Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 348

After groaning slightly, Itachi asked in a deep voice, "What can be the truth? It has already happened, and the result is that I killed the high-level and betrayed Konoha."


Sasuke yelled unwillingly and asked: "Is this the result you want? Is this your own choice? Have you ever regretted it."

Itachi was startled slightly, and then said calmly: "This is not the result I wanted."

Sasuke's face eased a little.

"But this is my own choice. It is a choice I made voluntarily after thinking of my own will. There may be regrets in my heart, but I will do it again."

"You bastard!"

The mood that had just eased became angry again, and Assistant Assistant leaned over while holding Chidori.

Itachi shook his head secretly, and when the thunder stabbed, he leaned back to avoid it, and at the same time grabbed his wrist with his right hand and lifted it up, pulling up his whole body while punching Sasuke's abdomen.

The powerful force immediately made Sasuke bowed, and then mercilessly, a knee hit his chin, causing the whole person to fly out.


Sasuke slid out a distance on the ground before stopping.

He was holding on to the ground, shaking his body trying to stand up, but felt dizzy and unable to exert himself.

Itachi watched this scene silently, no one knew what he was thinking.

For a long time, he looked up at the blue sky, looked at the white clouds floating by, and sighed: "My stupid brother, nothing in this world will be what you want. Without strong power, without companions, everything is nothing. Can't do it."

After speaking, he looked at Sasuke who was still struggling and wanted to get up again, and couldn't help but smile slightly.

"Just like you are now."

"I want to know the truth, but in the end I can only end up with this result. For the sake of you being my brother, I will spare your life this time, and then I will return."

Among the bright red eyes, the three gouyu jade turned into a snowflake-like hexagonal crystal.

Itachi's tone became extremely cold, "I won't be merciful."

As the words fell, the hexagonal crystal-like snowflakes spun wildly, and Sasuke's consciousness gradually blurred.

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"Nagato, what do you really want to do?"

Having entered the fairy mode, Ji Lai, who stood on the left and right shoulders with Shen Zuo Zhi Ma and the two toad immortals, also stood on a stone pillar and questioned loudly.

On the ground below, Nagato looked at him indifferently.

"What should be said, didn't Kurayoshi say it all?"

"Not only to meet Kaguya Ji, but also for eternal peace."

"What I want to hear is not such perfunctory remarks."

Jilai also angrily said: "Can't everyone join forces to meet Kaguya Ji?"

"Does this method really usher in permanent peace?"

"Teacher Jilaiya"

Nagato looked at the much older face and whispered softly, with a trace of recollection in his eyes.

"Since you left, we have been working hard for the peace of Ninja World. We have experienced a lot, and Yahiko died because of it."

"During these long years, I learned the answer to peace through personal experience and insights."

"Kurayoshi has to do to bring true peace to the Ninja World."

"His actions will only cause war!" Jilai also retorted: "You have gone through so many things. Do you think that the five great Ninja villages and even the whole Ninja world will blame him for obeying his words, peaceful unity?"

"Even if everyone is willing, who will feed so many ninjas?"

"Will the daimyo watch the unification of the Ninja world again?"

"No, neither!"

"Various problems will only lead to a bigger war! Can you not see so many new people's opinions?"

Nagato shook his head slightly.

"Teacher Jilaiya"

"The problems you mentioned all exist, and they are all correct judgments."

"But, there is only one thing, you are wrong."

"That means war will not break out."

For this, Nagato is convinced.

In this regard, Jilai was also very puzzled, "Do you have any credentials?"

"Because Kurayoshi's power is far beyond your imagination."

Only when the forces are relatively equal can it be called a war. If one is an ant, the other is a human.

Can such a battle be called a war?

will not!

Because a child can burn ant nests on fire, but the ants have nothing to do with that child.

Such a one-sided situation can only be called a massacre.


"Kurayoshi's power compared to the entire Ninja World is tens or hundreds of times larger than the difference between a child holding a torch and a colony of ants."

"If he releases all his power, the so-called shadow will not even be able to produce resistance in front of him."

Nagato Xiangjilai also shared his views.

But Ji Lai also smiled disapprovingly.

"I admit he is very strong, he is the most talented guy I have ever seen, but what you said is too exaggerated."

The words are not over yet.