Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 352

Chapter 252 Fierce Battle with Six Immortals (Part Two)


The atmosphere trembled, and a space channel was opened up and down, left and right of the six immortals at the same time.

Boom boom boom!!!

With nine explosions in a row, flames rose into the sky like a nuclear explosion, reflecting the sky red, and the terrifying air wave instantly smoothed out the nearby white clouds. Even the ground thousands of meters below was affected and shaken.

Five Ninja Villages.

The respective shadows convened a meeting with all Shangren and the elders in the village to present the experience and results of the five shadows meeting.

However, they questioned the strength of Kuroyoshi, and opposed the surrender and unification proposed by their own film, and they considered the plan to link the two circles to be a fantasy.

At this moment, the power of Qiu Daoyu's explosion trembled the earth.

The villagers who were in the meeting hurriedly sent people to investigate the situation, and finally came to the conclusion that someone was fighting at an altitude of several thousand meters, and the remaining waves affected the earth.

The Five Shadows immediately thought of Kuroyoshi and Kaguyahime, and each showed a look of horror.

"Hurry up to evacuate the villagers, and also notify the name of the country of fire, so that all the people under it can take refuge in nearby refuges."

In Konoha Village, Tsunade gave the order immediately.

However, for the command of the master, the following people do not understand.

Xiaochun even raised a question, "Five generations, you are Hokage, don't be confused, just two people are fighting at high altitude, do you need to make such a big move?"

"Can you not feel the vibration of the ground just now?" Tsunade asked back.

"It's all about the big moves. Although the power is really powerful, I don't believe it"

Before the words fell, a fierce hurricane blew up in the sky.

In the distance, thousands of kilometers away, several tornadoes raged across the world, with lightning and thunder mixed in it, like the end of the day.

Under such great power, everything will be destroyed.

Xiaochun paled with fright and could no longer speak.

"Hurry up!"

Tsunade didn't talk too much nonsense, and ordered again.

The other Shinobumen no longer have any opinions.

This force has broken their common sense and liberated the constrained concept.

They understood that the power possessed by Kuroyoshi and Kaguya Ji was far beyond imagination, and they were legends that only existed in myths.

The situation in the other villages is similar, and it is connected to the notification of the Five Ninja Villages. At first, they thought that the other side was a small and medium-sized village that wanted to invade and was ready to resist. They all surrendered under the power of gods.

No one rises up to resist.

Thousands of meters above the sky.

In the fiery flames, the six immortals swept across with a stick in his left hand and a spiral sword in his right hand.

Suddenly, the flames burst, like a rain of meteors shooting towards Kuroyoshi.

But it's useless.

Huangquan Biliangzaka opened the space channel in front of him, and the fire rain was swallowed by the space just as he approached.

However, although the space channel swallowed all attacks, it also blocked the vision.

The six immortals swooped down with the fire and rain, and the spiral sword in his right hand was ready to go.

This is the Heavenly Marsh Spear, a sword that opens up and destroys the world. It will be strong and weak with will and determination.

The six immortals believed that they were guarding the world from beginning to end, and never wavered in the slightest.

Therefore, the Heavenly Marsh Spear is in his hands, and its power is unmatched, and it is by no means comparable in the hands of the earth.


The long sword was swung like a meteor.

The dark space passage was torn apart, along with the Kuroyoshi behind.

But that is just a clone.

Kuroyoshi's reincarnation writing round eyes can see through the barriers between the world, and the mere passage of space can only block his vision.

When the six immortals personally attacked, he discovered it.

Therefore, the shadow clone is left here as bait.

The six immortals also shredded the space channel as he imagined, pierced through the clone, and appeared here.

Kuroyoshi, who was lurking in the divine mighty space, protruded from the void, holding a pitch-black spiral sword in his hand, and cut his head down.

The six immortals had already realized it, and the backhand was a sword cut.


The sword and the sword fought, unparalleled impact erupted, and it seemed that the space was being annihilated.

"It's even comparable to the Skymarsh Spear!"

The six immortals are a little different.


Cangji snorted contemptuously, then slashed with his sword.

The six immortals have no time for anything else, concentrate on fighting with Cangji.

The sword and the sword clash, collide, and the ripples of destruction sway open, allowing the space to be shattered and reborn

Gradually, even the Heavenly Marsh Spear cracked.

The six immortals did not show a different color on the surface, but they were extremely surprised inside.

His heart was not shaken, and the power of the Heavenly Marsh Spear never declined.

However, under the similar sword power of the works, it is almost impossible to maintain the shape and collapse.