Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 330

The country of Sichuan.

In the wild forest, what was originally a clearing, did not know when an ancient Japanese-style mansion was added.

It is a portable cabin.

The matter of taking over Akatsuki came to an end, and Kuroyoshi collected some of the body tissues of the Chakras and Outer Golems of several other members of Akatsuki's organization, and prepared to count the harvest here.

"Just start with the weakest!"

Kuroyoshi took out the chakra of the flying section, and immediately remembered the system prompt in his mind.

Ding!Special material "Chakra of Cthulhu Followers" is detected, special props "Cursed Scarecrow" and "Blood of the Undead" can be forged. Whether to forge


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind, and suddenly there were two things in his hand.

A scarecrow, a bottle of bright red blood.

"Cursing the Scarecrow: Apply the blood of the target to be cursed to the scarecrow. The scarecrow will be connected to the target's body, and the damage suffered by the scarecrow will be equally transmitted to the target."

"The blood of the undead: The blood of the undead, you can get the immortal body with just one sip, even if the body is blown to ashes, you can maintain a sober consciousness. Note: Even if you are blown to ashes, you can survive, but you want Immortality must be supplemented with energy. If no nutrition is taken, the effect of immortality cannot be maintained."

These two things are the manifestation of the dead body's blood and the immortal body.

However, does the blood of the undead mentioned in the system refer to the flying stage or the evil god?

Although Fei Duan is also an immortal body, he can't truly be immortal, and his blood can't make others immortal.

"Sure enough, it refers to the evil god!"

Kuroyoshi pondered for a moment, then stopped thinking about it.

In addition to the things shown in anime, this world also has many strange existences.

If you want to understand it thoroughly, you must become the will of the planet.

Put the two props into the system space, and Kurayoshi immediately took out the blood of Koto.

The strengths of Jiao Du and Deidara are in the middle.

But when the two of them fight, the worst result will be the same, so Kuroyoshi judges that the angle is weaker.

Ding!Special material "Chakra of God-level Sniper" is detected, special props can be forged" Intercontinental Shuriken "Suture" "Frankenstein" "Dawn Family Planning", whether forging


As the mind fell, Kuroyoshi had four more props in his hand.

A super-large shuriken, the type used by the third generation of Naruto to test the soil during the four Ninja battles.

A roll of thick thread, a weird doll with stitched body, and a book.

"Intercontinental Shuriken: With its own navigation and tracking and power, as long as you throw the shuriken with the enemy's appearance in your mind, you can accurately hit the enemy even if it is 800 miles away."

"Suture: The thread that can sew life."

"Frankenstein: A stitched weird doll with 5 hearts, infinite power and immortality, can be activated by injecting a chakra. Note: Frankenstein has 5 hearts and possesses physical performance beyond ordinary people. At the same time, it can also have an infinite life cycle, so as long as a little chakra is activated, it can always exist in the form of life and remain 100% loyal to the person who gave him the chakra.

"Dawning Family Planning: This is a magical ledger that records the current time and all businesses that can quickly make a lot of money in the vicinity of the holder. Note: With this ledger, if you are still poor, I suggest you marry the poor god.

The abilities of these props are very clear and easy to recognize, and Kuroyoshi confirmed their source of forging at a glance.

Intercontinental Shuriken is the stalk of a shuriken aiming at the first generation of Hokage 800 miles away; the suture is the embodiment of the secret technique of Kotodu; Frankenstein is the appearance of the body that is stitched everywhere , Xiao Xiao’s family planning is Jiaodu, but he loves money like his life, and is the position of Xiao’s organization and management of finances.

These four props are not strong for him, at least they are not very helpful to him, but the abilities are very interesting.

He also played for a while before starting to forge the next item.

Ding!Discover the special material "the chakra of the blasting ghost", you can forge special props "the blasting ghost", "big artist", "expansionist star" and "licker"


As the voice fell, Kurayoshi had four more items in his hand.

A pair of gloves, a certificate, a palm-sized starfish. A candy.

"Explosive ghosts: gloves with magical powers. People wearing them can turn them into bombs that can be manipulated by touching anything."

"Big Artist: This is an artist's proof. As long as you wear it well, you are a real artist."

"Expanding big star: A big star that can expand infinitely. When it expands to the limit, it will produce an explosion with an impact range of 10 kilometers."

"Lipper: A candy with magical magical powers. After eating it, you can grow another mouth and tongue on any part of your body, and you are very flexible."


After watching the world props, Kuroyoshi didn't know what to say.

He was quite satisfied with the first three props, but in the end the licker made him unable to look directly.

It made him want to crooked in an instant.

Take it to Ino

As soon as this thought came out, it was like a flood that was out of control and intensified. All kinds of evil scenes popped up in my mind for an instant.

"I'm not that kind of guy."

Kurayoshi shook his head vigorously, and it took him a long time to get rid of the picture in his mind.

"This thing is very harmful, forget it if you destroy it."

With that said, Kuroyoshi took out the second-hand recycling bin and put it in.

But just when it was about to be put in, it stopped again.

He felt that there was a problem with his idea.

How can those ideas be considered mean?

Ino and him were originally a couple, and they might get married in the future.

Even if something like that happens, it's normal!

Thinking of this, he put the candy away carefully.

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