Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 349

The ground trembled sharply.

Then, a fierce wind blows from the sky, taking away the billowing smoke and roar.

Jilai also stood firm, looking towards the direction of the wind, his complexion extremely serious.

Because that direction is the battlefield of Five Shadows!

And there, there are dozens of kilometers away from here.

"Do not worry!"

Nagato advised, "Kurayoshi doesn't do anything to Gokage."

"It's just that after today, we may become companions!"

Chapter 250 The Daughter of the Will to Create the Earth

"Go back and make preparations!"

Cangji looked at the five shadows in front of him that seemed to have lost his soul, and said indifferently: "Take everyone to a refuge sufficient to avoid the meteorite group, including the common people."

"Otherwise, my battle with Kaguya will kill many people."

With that, he took out a scroll.

"This is the reconstruction plan after the battle with Kaguya. It includes the unification of the Ninja world and the subsequent survival mode. Take a look for yourself!"

No one responded.

Defeated by Cang Yoshi and defeated by the powerful force, they were unable to protect the village and lost their dignity and duty as a shadow.

Their hearts are dead at this moment.

Kuroyoshi looked at the loss of souls in front of him, and directly stuffed the scroll into Terumi Ming's chest.

"Let's take a good look!"

"After reading it, maybe you will change your mind."

After speaking, a spatial channel opened in front of him.

Kuroyoshi finally paid attention to a few people, then turned his head and entered the space channel.

The breeze was blowing.

Terumi Mei returned to her senses.

She glanced at the scroll inserted in her mind, and numbly took it out and opened it.

At first, it didn't feel much.

But seeing the back, those beautiful eyes gradually regained their highlights, and finally trembling with excitement.

"Hokage, Tukage, Raikage, Fengying, take a look at this, maybe, things are not as bad as you thought!"

Frost country, Akatsuki organizes an underground base.

In front of the Outer Golem.

Kuroyoshi, Xiaonan, Nagato, and Itachi are in a meeting.

"After defeating the will of the Five Shadows, there is only time left to unify the Ninja World. Is it necessary to release Kaguya Ji?" Itachi asked.

"It's necessary!" Kurayoshi said earnestly: "As the saying goes, both grace and prestige!"

"Although I showed a little strength to Five Shadows and defeated their psychological defenses, the benefits brought by the two-world connection plan are too great."

"Those who have not really seen my strength will definitely have bad ideas and will become an obstacle to the plan."

"After all, the Five Ninja Villages are not dictatorships, and even the shadows cannot speak up."

"Perhaps some old foxes have approved our mentality and instigated the people below to deliberately cause trouble, then it will be troublesome. We can't really come to a massacre as a deterrent!"

"So, release Kaguya Ji, and let everyone in the Ninja world know my strength through the battle with me, so I dare not rise up the heart of resistance."

In fact, if anyone dared to jump out and make trouble during the execution of the plan, Kuroyoshi didn't mind killing chickens and monkeys.

Therefore, this is not the real reason why he wants to release Kaguya Ji.

There is only one real reason, and that is to greet her body.

In the imperial palace of the sky, kill the ashes, eighty-eight divine air strikes

A big tube Mokura style can forge so many awesome things, Kaguya Ji doesn't know how much it can forge.

"This is indeed the reason."

Itachi took a deep breath and agreed with Kurayoshi's words.

Xiao Nan asked, "So, how sure are you about Shang Hui Ye Ji?"

As soon as he said this, Nagato Itachi looked towards Kuroyoshi.

If you can't beat Kaguya Ji, everything is in vain.

In response, Kuroyoshi smiled slightly and joked: "Let's open five or five!"

"Five to Five"

All three frowned.

The chances are actually not small, but it is a matter of the survival of the world, and no care is allowed.

"Don't worry, I won't make fun of my life."

Seeing the three of them frowning, Kurayoshi enlightened: "My own words are indeed 50-50%, but I still have a lot of props. If you count the props, the winning rate is 82%!"

"In this case, it's fine."

Everyone stretched their brows every day.

"No, eighty two will not work, I want ten zero."

Kuroyoshi looked at Xiao Nan solemnly, "I have a subordinate in Konoha called Ryohei, you need to find him, this battle needs his strength."

"Double Knife Ryohei?"

Xiao Nan frowned, "He is indeed a rare master, but in this degree of battle, he can't get in!"