Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 329

As the boss on the bright side of the organization, Nagato knew very well about Itachi's abilities. In the entire Akatsuki organization, except for Madara and Daito, nobody was stronger than him.

"You mean him!"

Kuroyoshi also looked at Itachi, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, "That guy has been mine from the beginning!"


Deidara seemed to find it incredible, and pointed at Itachi in disbelief, "Well, that guy is the spy who broke into Akatsuki?"

The rest also felt incredible.

However, their personalities are relatively calm, and they didn't ask out as rashly as Deidara.

"Although I am indeed a spy"

Itachi closed his eyes slowly.

"But I am not his spy."

"Eh eh eh! What is going on?"

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly and said, "Although Itachi is my subordinate, I did not deliberately ask him to do anything. Itachi is purely his own will to join Akatsuki."

"There is such a thing?"

Everyone was amazed, and felt that the world was so big and amazing.

"Next, I will tell you my purpose, but before that, I want you to restrain yourself and stop doing things that violate the rules of the Ninja world."

Cangji looked at the scorpion sternly, "Especially you, you are not allowed to kill anyone and become a puppet."

After speaking, without giving him a chance to speak, he continued: "Don't worry, there will be materials for you to be puppets in the future, and they are all high-level materials you have never seen before."

Scorpio, who was about to oppose Kuryoshi's previous order, closed his mouth obediently.

"I understand."

After that, Kuroyoshi prepared himself to connect Naruto World to other worlds, in order to meet the needs of ninja survival, and at the same time achieve the goal of peace in the ninja world.

After listening to Kuroyoshi's plan, everyone responded mixed.

Jiao Du's eyes revealed happiness.

If the ninja world is unified, he will be able to receive the mission legally to earn it.

And once he connects to other worlds, he has countless tasks to take.

Naturally, money will also roll in.

And Dedara danced with hands and feet, making no secret of his excitement.

Once connected to the world, he can show his art to more people.

After a while, Scorpio said disapprovingly: "Transfer the war in the Ninja world to other worlds. Fortunately, you can brazenly say that this is for peace."

Itachi nodded in agreement.

Although Kuroyoshi said it was a war against races other than humans, it was for the survival of the human race.

But this is only the initial state.

As time goes by, the interests of different worlds are entangled, and sooner or later the confrontation between the world and the world will erupt.

Just like the Ninja world now.

Even if the opposite world has the common enemy of mankind.

But with the help of a ninja world, human beings who have been stalemate with those enemies will soon be able to settle the enemies!

At that time, without a common enemy, can we still live together peacefully as we did in the beginning?

Maybe it can, maybe it can't.

No one can say that it hasn't really ushered in that era.

But Scorpion doesn't think things will move in a fantastic direction.

In response, Kurayoshi only smiled slightly, "I have considered these things a long time ago, and I have a way to deal with it."

"However, it's useless to talk about things so far away now, so let's unify the Ninja world first, and then open up the other worlds!"

"Do you have to release Kaguya Ji to achieve the goal of unifying the Ninja World?"

Itachi had doubts about this method.

Once Kaguya Ji is released, it doesn't matter if he can fight, even if he can, the Ninja World will be devastated.

Kurayoshi told Daito before when they told the story of Kaguya Ji and the Six Way Immortals.

The six brothers fought against Kaguya Ji for several months, leaving the whole land desolate.

In the end, it was relying on the joint efforts of the entire Ninzong for decades to restore it.

"Two days later, the Five Ninja Villages will have the Five Shadows Conference in the Snow Country. You might as well communicate with them at that time."

"After all, the entire Ninja world is profitable, and they might agree to a peaceful merger!"

Chapter 236 The Licker of Deidara

"It's useless." Kuroyoshi shook his head lightly. "I only saw Raikage a few days ago, but he didn't even give me a chance to explain what I was coming for, so he did it directly."

"After all, it is the Five Great Ninja Villages" Nagato sneered from the side: "As the long-term overlord of the Ninja World, even if you really want to believe us and peacefully merge the entire Ninja World, they are personally led by their hands."

Itachi lowered his head and said no more.

Because what the two of them said are facts, this kind of thing cannot be solved by talking.

But, let’s release Kaguya Ji

"However, complete peaceful reunification cannot be achieved, but it can still be achieved with the use of small-scale force."

"The Five Great Ninja Villages are the overlords of the Ninja World, occupying most of the power in the entire Ninja World. If the Five Shadows can agree with my plan, everything after that can be completed smoothly."

"I will go to the Five Shadows talks." Kuroyoshi looked at Itachi who raised his head and said: "However, it is not to discuss with them, but to unilaterally announce my plan. If anyone disagrees, let them see. With absolute strength, Nagato and Itachi will go with me!"

"To understanding!"

"Got it."