Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 340

"It's nothing."

Temari shook his head, "I just don't understand why the Machi Council rejected all the opinions at the meeting of the elders and recommended Gaara to be the role of the Five Generations.

"do not think too much about it."

"Although Macky is quite sinister, everything he does is for the village."

The yellow sand was full, and the three of them advanced unhurriedly.

Yanyin Village.

At the door of the village full of rocks, a large number of villagers sent farewell to the earth shadows.

Because the three generations of Tuying are very old and very tall, the escort Chi Tu directly put him on the back box and walked on his back.

Hei Tu laughed at Tu Ying for not retiring at a great age, while talking about the Five Shadows meeting.

However, they didn't have any relevant information about Kaguya Ji, Moon Eye, etc. that Raikage said.

If it hadn't been for Yunyin Village to be destroyed because of these things, he would not go to this meeting.

But even so, Liang Tianping Onoki complained all the way.

Konoha Village.

The advisory elder group headed by three generations and a large number of ninja villagers sent off at the door.

"Tsunade, this five-kage meeting must not lose the majesty and tolerance of the village." Xiaochun warned.

Tsunade glanced at the three old men who were going to continue to talk, his eyes twitched fiercely, and he roared with great momentum, "Now I am Hokage. You don't need to talk about these things."

After speaking, the momentum slowed down, and she said with a pleasant face: "Anyway, you just wait for my good news."

"Since you said this, then we have nothing to say, so be careful along the way." Men Yan said solemnly.

And the third generation of Hokage looked at the two behind Tsunade with his pipe in his hand.

"Kakashi, Sasuke, you are the guards for the fifth generation. I don't worry about safety or anything. Just be careful not to let her drink on the road."

"Old man!" Tsunade glared at him.

Kakashi, who had taken off his dark clothing, glanced back and forth between the two, scratching his head, and chuckled.

It is better not to speak at this time.

Sasuke's mouth twitched fiercely.

Uchiha Tomitake came to Sasuke, looking at him with a face without emotion.

"Sasuke, this time traveling with the Five Generations, you must keep your duty and do a good job of guarding, and don't discredit the name Uchiha."

"Don't worry! Father!"


Fu Yue nodded and said no more.

"You don't have to worry about it." Tsunade said confidently, "I have already contacted Jiraiya, and he will have a round with me in the Iron Kingdom."

Sarutobi took a mouthful of cigarettes and sighed, "I am even more worried about two people, drinking and gambling."

"Old man! How come you have become like those two old guys."

Xiaochun, Menyan lay down with the gun, her face speechless.

Two days passed in a hurry.

The Five Shadows also held talks in the Iron Country on the agreed day.

And it is the general Mifune of Iron Nation who is presiding over this meeting, a samurai with as much strength as the shadow class.

Five Shadows sat behind the conference table, while their respective guards listened behind the curtain.

Sitting at the chairperson above the conference table, Mitsune saw that the five people had been silent, so he took the initiative to say: "Since everyone is here, then, if you want to discuss anything, please speak up!"

"It turned out to be the Five Shadows Talks I initiated, so I'll be blunt." Lei Ying patted the table and stood up.

"and many more!"

Onoki interrupted Raikage's words and turned to look at Gaara, "Although it is the Five Shadows talks, the shadow of Shayin Village will not be this brat!"

Chapter 244 Disruptors

Gaara glanced at Ohnogi with a squint and said, neither humble nor arrogant: "Sagakura Village has undergone some changes not long ago. The former Fengying passed away unfortunately. I am currently acting as Fengying's agent."

"In other words, there is currently no wind shadow in Sha Yin?"


"In that case, what else is there to talk about at the Five Shadows Conference?" Onoki leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling with both eyes, and said in a strange manner: "The Five Shadows Conference requires Wuweiying to be present for the talks, since Fengying's position Temporarily vacant, let's talk about it another day!"

"Just looking at the name of the shadow, without paying attention to the reality, you, the earth shadow, are just superficial."

Gaara said indifferently, "Although I am only a Fengying agent, I can represent Shayin Village with full authority. If you don't want to talk, then there is no need to talk about it in the future. I don't want to sit with shallow people."


Onoki was blown with anger and stared, but couldn't refute it.

The guards behind the curtain looked at me with admiration one by one.

Being able to serve as Hokage's guards, their strength is pretty impressive.

For Feng Ying, who is a 13-year-old child, he is naturally a little underestimated.

But Gaara's remarks completely refreshed these people's impressions of him.

Especially Sasuke.

In the Konoha collapse plan, he teamed up with Naruto to defeat Gaara, who was a beast with a tail.

At that time Gaara was bloodthirsty, mad, and emotionally unstable, completely different from what he is now.

Not only these guards, but the rest of the shadows also looked at him with admiration because of Gaara's words, and no longer despised him because of his age.

"Well, Tu Ying, Feng Ying, Ninja World is on the verge of destruction, it's not time to quarrel with each other."

Lei Ying glanced at the two of them and said, "Presumably you have also received the news, right?"