Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 341


Terumi Ming nodded and said: "A few days ago, information came back saying that Yunyin Village had been destroyed. It's just such an incredible thing. It is difficult to judge the correctness of the information in a short time."

The other three shadows also nodded.

"This is true." Lei Ying gritted his teeth to tell the truth, "Just five days ago, a man broke into Yunyin, first snatched the eight-tailed Chakra from my brother Kirabi, and then snatched it again. Leaving the village ninja Yukiman's two-tailed Chakra."

"In the process of stopping him, Yun Yin's elite, including me, were all pale, and even the village was destroyed."

As soon as these words came out, the other four shadows couldn't help but their expressions became serious.

As the saying goes, family ugliness cannot be publicized.

Generally speaking, if you can solve the problem alone, no matter how big an accident is, it will not be announced outside.

At this time, Lei Ying said the whole thing without fear, which is enough to show that the seriousness of the situation is beyond the scope that Yunyin Village can solve alone.

"What's the origin of that person?"

Tsunade couldn't help asking.

"do not know."

Lei Ying looked at the puzzled people and said, "I also blame me for having a bad temper. He introduced himself at first, but I got the information from Kirabi, so I just shot it."

"I haven't hit it!"

Shui Ying and Tu Ying's mouth twitched.

"That's not the point!" Gaara glared at the two of them and asked, "That person clearly possesses such a strong power and wants to capture the Chakra of the Tail Beast. What is his intention?"

"What did Yunyin's messengers say when they visited Kaguyaji, the end of the Ninja world, and Moon Eye's plans? What are these?"

Hearing this, everyone once again looked at Lei Ying.

"That man captured the Chakra of the Tailed Beast to fight Kaguya Ji who is about to awaken, and Kaguya Ji is"

Lei Ying said one by one the information he had obtained from the village offerings and the tail beast's dictation.

Regarding the secrets of ancient times, everyone present was shocked when they heard about it for the first time.

Of course, in addition to shock, there is also doubt.

Onoki questioned."Although I think Raikage won't make jokes in such formal occasions, but the mother of the Six Dao Immortals or something"

"This kind of thing is too far-fetched."

Lei Ying said uncomfortably: "All the tail beasts know these things. If you don't believe it, you can go back and ask your family's tail beast in Zhuli's body."

Hearing this, everyone was silent.

Although Lei Ying has a violent temper, he is not stupid, it is impossible to tell such a lie that can be broken by a poke, and there is no need to lie.

But if what Raikage said was the truth, then this would be a catastrophe for the entire Ninja World.

Raikage suggested: "Although I don't know whether Kaguya Ji is about to wake up, it's not true or not, but I can't put the future of Ninja World on an unknown guy."

"That's the truth." Tsunade nodded and agreed.

"So, does Raikage-sama have any good suggestions?"

"I suggest forming a coalition of ninjas."


Everyone looked at Lei Ying in shock.

Especially Tuying's mouth opened wide.

"This kind of thing is impossible." Tsunade said solemnly: "The formation of a coalition of ninjas without confirming the existence of the enemy. This kind of thing, let alone the people in the village, even the big names will not agree."

"So, the coalition forces I'm talking about refer to the coalition forces of people and pillars." Lei Ying said solemnly: "Faced with the existence of the legend, the power of ordinary people has no meaning at all. Only the power of the tail beast is effective. That person is collecting the tail. The power of the beast against Kaguya Ji also shows that the tail beast can pose a threat to her."

"It makes sense, it's just"

After Shui Ying pondered slightly, he stopped talking.

"Does Master Shuiying have anything unspeakable?"

"Our Wuyin Village originally had two people Zhuli, but the fourth generation of Shui Ying, who was the three-tailed Zhuli, had not been whereabouts a few days ago, and the whereabouts of Sanwei was unknown."

Everyone was silent.

For a while, Tsunade sighed with emotion: "Unexpectedly, so many things have happened in Wuyin Village."

"In this case, for the time being, we can only unite the strength of the eight people. I don't know if this strength can beat Kaguya Ji." Lei Ying was a little worried.

"Don't say eight, even if there are eight more, it will only give Kaguya Ji a tonic."

With the indifferent voice remembering, a dark spiral space channel opened in the center of the conference table.

A young man with black hair and dark eyes, delicate features, and a soft face walked out with two men in red cloud robes with black background.

"It's you!"


The moment he saw the three of them, Raiying's hair stood upside down, with thunder entangled in his body, and rushed towards the three of them in a swift manner.

Behind the curtain, Sasuke opened the three-gouyu writing wheel, holding the lightning ball in his hand and galloping towards Itachi.

The sudden change caused the defense of the rest of the guards, one by one rushed out from behind, holding weapons to protect their own shadows behind them.

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Along with a huge roar, the ground vibrated, and smoke was everywhere.

Raikage and Sasuke flew out at a faster speed since then, deeply embedded in the wall of the conference room.

The people present were all moved, staring at the center of the field with solemn expressions.

The smoke dispersed, revealing the three people inside.

Originally wearing red cloud robes with black background, the two following behind stood in front of the youth.

Each of them had bright red eyes and a ring, with three gou jade hanging on it.