Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 331

After forging the corner capital, flying section, and Deidara's props, Cangji took out the Chakra of the Red Sand Scorpion.

Regarding the red sand scorpion, Kuroyoshi still values ​​it.

Because his strength is very strong, he belongs to the level of Sannin.

Moreover, in the anime, he has never shown his full strength.

Because the opponent is grandma, so deliberately keep her hands

After being reincarnated by the dirty land, there was not even a puppet. After releasing the last trace of concern in his heart, with his own will, he broke through the control of the dirty land rebirth and the soul returned to the pure land.

What kind of props can such a person forge?

Kuroyoshi is full of expectations.

Ding!The special material "Chakra of the Lonely" is detected, and the special props "Heart of Life", "Puppet Theater", "Master of Figure", "Lonely Heart" and "Soul of Genius" can be forged.

"The Lonely"

Kuroyoshi muttered to himself softly, thinking of the rest in his mind.

He is the most talented puppet master in Shayin's history, and his mind is not bound by the secular.He who lost his parents since childhood, yearned for the love of his parents.

Therefore, I have been studying the way to let the corpse have life and let life have eternity.

What he did is not understood by the world, so he chose to leave the village alone, lonely all his life, only accompanied by puppets, but he did not abandon his heart as a human being.

Probably, after abandoning the heart of being a human, even the trace of loneliness will not be felt!

This rebellious man has been pursuing people's most basic happiness all his life.

Although he hasn't forged things yet, Kuraki has already guessed the function of the heart of life.


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind with some emotion.

Suddenly, there were five more items in his hand.

A fist-sized, bright red heart.

A model of a theater venue the size of a palm, similar to a portable cabin.

An ordinary-looking carving knife.

A dimly coloured, overall grey heart.

A ball of light the size of a fist, exuding a soft light.

"The Heart of Life: A miraculous thing triggered by the desire for life, it can give the dead real life."

"Puppet theater: The puppet theater can be made bigger and smaller at will, and the owner of the theater can manipulate the lives that enter it like a puppet."

"Master of hands: this is a genius master of hands using a single-piece carving knife, which contains the will of the master of tomorrow, so that anyone who holds it can have the same superb skills of hands."

"Lonely heart: a heart born from excessive loneliness can make the heart extremely lonely."

"The soul of genius: The genius in this world is also good at different directions. The soul of genius hosts the master's talent, and after absorbing it, it will also have the original master's talent.

"Sure enough!"

Holding the brightly colored heart, Kuroyoshi looked exactly what I expected.

When Xie was very young, he made puppets of his father and mother in an attempt to replace his lost parents.

However, puppets cannot replace real people

Scorpion understood this after making puppets, and therefore wanted to create puppets with real life.

The puppet is a by-product of his research in this direction.

"With this prop, the plan behind it will have to be changed."

Kuroyoshi wants to unify the Ninja world

But he is not interested in power, and he does not want to waste time on managing the forces, but he does not want his unified forces to do things against his will.

Therefore, he is ready to launch a leader who is strong, fits his own ideas, and obeys his orders.

And this candidate is Nagato.

The current Nagato has not only recovered his health, but also has the strength of the three-tailed man. He is strong enough to serve as the leader of the unification of the Ninja world.

However, being the leader of the ninja world is indeed qualified, but wanting to be the guardian of the world is far worse.

Kuroyoshi had no plans to act as a nanny for Ninja World.

After connecting with other worlds, he will go to other worlds and continue to explore, until he gets tired, he will return to this world to cultivate.

Therefore, he intends to hand over the monitor to Nagato to use him as the will of this planet to protect the Ninja World from being invaded by powerful enemies.

However, although Nagato is very suitable for this role

But in the final analysis, Nagato only obeyed his own words because of his ideas, and there is no such thing as loyalty.

Once what he did was not in line with his ideas, he would not obey him or even betray him.

Although Kurayoshi felt that his character would not do things that would go against his philosophy.

But a person's life is too long, who knows what he and Nagato will become in the future?

There is indeed a risk in giving such a thing to an uncertain person.

After all, after using the monitor, his life will be linked to this planet.

There have been too many changes in the long years.

Therefore, it is best to use it on people who are 100% loyal to them.

But 100% loyal people

Unless it is a puppet, it is impossible for such a person to exist.

Even Ryohei, who was brainwashed by other gods, might encounter the day when he was dismissed from the technique or when he was exposed to new things and gave birth to new ideas.

But now it's different.

With this heart of life, he can bestow real life on the puppet.