Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 337

If you forcefully destroy it every time, the world will indeed be damaged to its origin.

If the origin is destroyed too severely, then the world will gradually become unsuitable for living creatures.

"I got it!" Kuroyoshi said with some irritation.

Although the Six Dao Immortals were right, how could he accept the mistakes in the face of the old man he hated.

The six immortals didn't tell the truth, but nodded with a smile.

"I know everything you do, and I don't know what kind of future you will bring to this world if you do that."

"But if you don't try, nothing will change."

"Perhaps, you are the savior predicted by Toad Pill."


Isn't it the son of prophecy?

Kuroyoshi had some doubts.

But it didn't matter much.

Destiny is inherently impermanent, and the existence of my own butterfly has already stirred the future to an unknown direction.

"It's just to find something that interests me, it's not a big deal."

"That's it!"

The Six Dao Immortals stunned slightly, and then smiled lightly, "I hope you can always remember your mood at this moment for a long time, so that you will always be the savior of mankind."

After speaking, it disappeared abruptly as if it had never appeared before.

Looking at the disappearance of the six immortals, Kuraki was lost in thought.

He is not interested in the so-called savior, nor does he want to save or seek self-satisfaction, but because he is too bored and wants to find something not so simple to do.

In the long years to come, if you find other new things of interest, you may leave behind what you are doing and run towards new things.

But now

"Before I lose interest, finish what I have to do!"

Cangji took out the snake cave and released the big snake pill.

At this moment, he is in a state of half human and half snake.

But just for a moment, the long tail changed like mud, and finally became human legs.

"That's a magical place!"

After Oshamaru returned to a full human form, he did not escape, but stared at Kuroyoshi with interest.

As if seeing through Kuroyoshi's mind, he actively explained: "You are the master of that alien space, and a single thought can control the life and death of the creatures inside."

"If you wanted to kill me, you would have done it a long time ago. There is no need to release me."

"On the contrary, if you release me, there is something for me to do."

Da She Maru maintained a confident smile and said, "You are much stronger than me. There should be nothing to stop you. But you still come to me. That means that only I can do this."

"Stop being self-righteous!"

Cangji snorted coldly, "You are indeed a rare talent, but there are people who can replace you. That medicine doctor has the potential to surpass you."

"Really, it seems that our vision is pretty good."

"I won't say much about the unimportant things." Kuroyoshi looked at Oshemaru seriously and asked, "Oshemaru, what do you pursue in your life?"

In the anime, Oshemaru has always pursued the body of Sasuke, longing for the power of the Uchiha clan.

At the same time, he wants to learn all the ninjutsu in the world, so he wants to have an immortal life.

However, Kurayoshi felt that this was not what he really pursued, and that what he was after should be a more distant existence.

Facing Kuroyoshi's question, Oshemaru was also stunned, and then began to think seriously.

What am I after?

Da She Wan was established at a very young age

However, in the long time of pursuing the goal, he gradually lost his way.

Learn all the ninjutsu in the world.

Get immortal life.

Obtain a young body with unlimited potential.

No, these are not.

Although he is pursuing these things, these things are just means for him to achieve his goals.

"What I really pursue is"

Oshamaru seemed to realize something, and stared at Kuroyoshi with scorching eyes, "My purpose is to explore the truth of the world and obtain all truths."

"Is it this?"

Kuroyoshi muttered to himself, then looked at Oshemaru, "I don't understand what the truth of the world is, nor can I tell you what the truth of the world is, but I can bring you closer to this goal."


Da She Wan stretched out her long tongue and licked excitedly.

"What am I going to pay?"

"Dedicated to research and share your research results with me and the world."

"I want to establish a door to connect with other worlds. It can't be done without a system of advanced logistics equipment."

Chapter 242 The White Lady

"The door to another world"

Da She Wan licked around excitedly with that long tongue, "This is really incredible news!"

"Not soon."