Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 351

The Liudao immortal slowly shook his head, "The will of the planet is to maintain the operation of nature. If you have self-awareness, you will have preferences, which will cause problems with the operation of nature."

"What about you?" Kuroyoshi stared at him coldly, "Don't you also hold the authority of the world and have preferences in your own private affairs?"

Cangji's words made the six immortals stunned and then smiled bitterly.

"You can see it!"

"Yes, I have a part of this world."

"The world was devastated by the war between our brother and mother. After the war, I have been walking around the world and restoring the world to life."

"It was also at that time that I gained a part of the world's authority."

At this point, the six immortals looked solemn, "I used the power of the world to benefit myself and the people around me, which led to unpredictable disasters in the world."

"It is precisely because of this that I clearly know how dangerous the planetary will is when it has self-consciousness."

"In order to avoid such things from happening again, I chose to obey death, cut off the connection with everyone, and try not to act subjectively."


"All right."

Kuroyoshi interrupted his words and sarcastically said: "What do you say do not act subjectively, isn't your current behavior acting subjectively?"

"The matter of your two sons, trying to change my character, persuading me not to break the rules, and now"

"Which one of your actions is not acting with your own subjective consciousness?"

"After talking so much nonsense, I am not afraid that the planet will take away your authority after the birth of autonomous consciousness!"

The six immortals stunned, and then fell silent.

For a while, he continued: "If you want to think so, just think it, but everything I do is for this world."

"Everything I do is for this world."

Kuroyoshi squeezed the monitor's hand tightly, the light ball was tightened in the system space immediately, and the newly created daughter was also teleported away.

He looked at the six immortals with murderous intent, and said coldly: "I've seen you upset for a long time. If you want to stop me, use your strength! Just like your brothers stopped Kaguyaji in the first place."

"Is it necessary to get to this point?" Six Dao immortals pityed: "Our battle will make this world devastated here."

"You can choose to leave by yourself!"

"If you insist on it"

The kind face of the Six Dao Immortals became serious, "For this world, there is only one battle."

When the voice fell, he held a void with his left hand, held a tin stick, and then lightly touched the ground.


Obviously it was lightly, but it made a sound like Hong Zhong Dalu.

The ground that was touched by the tin rod also made a circle of ripples like the surface of a lake, and the stone tables and chairs, and even the external golems and walls also disappeared.

Suddenly, Kuroyoshi found that he had come to an infinitely vast blue world, and the six immortals who had just held his wrist did not know when he appeared 10 meters away.


Kuroyoshi asked hesitantly, and then sneered in denial, "No, this is the spiritual space of human beings, the sea of ​​consciousness that belongs to the depths of consciousness, that is, the soul space."

"It's a good calculation!"

The corner of Kuryoshi's mouth rose slightly, and he sarcastically said: "You, who have no body and only soul, are trying to make me fight you in the soul space?"

"Ha ha!"

With a sneer, Kuroyoshi squeezed a vertical eye between his brows. There were circles of black rings in the bright red pupils, and each ring was hung with a Gouyu, exactly nine.

"Break it to me!"

The pupil power exploded, the eyes of the reincarnation writing wheel bloomed with bloodthirsty rays, and the stable blue space suddenly shook, and then cracks occurred.

There are more and more cracks, and continue to expand and spread, and finally shatter like a mirror.

Consciousness returned to the real space, and the six immortals still stood in front of him, clutching his right wrist with his left hand.


With a cold snort, Cangji directly activated the ability of Chakra and the soul to absorb the soul of the six immortals directly.

However, the illusory soul remained motionless.

"Does it have to be this far?"

The Six Dao Immortals still tried to solve it by communication.

Kuroyoshi became impatient.

"Now, do you think you can stop?"

As the voice fell, the unmatched repulsion exploded, and everything that had passed was bounced out in an instant.

Kuroyoshi glanced through the smoke, and he rose into the air.

"Come to heaven!"

Leaving this sentence, Kuroyoshi's body turned into a band of light, breaking through the rock formation above the base in an instant, and stopped at an altitude of several thousand meters.

The next second, six immortals suddenly appeared on the opposite side, holding a tin rod in his right hand, and nine jade for seeking Taoism floating behind them.

"It seems there is really no way to communicate peacefully."

He sighed, his illusory body gradually solidified, and his flesh was condensed in just a moment.

The technique of yin and yang escape can create all things and create a body without any effort at all.

"What about obeying natural death"

The corners of Kuroyoshi's mouth turned higher. "The result is just abandoning the body. When you need it, you can create it casually. You are really hypocritical!"

"You have to think so, just think so!"

After the Six Dao Immortals had created their flesh, they had given up their plans to talk to Cangji. With a wave of his right hand tin stick, nine Dao-seeking jade shot out at the same time. The speed was as fast as nine streams of light.

Cangji stood still, but opened a dark passage in front of him, like a huge mouth of a monster, swallowing the streamer.