Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 338

Kuroyoshi glanced at him casually, sat down at a low table beside him, poured himself a cup of tea and drank, and then announced the plans one by one.

About half an hour.

After listening to my Kuroyoshi's plan, Osha Maru pondered for a while, then raised his head and asked, "Have you finished your preparations?"

"You can open the door of another world, it's nothing, but can you maintain the door for a long time?"

"No." Cangji said frankly: "I can only travel by myself now. It is impossible to open the door to the alien world for everyone to travel through."

Da She Maru glanced at him in surprise, and asked, "So, you want me to build a gate that can last for a long time based on your abilities?"

"Although I did have this idea, I don't think it is realistic."

Kuroyoshi shook his head and said: "Even if I have a lot of things on hand that can help you, but at your current level, it is too difficult to make that kind of thing."

"You're right."

Oshemaru did not feel that Kuroyoshi was underestimating him, but nodded seriously, "Even if you have the ability to provide a reference, it will take at least a hundred years to build such a big thing."

Speaking of this, Dashemaru said playfully: "If you can't create a gate for people to pass through, then your plan is just a castle in the sky."

"You don't need to worry about this, I know it in my heart."

Kuroyoshi glanced at the Oshe Maru, took a sip from the teacup, and continued: "What you need to worry about is to develop equipment for the unified ninjas to adapt to the alien environment and enhance combat power."

"Then what can I get?" Ohshemaru laughed and said, "Although doing these things is on the road to understanding the truth of the world, I can do it by myself. Why should I help you for nothing?"

After finishing speaking, he added: "Don't say that my life is used in exchange for such things. Even a guy like me has already put my life out of it."

"Of course I didn't intend to let you work for nothing."

Kuroyoshi stretched out his hand and took out two items.

One helmet, one female figure.

"This helmet can make people's brains more active, thereby generating all kinds of whimsical ideas."

"This doll can give you a strong and long-lived body."

After speaking, Kuroyoshi thought for a while, and added: "Of course, this body is female, if you don't care!"


Da She Maru stared at the two items with shining eyes, his body seemed to be possessed, ignoring the brain commands, and he reached out and took the two items from Kuroyoshi.

He took the two objects in his hands and looked up and down, then frowned.

"Aren't these just ordinary helmets and dolls?" He stared at Kurayoshi angrily, "Don't you think I would be so fooled to this extent?"

"of course not!"

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly.

He took the helmet from his hand and buckled it directly onto Da She Wan's head.

Da She Wan was stunned, and immediately felt that his brain thinking became very active. He had been stuck with his experimental problems for several years before, and he figured it out all at once.

"It's so powerful!?"

O Shemaru's eyes widened, feeling incredible.

This helmet does not increase people’s intelligence, nor does it enhance others’ memory and computing abilities.

But it can broaden people's thinking, not confined to the things in front of them, make people think of more, and give play to all they have learned in life.

"How about trying that doll again?"

Kurayoshi's wicked taste suggested.

Da She Maru glanced at him, and put that wicked expression into his eyes.

But he didn't care.

The magic of the great inventor has aroused his heart of exploration, and now he just wants to find a place to do experimental research.

But for the other doll, he was also full of curiosity.

"How to use it?"

"Take it to your heart and imagine being one with him."

On hearing the words, Da She Maru held the White Lady with both hands in her hands, and then pressed it tightly to her chest, and then closed her eyes like a girl, imagining being one with the White Lady.

Suddenly, the white lady's body burst into dazzling light, and she wrapped the big snake pill inside.

The light lasted for 5 minutes.

When the light dissipated, Oshemaru changed from a handsome man to a beautiful woman.

No, Oshemaru's body was also a woman before, so it should have changed from another woman to another woman.

He didn't care about the lump on his chest, let alone his appearance, even the change of gender.

He just looked around his body, then closed his eyes to feel the specific difference.

He was completely shocked by this feeling.

The first thing he felt was not the change in the body, but the natural energy flooded with nature.

In the past, he had learned immortality from the white snake fairy.

But because of aptitude, it is impossible to learn.

Not to mention absorbing natural energy, he can feel natural energy even though he can't feel it.

And now, just close your eyes and feel it.

What's more, what surprised him is that this body is highly compatible with natural energy, and it absorbs the thin natural energy all the time to nourish the body's cells, and the vitality becomes stronger.

"this is!?"

Ono Shemaru opened his eyes wide again and looked at Kuroyoshi in a puzzled way, hoping that he could explain the condition of his body.

Kuroyoshi's reincarnation eyes and reincarnation writing round eyes can see the changes in his body clearly, and explained with a chuckle: "The White Lady was originally a snake, through the thousand years of breathing into a human being."

"Oh, the so-called aura is natural energy."

"Now that you have her body, it will have this degree of affinity with natural energy. That is also normal."