want me to repeat it?"


"The temperament is quite good." Feiduan nodded appreciatively.

And the corners on the side are not interested, "Although the temperament is good, it is not famous. If you are a little famous, it is estimated that you will be offered a reward from the bottom!"

"You bastard don't talk about money!"

Unlike the undead and art combination, Guiyu and Itachi were puzzled when they saw this young man, and so did A Fei, who played the younger generation of Akatsuki.

Why does this person look so familiar?

Chapter 233 The Death of Feiduan

"Itachi, do you think this person is familiar?"

The ghost shark asked in a low voice beside Itachi.

Itachi did not answer, but squinted at A Fei, who was also puzzled on the other side, and couldn't help sinking into thought.

Is this person

Somehow, he had a vague premonition in his heart.

"Hey, newcomer" Deidara asked, "What's your name? Is it a vacant seat?"

Hearing this, everyone was quiet and looked at the youth quietly, and the youth also looked at them with a smile, his eyes almost narrowed into crescents.

"My name is Cangji, and I am the boss of the Xiao organization. Please advise!"

Quiet, deathly silence.

The people of Akatsuki looked at him and Nagato behind him indifferently.

They didn't know what Kuroyoshi looked like.

However, his deeds of killing four generations of Fengying and quelling the war on his own have been spread throughout the Ninja World, and they have also heard of it.

And, after that, Akatsuki organized a plan to assassinate him.

Although Nagato who participated in the assassination did not announce the results, they did not think that anyone could escape Nagato's assassination.

Afterwards, Kuroyoshi really disappeared, and no rumors about him were heard again.

They all thought Kuroyoshi was dead.

but now

Although I’m not sure if it’s the same name, I say I want to be the boss of the organization.

"Can I ask?" A Fei squeezed to the front and raised his right hand like a primary school student. "Senior, are you the Konoha Ninja who defeated Ninja Ninja and ended the war with your own power half a year ago?"

"If the incident is not repeated, it is indeed me."

As soon as he said this, the pupils under A Fei's mask shrank sharply and turned to look at Nagato.

The same goes for Itachi.

He had a deal with Kuroyoshi eight years ago, and knew him far better than Afei and Nagato, and he knew he had the growth potential to subvert the Ninja world.


Why come to such a place alone?

Why not stay in Konoha and grow up?

And, why did Nagato lead Akatsuki?

In the end what happened?

"Hey, a newcomer just came here and said he was the boss or something." Feiduan took off the three-day moon sickle behind him, put it on the ground, leaned his whole body on it, and raised the corners of his mouth slightly. Right!"


Cangji turned his head to look at Fei Duan, his dark eyes turned purple, and nine Gouyu eyes hung on the ripple pattern.


The flying section seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer, and the body flew out like a cannonball, slammed into the rock wall, and then dragged the bloodstain down.

On the wall behind him, there was a crater about seven or eight meters in diameter.


Some people took a cold breath, and some looked at Kuroyoshi in horror. They didn't understand what happened.

There is no chakra fluctuation, nor any physical signs

The whole process looks like Fei Duan is touching porcelain and throwing himself out.

"It hurts, it hurts, it hurts"

Feidan clutched his chest and wailed in pain, then stood up with his sickle, "Bones and internal organs are all broken, you bastard, I want"

A black rod was inserted into his throat out of thin air, nailing it firmly to the rock wall.

However, Fei Duan's eyes widened, and after a humming sound in his mouth, his neck crooked, completely losing his breath.

"Hey, no!" The horns opened his eyes slightly, "Isn't that guy incapable of killing?"

As a companion, he is very at odds with Fei Duan.

Kok has killed Fei Duan several times, but no matter how he killed it, he couldn't kill it.

Even if you chop off your head, you can't die.

And now, just belching a black stick into your throat?

"Probably the secret technique of immortality has been cracked!" Scorpion stared at the dead fly segment, his pupils shrank for a while, "Ninjutsu is actually the same as the puppet, and both have weaknesses. As long as you find the weakness, you can crack it."

"It's also possible to pretend to be dead, and then take the opportunity to sneak attack!" Dedala grinned reluctantly.

"Itachi, what do you think?"

The ghost whispered to the person beside him.