Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 346

Pinch the front, back, left and right at the same time.

Although it was the first time for Wuying to cooperate, their strong strength and rich combat experience allowed them to directly play a seamless match.


Cangji snorted coldly.

He didn't see any movements, the ground trembled more violently, a huge hand rose from the ground, and a handful of the stone statues of Ohyeki were crushed on the ground, and then he pressed hard on the ground and crawled out of the upper body.

This is an even bigger golem, tightly the upper body is as huge as Naruto Cliff.

The huge body obscured the sky and darkened the sky.

And Kuroyoshi floating in front of the golem is like a demon lord, making the hearts of those who return more heavy.

Water dragon and sand dust carried Tsunade Raikage back halfway.

The five stood side by side, looking up at the behemoth with furrowed brows.

"Although you can beat you with just one look, in order for you to understand the power gap more intuitively, let you experience the power of my 1 for yourself."

Kuroyoshi fell on top of the stone statue, looking down at people the size of ants.

"Not only the Five Shadows, all of you can play together. You don't need to beat me. As long as you meet me, I will give up and give up the plan in my mind."

Chapter 248 The Five Shadows Surrender

"It's just a bit bigger. Is it really okay to just use such big talk?"

Oh Yemu folded his hands up and down and pulled out a transparent light box with a blazing light ball inside.

"Dust escape the original world stripping technique!"

The blazing ball of light skyrocketed, and the transparent box that wrapped it also changed its shape, turning into a thick and long beam of light shooting towards the giant stone golem.

"Are blood stains eliminated?"

Cang Yoshi's eyes were contemptuous, and with a casual move, the beam of light flew towards Cang Yoshi as if being called, and then he was sucked into his palm.

"What!?" Onoki's eyes widened, astonished: "That guy can still absorb Chakra!"

"Not only that, but he also has a ninjutsu trick to bounce everything without dead ends!"

Lei Ying stared at the figure on the giant boulder golem while reminding everyone.

Tsunade also had a solemn expression.

"Kurayoshi is still a thousand-handed clan, with massive chakras and the ability to heal in a flash, and he has mastered the Mu Dun of the first generation of Hokage."

"What about the weakness?" Mizukage looked at Tsunade.

"I don't know, or there is no weakness."

"Isn't that invincible?"

Gaara couldn't help but interject.

"Perhaps so." Tsunade nodded, "but we don't need to beat him, we just need to meet him."

"Then go!"

Lei Ying didn't say a word, his body entangled with Thunder and galloped out.

Onoki flew directly on Raikage's back, using the technique of light and heavy rock to lighten his body weight, making the speed increase again by a notch.

"For such a big guy, his body won't be too flexible, Fengying, Shuiying, you use ninjutsu to cover the earth shadow Raikage, I will add chakra for you!"

Tsunade instantly saw through Ohnogi's tactical intentions.

The two had no objections, and they launched a wide range of ninjutsu attacks in an attempt to contain the golem.

Terumi Ming's water escape is vast and boundless, and the water sprayed from his mouth is like waves, flooding the earth, turning the barren plain into the sea.

Although the giant wave did not shake the golem, it also covered half of its body, increasing the resistance to action.

Then, surging waves of sand rose from the feet of the golem, tightly entangled the arms and body of the golem.

The sand wetted by the water becomes heavier and denser and more difficult to break free.

However, Kurayoshi smiled contemptuously.

"You just said that it's just a big body, then I will show you the power of being big!"

The words fell, and the ground shook again.

The body of the boulder golem was raised a little bit.

It was trying to stand up, letting its entire body be completely exposed on the ground.

Gaara's complexion tightened the binding force of the sand, but still couldn't stop it.

The huge body is like pulling maltose, pulling the sand out of filaments, and then torn.

The tall body stood up, it was more than 300 meters away, and the cliffs in the distance were nothing more than small dirt in its eyes.

"It's coming, pay attention to the movement of the golem, don't be swept away."

During the sprint, Onoki reminded.

Lei Ying didn't reply, and while sprinting towards the golem, he stared at the golem in full concentration.

After seeing the golem standing up, he raised his right leg and stepped on him, quickly accelerated and ran out of the stone statue's attack range.


"Did you really escape the attack range?"

Kuroyoshi smiled sarcastically.


The boulder golem stomped on the ground like the Optimus Prime, causing a series of roars.

The earth tore apart and the air wave swept across.

The incomparable impact caused the shock wave to explode, forming violent explosions, and the area was shrouded in fire and smoke.

The size of the volume represents the power of destruction.