Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 336

They unbelievably watched the figure of the rabbit leave the courtyard, confirming that it was not a phantom, and said in amazement: "The legendary ninjutsu for creating the world by the six immortals actually exists!"

"Create the world?"

Cangji squatted and wanted to laugh.

"It's too exaggerated to create the world, but it's okay to create something or life."

"Father, mother, tell me, do you want to be resurrected?"

"As long as you nod, I will revive you immediately."

Upon hearing this, the two fell into contemplation.

Kuroyoshi felt different.

Do you still need to consider this kind of thing?

Although he had thought that the resurrection of the dead would bring all kinds of troubles.

But that is thinking from the perspective of the bystander.

For the person involved, no matter how much influence it has, it is harmless to him.

He didn't understand what else to consider.

"forget it!"

After thinking about it for a long time, the mother raised her head and looked at Kuroyoshi who was speechless in astonishment, with a pleased smile on her beautiful face.

"People are very resistant to death before death, but in the same way, people will be very resistant to life after death. Just as people get older and older, the more they want to live a quiet and leisure life."

"Kurayoshi, we are very happy and satisfied to see you who grew up after death."

"If there is any regret, it is when I didn't see you getting married."

"If it doesn't affect you, on the day of your wedding, please be sure to recall us to this world and let us preside over the wedding for you."


Parents, you say a word, I say a word.

The words outside revealed the care and happiness for Kuroyoshi.

Kuroyoshi's mood went from shock at the beginning to silence to a smile in acceptance.

In the end, Kuroyoshi followed their wishes and did not resurrect them.

It's just that we talked together very late.

Under the rules of death, the dead souls of the two were once again summoned by Pure Land, and their bodies dimmed a little.

The two sides just looked at each other and didn't say goodbye.

What I wanted to say was finished before.

However, at the last moment when the souls of the parents returned, Kurayoshi heard the voice of the other party.

"The child has become so powerful, if we are still alive, we will definitely drag him down!"


"Children have become such powerful people, and they certainly won't be at home often. Even if they continue to live, they won't be able to get along for long. It's better to sleep in the underworld."

"Well, get a good night's sleep!"

"I hope I'll be woken up next time when I will host the wedding of my child."

Chapter 241 The Temptation of Dashewan

Chakras can connect each other's hearts.

At the last moment, they both knew each other's thoughts.

They know what Kuroyoshi will do next.

He would stand on Konoha, no, he would stand on the opposite side of the entire Ninja world.

As parents, they are also Konoha's ninjas, and their lifelong education concept is that Konoha is their home.

They knew that if they were still alive in the world, they would inevitably persuade him to stop Kuroyoshi and put him in a dilemma.

Instead of this, it is better to stay in the pure land and sleep.

And Kurayoshi felt the thoughts of his parents at the last moment, tears dripping from his eyes.

They don't have the long daily life of other families, and they don't have much heart-to-heart talk.

But they did their duty as parents, no worse than anyone else.

Kuraki stood there for a long time, and it took a while before he came out of his sad mood.

He glanced at his back, and the expression of the soul who did not know when he appeared, sitting in the back, returned to his indifferent expression.

"Six Dao Immortals, are other family ethics dramas so good-looking?"

"The old man didn't intend to offend, he just noticed that someone had broken the rules of the pure land and the world, and came to check after the clue.

"Then do you have any ideas?"

Kuroyoshi turned around and stared at him coldly.

For this old man, he has always had no good feelings, so his tone is also very rude.

The Six Dao Immortals didn't care either, and he held his beard with a smile, "It has only been a few months since you have not seen you, and you have become as strong as a mother. It's simply unheard of."


"Is that what you are talking about?"

The six immortals looked at Cangji's eyes slightly, his eyes hesitated.

But in the end, he said frankly: "If you ignore the rules of the Pure Land and the world, and forcibly take your soul away, it will cause damage to the world."

After finishing speaking, he immediately added: "If you want to resurrect the deceased parents, you can use the rule-based method. Just like you, you can directly tear the barriers of space and pull the soul back to the world, which will cause indestructible damage to the world. , The state of the world is getting worse, and you don’t want your living environment to become a desert and magma land!"

Kuroyoshi wanted to get angry, but he calmed down immediately after hearing the supplement of the six immortals.

Indeed, even without that tough method, he can still meet his parents, but it is a little troublesome.