Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 350

"I have my own way."

"In that case, I will go now."

"Be careful not to let anyone notice."


Xiao Nan got up and left.

Kuroyoshi looked at Itachi, and said: "The Ninja world is unified, the daimyo may have opinions, you go take a trip!"

"To understanding."

Itachi also got up and left.

Quiet in the base.

Kuroyoshi asked again: "How is your practice of immortality?"

Nagato shook his head slightly, "How can it be so fast!"

"this is for you!"

Kuroyoshi took out a trench coat and threw it over.

"this is?"

Nagato was puzzled while holding the clothes.

"The fairy Yuyi that allows you to automatically enter the fairy mode."

This was not the garment of heaven and earth in Kuroyoshi's hand, but was later forged from Shigeo through Osaki Maru.

Its function is stronger than the clothing of heaven and earth that incorporates the natural stone of Jiraiya.

"With this dress, you can also help in the battle with Kaguya Ji."


Nagato took off the red cloud robe with black background and put on the windbreaker again.

"I'll get used to the power of Xianshu first, so I won't waste time here."


Nagato left, and the dim base fell completely silent.

Kurayoshi lay on the armchair in thought.

In fact, based on Kaguya's performance in the anime, he is 100% sure of winning.

But just in case, and to maximize the benefits, he still made a few more preparations.

Give Liangping the weapon soul of the full moon, the fairy crystal with soil, and give him a fairy feather robe and lucky bracelet.

In this way, his combat power can almost reach the super shadow level, and he can participate in the battle with Kaguya Ji.

With the characteristics of Wuxin sword and sentimental sword, Liangping will give him great help in battle.

However, this is not enough insurance.

Kuroyoshi sat up straight, waved his hands on the table, and a girl's body was created.

Silver hair, silver eyes, delicate features, beautiful appearance.

Although the figure is not particularly hot, but it is very slender, the convex convex, the warped, very beautiful and dusty.

This is just a body, not a conscious soul.

Although Kuroyoshi can also create it, it will cost him a lot of energy and Chakra.

Therefore, he took out the heart of life and the great filial son.

After giving the two hearts to the girl, she opened her eyes in confusion, and then climbed onto Kuroyoshi like a baby and yelled "Buzz."

The life just born is as innocent as a baby.

Kurayoshi didn't plan to educate a little bit.

If this were the case, he would not create a girl, but a baby.

Therefore, he took out a light ball again.

This is the monitor, the will to make a person a planet.

Kuroyoshi intends to make the girl the will of this planet, the guardian of the world after the two worlds are linked, and the first helper against Kaguya Ji.

However, just when Kurayoshi planned to give the light ball to the girl, one hand grabbed his wrist.

"Six Dao Immortals, do you want to disappear completely?"

Chapter 251 Fierce Battle with Six Immortals (Part 1)

Looking at the old man who suddenly appeared in front of him and clutching his wrist, Kuraki had a cold face.

He didn't know if the other party had sensed something, or had been monitoring himself.

But whether it’s when you become the sixth level, when you summon the souls of your parents, or even now

This old guy will always appear in front of him at this time.

This gave Kuroyoshi a feeling of being watched.

At the beginning, the first time he appeared, he was very upset by giving him a dream and trying to change his character.

Although for character reasons, he did not find him to settle accounts.

But he has never liked him.

Now, with such things happening again and again, Kuroyoshi's patience has been consumed.

"Six Dao Immortals, do you want to disappear in smoke?"

The dreamlike blue eyes exuded killing intent, and the voice was extremely cold, even the surrounding temperature dropped a lot.

However, facing the murderous Kuroyoshi, the six immortals didn't realize it, but just looked at him indifferently and said: "The planet's will should not be autonomous."

"The things in this world, do you mean what you say?"