Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 328

Moreover, listening to what Kuroyoshi said to the ghost shark just now, it seems that he has no plans to attack them.

Therefore, one by one they chose to watch.

Kuroyoshi glanced around, brought everyone's eyes into view, and then made a black rod again, and slowly walked away with the dirt.

Perhaps it is the perception of danger, which stimulates the survival instinct.

His emotions, who was still wailing in pain just now, gradually stabilized.

However, the aura was still heavy, staring at Kuraki with a pair of bloodshot eyes.

"Too embarrassing!"

Kuroyoshi said lightly, and then the soiled body was pierced.

"What's going on!?"

Everyone's eyes widened.

The two of them were clearly separated by a certain distance, and they didn't see any movement of Kuroyoshi. Why was there a big hole out of thin air on the body with soil?

I can't believe it with soil.

He stared at the big hole in his chest and abdomen, his eyes widened and he fell backward.

It's really hard to ignore.

235 Conquer the dawn

"Just die like this"

Looking at the corpse lying on the ground, Kuroyoshi had mixed feelings.

With systematic help, he never thought that he could not get revenge, but he never thought that revenge would be completed so easily.

The help of the system made him grow beyond expectations.


After revenge, I didn't feel refreshed and refreshed in my heart, but there was an unspeakable uncomfortable feeling.

Is the relationship between me and my parents not deep enough, or is it how I feel after revenge?

Kuroyoshi didn't know, he only knew that he would never want to experience this feeling again.

He raised his eyes to look at the people around

The main ones are Dedala, Scorpion and Horn.

They also looked at Kurayoshi quietly at this moment and waited.

After thinking about it for a moment, Kurayoshi asked, "I will be the boss of Akatsuki in the future. Do you want to continue following me or choose to leave?"

"As long as I have money to make money," the corner said indifferently.

"A slave to money?" Kuroyoshi nodded hotly. A smile appeared on his face. "Then you should follow me even more. After my purpose is completed, you will get countless opportunities to make money."

"Hey, your purpose is not to find bad money!"

Deidara yelled uncomfortably, "If it's all this kind of copper-smelling task, I will say goodbye to you."

Jiao Du sneered and said, "A copper smell on your mouth. Who do you look down on? Don't you keep spending money?"

"I am just earning the most basic needs, not like you, no matter how much money you find, it will not be satisfied."

"It's better than your incomprehensible art."

Looking at the three persons who were arguing, Xiao Nan looked at Kuroyoshi, "They all have such a character, you can figure it out!"

"It's ok!"

Kurayoshi stopped and said that there was no problem.

Then, look at the two quarreling again.

"Didara, don't worry, money and art do not conflict. After my goal is completed, more people can appreciate your art."


Deidara was suspicious.

"Really, and no one will think your art is sabotage anymore."

"If this is the case, then I can do things under your hands, huh!" Dedara folded her arms to her chest and nodded proudly.

After finishing Deidara and Kakuto, Kuraki looked at the red sand scorpion who had been silent.

This person who transformed himself into a puppet and hid in the puppet can neither see the expression nor feel the emotion, and is extremely difficult to get along with.

"Scorpion, are you going to follow me?"

Hearing Kuroyoshi's question, Scorpion was silent for a while and then asked: "If you didn't follow you, would you kill me?"

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly and opened his lips, "Of course."


This seems to be a sincere choice, but it is actually a terrorist threat that left everyone speechless.

However, they are inherently rebellious and apostate, and they are not disgusted with this way. Instead, they feel that Kuroyoshi is the boss.

"Since there is no choice, why do you ask me?"

Xie answered plainly, but Wuhu revealed a picture of rolling his eyes and getting angry.

"I originally joined Xiao because I was interested in Xiao Nan's body. It doesn't matter what your purpose is."

Xiekou's interest in Xiaonan's body refers to the art of the paper of the gods.

Therefore, Cangji has no objection to Scorpion's request.

"Since everyone has decided to mix with me, I will make the rules clear first."

"Wait, don't you invite that guy to join?"

Deidara pointed to Itachi and asked.

Nagato Xiaonan also looked at him curiously.