Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 345

"You get out of me!"

Tsunade drank violently, the floor under his feet was crushed, and his figure accelerated and rushed over.

Jilaiya hurriedly jumped up, standing upside down, squatting on the ceiling like a toad.

Nagato and Itachi also jumped out tacitly.

Since Kuroyoshi and Gokage bet, they can't just intervene.

"Give me a clearer mind!"

The person was approaching, and the burning fist of Chakra came with a strong wind, with great power.

Kuroyoshi stood in place, neither resisting nor evasive, as if he was frightened.

But none of the people present felt that he was scared and stupid, because that calm expression was full of confidence.

The eyes of the people present were condensed and stared at this scene, not even the details of the hair blowing.

However, the fist stopped in front of Kurayoshi.

The fist wind blows his hair, his robe is close, but his fist stops a few inches from his face.

Tsunade looked solemn, his fists trembling slightly.

what happened?

This scene surprised everyone present.

Tsunade's slightly trembling hand was definitely not scared, it was more like being tied up by something, struggling.

"I heard that Naruto-sama is a medical ninja, it seems that he is really poor in fighting methods!"

Terumi Ming stood up at the table, winking like silk.

"Look carefully, your Konoha men are handsome guys except for that pervert!"

"It would be a shame to ruin everything like this."

But, saying what a pity, Terumi Mei moved his hands without the slightest pity.

She simply knotted her hands, her small mouth bulged suddenly.

"The technique of melting monsters!"

A large piece of acidic corrosive sticky substance spouted from the mouth, falling from the sky like a sea bowl, and was included in the attack range along with Tsunade Kuroyoshi.

"Master Naruto!"

Kakashi was shocked, and the three gou jade writing round eyes suddenly changed into a dart shape.

But before he could use his power to save people, ice crystals condensed and formed behind Tsunade, and a small white jade hand stretched out inside.

The little hand grabbed Tsunade's collar and jerked into the mirror.

The next second, under the hood of the corrosive thick liquid.

Did you succeed?

Everyone watched this scene closely. Just when they thought it was a success, the corrosive thick liquid stagnated in the sky above Kuroyoshi, and then it shot all around as if hit by a huge force.

Everyone used their own methods to block their own shadows and defend against acidic liquids.

"This place is too small, and you can't do anything about it. Let's change the place!"

Kuroyoshi scanned the crowd around, and his left index finger and middle finger were close together, erected on his chest.

"Be careful!"

Onoki reminded everyone that everyone felt tight.

In the center of the field appeared a small black spot that was constantly rotating, the size of a pinhole.

When everyone competed to guard against this small hole, the small hole suddenly expanded and swallowed everything around it.

At this time, everyone realized that this small hole was actually a spatial passage.

But at this time, I realized that it was too late, and the space channel would be so huge that it swallowed the entire conference room.

Everyone fell down as if falling into the abyss, and then flowed out at another exit.

Everyone looked around and found that the surrounding environment and climate had all changed.

Under the gray sky, there are endless desert plains, with dried up stone pillars erected.

"This is the desert plain in the Frost Country!"

Onogi was very knowledgeable and recognized the location at a glance.

"Horrible, teleporting so many people to such a far location in an instant!"

"I now somewhat believe that he ruined Yunyin alone."

"Although people who know that they dare to do this kind of thing will not be so bad at all, I didn't expect to be so strong."

Everyone talked a lot.

Five Shadows stood side by side, looking at Cangji, who was slowly falling from the sky, with a solemn expression.

For the first time, they felt that what Kurayoshi just said was not Kyogen.

"The space here is wide enough, and there is no one else, so please do your best, don't make excuses for losing."

Wuying glanced at each other and nodded tacitly.

"Then let us see how capable you are!"

Raikage and Tsunade rushed out from left to right.

At the same time, a wave of sand and water dragon came first, and went hand in hand with the two.

Tsunade Raikage looked at the sand and water dragon beside him, and jumped up.

Tsunade stood on the sand, Raikage's body was wrapped in the water dragon's head, and the two of them flew up into the sky on Gaara and Terumi's ninjutsu.

At the same time, the earth trembled.

A huge rock golem rose from the ground behind, and patted it with a palm that covered the sky.