Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 332


Through the system, he forged a lot.

Toolmen, architects, national treasures, Frankenstein, and even slaying soldiers

These are all beings that are completely obedient to oneself and are 100% centered on oneself.

First give them life with the heart of life, and then use monitors for them, turning them into the will of the planet and becoming the guardians of this world.

However, the specific choice needs to be carefully considered.

Except for this heart of life, there is nothing special about the other props of the scorpion. Only the Puppet Theater made Kuroyoshi take a look.

This thing is very strong.

Although it can only control the lives that enter the courtyard, it is not a big restriction.

For some guys who like to play with people's hearts, it is easy to trick people into it. It is definitely an artifact among artifacts.

But it's useless for some people who like to go straight to the powerful.

Throwing several props into the system space, Kuroyoshi took out the chakra that was "soiled" by the last Akatsuki member.

Ding!The special material "Chakra of the Dead" is detected, and the special props "Shenwei Space", "Incomplete Immortal Crystal", "Diluted Sacred Tree Crystal", "Heart of Love" and "Wanhua Mirror" can be forged.


"Really an appropriate name!"

Die in the battle of Shenwu Kunqiao, and then move around as a dead spot, isn't it an undead?

Kuroyoshi snorted and chose forging.

Suddenly, there were five more props in his hand.

There is no need to introduce the fairy crystal and the god tree crystal and Wan Hua Mirror. One can awaken the writing wheel eye, and the other can awaken the wood escape, and still have the same level and ability as the master.

Wanhua Jing is a contact lens with the ability to write round eyes.

And the rest

Chapter 237 The Awakening of Reincarnation Writer Eye

Shenwei Space is a fist-sized ball of light emitting chaotic light; the affectionate heart is a bright red love.

"Divine Mighty Space: This is the light created by chaos. After absorbing it, you will have a subspace that belongs to you. You can freely enter the world and subspace, and you can also inhale or release other things."

"Affectionate Heart: A love heart with magical power, after use, will make people have an affectionate heart."

Affectionate Heart is a series of hearts that change character.

Shenwei Space

To be honest, Kuroyoshi did not expect to forge such an item independently, and he was also preparing to use the fairy crystal with soil!

Although his reincarnation eye also possesses the power of time and space, he will also snare a blood sacrifice like Huangquan Hirasaka.

However, the Eye of Reincarnation and Huangquan Biliangban can only be used to open up a space channel, and cannot be used for long-distance space distortion and self-blurring.

Shenwei's power will be of great help to him.

But with this, there is no need to waste a crystal.

Absorbing the divine mighty space, Kurayoshi's mind has a hint of enlightenment, and he seems to have a connection with a different space deep in his consciousness.


Chakra agitated, the air quivered slightly, and the space in front of Kuroyoshi suddenly produced a twisted vortex that plunged him into it.

There was a twisting spiral in the dim space, and Kurayoshi's figure appeared from it.

He glanced around, and it seemed boundless, only the invisible end of the pitch black stood with countless stone platforms, exactly the same as the space with soil.

"It should not be the same!"

Kuroyoshi was a little uncertain.

Although the system said that this was his own subspace, it was really similar to the one with soil.

However, he didn't struggle much.

Even if this space is the one with soil, it doesn't matter. In this world, only Kakashi can connect with this space and cannot enter.

Just pay attention when Kakashi is there.

Collecting other things into the system space and immediately taking out the last material is also the highlight of this time.

Ding!Discover the special material "Remains of the Divine Tree", you can forge special props "Divine Tree Seed", "Divine Tree Crystal", and "Energy Forge".


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind, and there were three more things in his hand.

A plant seed, a thumb-sized green crystal, and a palm-sized cauldron glowing with dreamlike light.

"Seed of the sacred tree: The seed of the sacred tree, buried in the soil full of natural energy, will grow naturally, and the growth rate is determined by the amount of natural energy contained in the environment. Note: biological life can also be used as fertilizer "

"The crystallization of the sacred tree: contains the power of the entire sacred tree shell. After absorbing it, it will gain unparalleled vitality and an incomparably powerful wooden escape. It also has the ability to absorb natural energy and vitality."

"Energy Forge: This is a conceptual item that can absorb energy of any attribute and merge it into one."

Without waiting for Kuroyoshi to check it carefully, the system prompt sounded in his mind again.

Ding!The entire vehicle arrives at the host with homologous items: "Ring of Shouhe", "Ring of Another Travel", "Ring of Jifu", "Ring of Monkey King", "Ring of King Mu", "Rhino Dog", "Chongming Ring", "Null Ghost "Ring of the Nine Lamas" and "Energy Furnace" can be combined to forge the new prop "Heaven and Earth Furnace".


Kurayoshi praised and chose forging.

Suddenly, the No-tailed beast ring in his hand and the energy furnace flew out with various colors, interacting with each other in the air.

When the light dissipated, a simple and simple cauldron the size of a palm, carved with the appearance of nine-tailed beasts, appeared.

Kuroyoshi immediately reached out to catch it, and a systematic introduction appeared on the retina.

"Heaven and Earth Furnace: This is a conceptual item that contains a huge chakra. It can absorb the energy of any attribute and integrate it into a certain attribute, and it can automatically absorb natural energy and life. : This item can be integrated with people, and you can use the energy and abilities of the heaven and earth furnace at will"

After reading the system introduction, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but sigh: Isn't this the ten-tailed model?