Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 353

It is only natural that this result will happen.

The sword in Kurayoshi's hand is the end sword, a sword of destruction forged from the chakras of the six immortals, with the power to destroy the world.

Although the power will also be determined according to the degree of penetration of the heart and will, it is only a general level, and it can also exert the power to destroy the world.

What's more, Kuroyoshi has been carrying out his heart from beginning to end.

He is not as great as the Six Dao Immortals. He has never thought of protecting the world. He just wants to live carefree, happier and happier than others.

Although the goal is small, the degree of implementation is definitely no less than the determination of the Six Dao Immortals to guard the world.

The Ending Sword uttered an earth-shaking power in his hands. If it were on the ground, just the aftermath of the shock could wipe out the mountains.

The fast figures of the two kept circling and staggering in the sky, getting faster and faster and more powerful.


The swords clashed together again.

But this time, they didn't leave at once, instead they pressed each other tightly together.

The six immortals looked up to Cangji, and several chains with purple glow came from the void.

Cangji smiled softly, the dreamy blue eyes released fluorescence, the gravity around him suddenly doubled, and the chain fell from the sky together with the six immortals.

"The reincarnation eye is really a reincarnation eye!"

The six immortals were taken aback.

Although he had noticed those pupils a long time ago, he couldn't imagine how Kuroyoshi had both himself and Hamura's pupil technique.

But before he had time to think about it, Kuroyoshi stood high in the sky with his sword, and raised his left hand against him. Xianshu Chakra formed a dark purple ball with a ratio of Yin and Yang, seven or eight meters in size.

Ten-tailed beast jade!


The dark purple chakra ball whizzed in the wind, chasing the falling six immortals.

Behind it, five or six of the same balls followed.

"Aren't you doing everything to protect the world?"

"Then let me see!"

Kuroyoshi taunted at high altitude.

With the skill of the six immortals, he can easily avoid the tail beast jade.

But in this way, the ground below him would be attacked.

Chapter 253 Fierce Battle with Six Immortals (Part 2)

This kind of huge chakra, and the attributes full of singularity, start

This child has a complete ten-tailed chakra...

No, it's not Chakra, he has a complete ten tail in his body, how is this possible!

The tailed beasts and the outer golems are clearly still in the world!

Looking at the tail beast jade that burst out one after another, the expressions of the six immortals were more serious than ever.

It's not because of these tail beast jade, but the things shown by Kuragi, which made him feel unprecedented pressure.

But at this time he couldn't let him think too much, the tail beast jade had already caught up.

The tin rod moved forward, and a huge suction vortex was generated in front of him. The straight beast jade of seven or eight meters was like a gelatinous jelly, pulled and sucked into it.

Then came the second one, three...

The six immortals absorbed the tail beast jade very quickly, and almost absorbed seven tail beast jade in the blink of an eye, and it was too late for Cangji to stop it.

At the same time, after absorbing the tail beast jade, his body has also changed slightly, blooming with endless vitality, and the surface of his body is still burning with a golden flame-like chakra coat.

The six immortals moved their wrists, a little hesitant.

"After all, the chakra that just sprayed out is not comparable to the Togo, but..."

As he said, he looked at the earth abruptly, and through the clouds, he saw the outgoing golem hidden in the base.

"come on!"

The six immortals yelled.

The outgoing golem sitting in the base raised his hair and roared, and his unwilling voice echoed in the sky.

Then, the body changed into fluid like a gel substance, and was forcibly pulled away.

Suddenly, a space channel opened between the two, and Kuroyoshi walked out of it, holding a flat pot in his left hand.

The lid of the pot was opened, and the mouth of the pot was pointed at the flying outgoing golem, as if waiting for it to throw itself into the net.

However, just when the Golem of the Outer Dao asked the sheep to enter the tiger's mouth, it suddenly disappeared into the air.

Kuroshitsuji was stunned, then he thought of something and looked back.

I saw that the external golem was inhaled by the Liudao immortals as fluid-like objects.

The body of the Liudao immortal has undergone subtle changes again, the characteristics of the big tube wood are more obvious, and there are many black bars and gouyu on the clothes.

Seeing the changes in the Six Dao Immortals, after a brief silence, Cangji opened his lips up and down, and uttered a word.

"...The authority of the world."


The six immortals smiled contentedly, showing their self-confidence in their expressions.

"Do you want to continue fighting?"


Cangji smiled lightly, his body faded and disappeared into the air. When he appeared again, he was already behind the six immortals, and the ending sword was cut down without hesitation.

The robe of the six immortals agitated and burst out with unmatched repulsion.

Under the impact of this kind of repulsive force, the ending sword was difficult to move and could not be cut down.