Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 335

Kuroyoshi was speechless again.

Seeing Kuroyoshi's expression, he couldn't help laughing.

"Children's affairs, we should not interfere as adults."

"After all, we are dead."

Hearing this, my mother's expression dimmed.

She grabbed Kuraki's shoulders with both hands, lowered her head, and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Kuraki, Mom and Dad left you alone and let you live alone for so long."

Chapter 240 Family Love

The mother's voice is low, but it contains love and guilt for Kuroyoshi.

If it is not the state of the soul at this time, but the real life, then it must be the sound of tears and choking at this time.

This feeling is really warm and nostalgic.

In his previous life, when Kuroyoshi was young, he was often crowded in his mother's arms and felt the warmth.

It's just that at that time he was still young and didn't understand the preciousness of this warmth at all, nor did he cherish it.

He didn't feel it until he didn't.

"No, you have done a good job. It is because of your hard work that I can grow up steadily to the present."


The mother muttered to her son's name, and the delicate and beautiful face showed a complex and relieved smile.

Children can be so director, they are naturally happy.

It’s just that when the child grows up, he always feels that he doesn’t need his parents anymore and he goes for yourself.

This is the heart disease of all parents.

"Well! Don't do this!"

Kuroyoshi smiled softly and said, "I call your souls back to this world, just to ask you a question."

"what is the problem?"

The parents asked in unconscious voice.

Then, they reacted and looked at Kurayoshi with their mouths open, "You said you recalled our souls to this world?"

After asking, the two of them were emotionally comforted without waiting for Kuroyoshi to answer.

"Child, don't do stupid things."

"Although we are only Zhong Ren, we also know that it is against common sense to recall the souls of the dead to reality. Those who can do this are forbidden, and we need to pay a price. Don't do anything stupid for us. thing."

"Relax!" Kuraki smiled happily, "Your son has become the strongest in the entire Ninja World. Even the six immortals in the myth can't compare to me. You don't need to pay for this kind of thing."

"Good, good, my son is the best."

The mother stroked Kuroyoshi's cheek, and said with a smile: "So, what can the son who has become stronger than the Six Dao Immortals look for us?"

What a mistake!

Kuraki sighed secretly.

The mother's act of coaxing the child is obviously to treat the words of Kurayoshi just now as if a child is asking for credit and showing off in front of an adult.

After all, in their eyes, the six immortals are just characters in myths. How can people in reality compare to people in myths?

Moreover, even if this is possible, they have no specific feelings about the strength of 6,000 people.

If you want to say something more powerful than Hokage, then they will feel surprised.

"Don't treat me like a child, okay!" Kuroyoshi couldn't laugh or cry. "What I said is true. In the war a year ago, I killed four generations of Fukage and ended the war by my own efforts. Ye's hero."

"Well, well, our children have grown up, and the mother will not treat you as a child."

His mother was relieved, but the look of his petting eyes still revealed the look of a child.

But his father was shocked by what Kuroyoshi said.

He wanted to ask about the specific situation, but seeing the mother and son get along harmoniously, the words were swallowed back into his stomach several times.

But Kuroyoshi was helpless.

This situation is like a child in an ordinary family who comes back to say that he has become the richest man in the world after going out to work for more than a decade.

Who believes it!

"In short, if you recall your souls to this world, I won't have any influence"

During the words, Kuroyoshi looked serious, "In addition, what I want to ask for your opinion is that I can bring you back to life without being affected. Do you want to live in reality again?"

The parents looked at Kuroyoshi in surprise.

Kuroyoshi looked at them more seriously.


The parents felt very unbelievable. The two wanted to say how it was possible, but looked at Kuroyoshi's expression and swallowed the words to their lips.

"Is it still impossible?"

Kuroyoshi sighed, then stared aside.

I saw air dust gathered in the empty air, then turned into flesh little by little, and finally grew fur.

A lively rabbit was created out of thin air.

It glanced around blankly, and finally followed the animal's instincts, and left the house with the smell of flowers outside.

At this time, the parents were really shocked.

They looked at this scene in disbelief, with a look of astonishment, "Son, this, this is"

"The technique of yin and yang escape is a technique that can be created out of thin air.

Kuroyoshi softly felt his temples, slightly tired, and muttered to himself, "I didn't expect to create a soul-conscious life to consume so much, but your souls are all there, I only need to shape your bodies."

The parents were still in shock, and did not notice Kuroyoshi's fatigue and murmur.