Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 347

The same power is played under different body types, and the resulting power is also very different.

It is 300 meters tall and weighs more than 100,000 tons.

The power of a random punch is equivalent to the explosion of a nuclear bomb, and the power of the leg far exceeds that of a fist.

When this foot is stepped on, the sky is torn apart.

Not to mention that it was just enough to escape the shadow of the earth shadow, and even the three shadows and the rest of the guards hundreds of meters away were swept into the explosion.

Fortunately, this is just the aftermath of the shock wave burst. Although the splash range is huge, the aftermath they need to deal with is not so strong.

With their strength

Although a little embarrassed, but enough to deal with.

The roar of the explosion lasted for two minutes, and the smoke and dust dispersed for half an hour before it dissipated.

The guards who were lucky enough to escape the catastrophe threw their heads down and stood up. They looked at the earth full of abyss-like cracks, one by one in horror.

The places far away are so tragic, what kind of scene will the shadows in the center of the attack be like?

Soon, they knew.

A gust of wind came and took away the thick smoke.

Raikage Tuying fainted on the ground, Shuiying, Hokage, and Fengying also bowed their bodies and panted.

Although he did not fall, he tried his best to defend against the impact.

"this one?"

Kuroyoshi sat on the head of the giant stone golem, and said sarcastically: "Do you know why I said that your concentration of human strength will only give Kaguyaji nourishment?"

"Because you can't even move around in front of her."

As the words fell, a substantive chakra emerged from Kuraki's body, which burst into the sky like a blue flame.

"This chakra!"

Those who were still conscious at the scene showed horrified eyes, and the weaker ones trembled uncontrollably.


Cangji snorted coldly, and the chakra contained in his leg boiled and exploded, and the huge power was transmitted to the golem under his feet.

The giant boulder golem that brought fear to them even cracked from the head, then spread all over the body, and finally turned into countless rubble and collapsed.

"This power!"

What will this power against the gods fight against?

Everyone looked at the Kurayoshi floating in the sky with a blank expression.

Terumi Ming sat down on the ground and gave up resistance.

Five shadows, all surrendered.

Two other places.

Jiraiya confronted Nagato, and Sasuke confronted Itachi.

Being teleported to this place, Nagato and Itachi left quickly before the battle started in order not to disturb Kuroyoshi and not to be affected by the battle.

Jiraiya chased Nagato and Sasuke chased Itachi.

Naruto hesitated, and came after Sasuke.

He feels that the lecherous immortal is very strong and can handle all matters, but he will be dragged down by himself.

On the contrary, it was Sasuke, which was reassuring.

It's just that Naruto was brought down by Itachi with illusion as soon as he caught up.

Looking at Sasuke with angry eyes, Itachi's expression was as indifferent as before, "You are already so big, haven't you learned how to judge the difference in strength between the enemy and ourselves?"

"Stop talking nonsense!"

Sasuke gritted his teeth and asked unwillingly: "I just want to ask you one question, have you really betrayed Konoha?"

A gleam of light flashed in Itachi's eyes, and he asked quietly, "Why do you ask?"

Chapter 249 My Stupid Odoudou

"Maybe it's just wishful thinking, or too naive"

Sasuke stared at Itachi, and a hint of expectation was hidden under his anger.

"But I always think you are not the one who would do such a thing."

A person's behavior is related to his daily habits and personal accidents.

Sasuke has been with Itachi since childhood

Although I don't know what he is doing in Anbu, he knows his character very well and knows that he is a person who doesn't like fighting and longs for peace.

And, from his daily teachings, it can be seen that this guy's identity and love for Konoha are from his sincerity, and he can never betray Konoha.

I have to say that Sasuke is actually quite smart.

There was no tragedy in which the family was destroyed, and he was not blinded by hatred. He who can judge things normally is far different from the two pillars in the anime.

As a child, when he heard the news that Itachi had assassinated high-level officials and defected to Konoha, he doubted it.

It's just that the evidence is so abundant that even the father went to the scene to personally confirm it.

Sasuke believed in his father's ability no matter how much he doubted it.

However, the seeds of doubt have been buried deep in the heart.

Itachi looked at Sasuke who swore to this, and fell silent.

Kuroyoshi once talked to him about Sasuke, saying that Sasuke has great potential and will surpass him in the future.

In this regard, Itachi was very happy.

However, for such Sasuke, he does not want to see.

He believes that Sasuke should not focus on himself, but on more distant issues.