Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 342

The other person's eyes were purple, with ripples in it.

Although the pupils of the eyes are different, the look in the eyes is the same

Very calm.

Looking at the man behind them again, there are also a pair of blue eyes, with patterns like a black hole emitting a soft light, like a dream, it is not easy to see.

See the faces of the three.

Tsunade stared at Kurayoshi, her eyebrows squeezed together tightly.

She always felt that this person was familiar.

In front of her, Kakashi, who was standing at the conference table, also stared at Kuroyoshi with a little surprise.

"Write round eyes"

At this time, someone exclaimed.

Everyone turned their gazes to Itachi's body. After seeing Itachi's pupils, everyone averted their gazes and dared not look at him.

Only Kakashi opened his forehead and looked at him with the same eyes.

"Brother Kakashi"

Itachi looked at the familiar face, a trace of remembrance flashed across his face, and he whispered to himself.

Hearing Itachi's murmur, Kuroyoshi glanced at him, and then looked in the direction where Raikage was shot. "At first I only thought Raikage was arrogant, but now I find myself wrong. Raikage is not arrogant at all. It’s just pure stupidity."


No matter how arrogant people are, they will change after they have been taught again and again.

Only this guy rushed up to meet again and again.

"Damn it!"

Lei Ying pressed against the broken wall and walked out intact, staring at Kuroyoshi unwillingly, and then at Nagato on the side.

He was the one who just started, and the pair of reincarnation eyes reminded him of the scene of Yun Yin being destroyed, and he couldn't help gritted his teeth with hatred.

"Don't look at me with this kind of eyes, I have been merciful." Nagato said lightly: "After all, we don't want to conflict with you before the battle with Kaguya Ji."

Nagato's words attracted the attention of the rest of the people. Just as the shadows were thinking in silence and preparing to ask questions, Sasuke on the other side also leaned out of the wall.

Unlike Raikage who was not hurt at all, there was blood on the corner of his mouth, and his other hand was resting on the edge of the broken wall, breathing heat.

Only those bright red eyes stared at Itachi without fear.

"Itachi, why?"

"You have been teaching me to be proud of a Konoha ninja and fight for the glory of the family. As a result, you bastard did the assassination of high-level people!"

Sasuke's words made the people present once again put their eyes on Itachi.

Itachi turned a blind eye, still expressionless.

"I didn't expect to see you again in this form, but I have no obligation to answer your questions."

"Answer me, Itachi."

"I'm here as the boss's guard. If you want to know so much, just wait for the conclusion of this negotiation and come to me alone!"

"No need to!"

"I'll fix him right away!"

Sasuke's eyes condensed, his hands quickly sealed, and he controlled Thunder in his hands to sprint towards Kuroyoshi.

The speed is very fast and the power is also very powerful.

The sharp air of Chidori pulled the ground out of a long gully, making the people present amazed.

However, it was only due to the exclamation of his performance at such an age, not the exclamation of his strength.

Sasuke is only 13 years old and almost 14 years old. Even if Sangoyu's writing round eyes are opened, he will barely reach the level of Shangnin.

And there is no curse seal, and no use of the various derivative uses of Chidori, whose level is worse than that of Kakashi, who has just been promoted to Shangnin.

"Is your brother so stupid?"

Nagato couldn't stand it anymore, and turned to ask Xiang Itachi.

He didn't understand, he was obviously a brother, how could he be so bad?

Itachi looked at Sasuke, who rushed towards the three of them without fear, and didn't know how to answer. He just said after a moment of silence, "He owes a lesson."

In the end, Sasuke failed to rush to the three of them.

When he passed the conference table, he was pinched by Kakashi on the back of his neck and pressed firmly on the table.

"Let go of me, Kakashi!"

"Do not impulse."

Kakashi admonished: "Whether it is Itachi or the guy with the eyes of reincarnation are masters of the masters, the people they follow, think about it, will know that they are strong and terrible characters. Rushing forward will only give away the head."

The urge to struggle with seeing Itachi gradually cooled down.

He probably realized that even if he rushed forward, he would only end up with the same result as before.

Seeing that Sasuke died down, Kakashi let go.

Sasuke didn't have any more impulses as he thought.

Just a pair of eyes full of anger, still staring at Itachi.

Seeing this, Tsunade took the lead and said: "Talk to business! Kuroyoshi!"

"Since Naruto"


The conference table was slapped to pieces.

Tsunade stood up abruptly and looked at Kurayoshi in disbelief, "You really are Kurayoshi!"

She looked like Kuroyoshi before, and she heard the same voice afterwards, so she became more suspicious.