Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 327

"You must be lying!"

He covered his head with soil and yelled in pain.

The heart named "Bring the soil" died as soon as Lin died.

He truly felt the cruelty of this world, and wanted to change everything so that tragedies like Lin would never happen in this world again.

He wants to turn hell into heaven.

The Moon Eye Project is the driving force that supports him to continue to live...

He does not hesitate to obliterate his personality, commit all kinds of crimes, and roam the Ninja World as the undead of others...

Everything is for that beautiful dream.

However, Kurayoshi revealed all the truth.

The dream was shattered, the power that supported him to live collapsed, and the whole person collapsed.

"Tsk! This guy is also a ruthless man!"

Deidara looked at the emotionally collapsed belt soil, and when he looked at Kuroyoshi, his eyes became more jealous.

He is not afraid of death.

Therefore, even if Kurayoshi appeared as an enemy, and showed super and super strange strength, he was not afraid.

But at this moment, he was really a little scared.

Not only Deidara, but the eyes of the others looking at Kuroyoshi have also slightly changed.

Even Nagato couldn't help frowning.

"Can't you just kill him directly?"

Xiao Nan couldn't help but speak at this moment.

As the so-called murder, but nodding.

Although it is an enemy, there is no need to break the human heart!

This kind of behavior is more cruel than Akatsuki's S-class rebellion.

Xiao Nan didn't feel pity for the soil, let alone softhearted.

However, they will follow Kuroyoshi in the future.

But the boss is such a person, who can relax?

Xiao Nan didn't hide his thoughts, so Kuroyoshi could see it at a glance.

He hehe sneered and said, "When facing Hanzo, would you absolutely be too much like this?"


Xiaonan, Nagato, Itachi stared at Kurayoshi, and seemed to understand something.

"This guy killed my parents, how could I easily let him go."

Cangji looked at his head and wailed in pain, and refused to accept the facts. There was no fluctuation in his heart.

When watching anime in his previous life, he also felt pitiful to bring the soil.

But, who will pity those who were killed by him?

After the Nine Tails Rebellion.

He can hear countless people crying and crying every day in the room of the orphanage. Some people even end their lives because they can't bear the pain of losing their loved ones.

And until now, there are still people who have had a hard life because of that disaster.


Although he has a lot of hatred for Daitu, I have thought about how to torture him if it falls into his hands.

But now...

He became embarrassed now, Kurayoshi didn't feel happy in his heart, he just felt dull, and lost the idea of ​​continuing to torment him.

"Just send you on the road!"

A black stick slipped from the sleeve to his hand.

Kurayoshi held the black stick and walked towards the soil without hurries.

However, Daito didn't seem to be able to get out of the blow, and couldn't find Kuroyoshi approaching.

At this time, the mutation happened.

The ghost shark grasped the handle of the shark muscle, and stepped out in front of Kuroyoshi with a vigorous step, and the broad knife wrapped in a bandage hit him with a heavy whistling sound.

However, the knife was stiff in the air just as it was raised.

Because Kuroyoshi inserted the black stick in his hand into his shoulder, the Chakra in his body was disturbed, and his body could not move for a while.


Itachi's expression moved slightly.

"After knowing the truth about everything, do you still want to follow that guy?"

"I am also very confused."

However, when he was very puzzled, Kurayoshi looked at the tall man in front of him indifferently, "He said he wanted to give you a world where you can see the true and false, but he deceived you in terms of his identity, why would he help him? ?"

With blood bleeding from the corners of his mouth, the ghost smiled sadly: "Because he showed me hope!"

As the voice fell, the ghost shark adapted to the black rod disturbing Chakra's state, and the big knife held high in the sky slashed down fiercely.

But before the knife fell, Kuroyoshi's empty left hand also held a black rod and slammed it into his neck.

Under the splash of blood, the tall body of the ghost shark fell heavily backward.

In the cave, except for the soil, everyone watched in silence.

They followed Nagato, not soil.

Although now faintly aware that Daito is the real boss of Akatsuki, Nagato seems to have betrayed.