Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 339

"From a snake to an adult"

"Although there are snakes that can transform into human forms in Longdi Cave, they are only transfiguration. The book is still a snake."

"The body of the white lady is different. I can feel that this is a real human being. She has completed the transformation of her life and can switch freely between the two life forms."

"Moreover, with the absorption of natural energy to nourish the cells, the body is still constantly changing, and one day it will evolve into a stronger and noble existence."

Oshamaru's beautiful eyes kept rippling, and he was full of curiosity about what Kuraki had said.

"Different worlds have different phenomena. To study these phenomena and explore the truth behind it is exactly what I am after."



Cangji squashed his mouth, and couldn't help but vomit in his heart: That is cultivation, is it okay?

However, there is no practice, nor the instinct to be a monster.

Can only be absorbed by the body's characteristics

I am afraid it will take tens of thousands of years to truly become a fairy!

Of course, it does not rule out the possibility of Dashe Wan's research on the cultivation technique.

However, it didn't matter at that time.

"So, are you going to agree to my invitation?"

"Does this need to be asked?"

Chapter 243 Five Shadows Talk

After regaining Oshomaru, Kuroyoshi let him move freely.

He also has many underground bases around the Ninja World, which contain his many years of experimental data.

As for worrying about his betrayal

This is simply redundant.

Dashemaru and Itachi are people whose ideals are greater than everything else.

As long as they can help them achieve their ideals, they cannot betray.

Of course, the premise is that you have enough power.

Only those with the same strength can have equal transactions.

But Kuroyoshi's strength far crushed the two of them.

Watching Oshamaru leave, Kurayoshi looked at himself in the mirror after the change.

There is no change in body shape or appearance, except that there is a bright red vertical eye on the center of the eyebrow, the pupils have also turned blue, and the center is like a black hole exuding a soft light like a dream.

"This looks a little weird!"

Kuroyoshi frowned, manipulating the pupil power in the center of his brow to make it lurking in a hidden state.

Suddenly, the bright red vertical eye closed, and then returned to a normal eyebrow.

Without the bright red vertical eye, the soft and handsome face was set off by the dreamlike blue pupil, and it became dreamy.

"That's pretty much the same."

Looking at himself in the mirror, Kuroyoshi nodded in satisfaction, and then went to experiment with the ability of reincarnation writing and reincarnating eyes that had evolved to the extreme.

While Kuraki was experimenting with new abilities, the shadows of the Five Ninja Villages also brought a small number of guards to the Iron Country.

Yunyin Village.

In the village that had been rebuilt for most of the time, Raikage took Darui and Xi to bid farewell to the ninjas in the village.

Facing the subordinates who chanted goodbye, Lei Ying made a promise, "I swear to the past generations that Lei Ying will lead the village successfully through this disaster.

Lei Ying's promise was greeted with cheers like a tsunami.

Foggy Village.

The mature woman "Terumi Mei", dressed in blue and with long waist-length hair, solemnly received the water shadow hat from the elder "Yuanshi".

Behind her, two people stood.

One was a man with a naked upper body, a bandage on his face, and an exaggerated decapitator; the other was a man with a dark blue costume with delicate features and a beautiful flowery appearance.

Cyan, who covered one eye with a blindfold, looked at the two people behind Terumi Ming with dread, and said solemnly: "If you don’t cut it, Bai, you originally committed the crime of assassinating Shui Ying. It’s unforgivable. But Nian has a reason for your incident. And Master Shuiying's generosity gave you the opportunity to return to the village."

"Be sure not to live up to Master Shuiying's kindness to you, and protect Master Shuiying on the road."

Regarding this, he didn't cut his mouth open, and smiled wildly: "If you haven't seen you for a while, you have become mother-in-law."

"This is cautious, it's cautious!" Qing glared dissatisfiedly and did not cut.

No longer gave him a scornful glance, turned around and ignored him.

Bai looked at the two people who were bickering, smiled knowingly, and bowed to Qingshen, "Don't worry, Mr. Qing, we will definitely protect the safety of Master Shuiying on the road."

"If there is nothing, I can rest assured."

"White, gone."


Sand hidden village.

Gaara, carrying a gourd, stood on a high place and looked at the village before turning and leaving.

Kankuro Temari took a slow shot and hurriedly followed.

On the way, Kankuro said: "I Gaara, give a good performance at the Five Shadows Conference this time, and you can officially inherit the position of Five Generations Fengying when you come back."

"more or less!"

Gaara replied unsatisfactorily.

Temari kept showing a puzzled expression.

When he noticed this, Kankuro asked, "What's the matter? I have been puzzled."