Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 354


The six immortals yelled violently, and their repulsion suddenly soared ten times, trying to fly Cangji out.

But Kurayoshi was not far behind, and also broke out unmatched repulsion, even stronger.


The interaction between repulsion and repulsion causes space distortion.

Under this huge force, the bodies of both of them were stirred and twisted.

Finally, the force of the collision reached its zenith and burst out abruptly, sending out waves of several kilometers.

Affected by this, a hurricane blew in Ninja World, heavy rain started, and thunderclouds rolled over.

The meteor fire rain before, the world has changed now...

The panic Ninja world became even more panic, and all the ninjas in each village were dispatched to evacuate the crowd and move them to nearby refuges.

The two people in the sky collision flew out at the same time under this mighty power.

However, Cangji only flew thousands of meters, while the six immortals flew thousands of meters, with blood stains on the corners of his mouth.

Cangji stabilized his figure and said with a smile: "I tried to put you together, but I didn't expect to be swayed back. You deserve to be a guy who has lived for thousands of years."

"However, it's just a little bit of ten-tailed chakra, so you think you can beat me?"

The Six Dao Immortals did not respond, but the confident expression on his face was once again replaced by solemnity.

His heart is even more shocking!

This boy actually has the same power as his mother!

The pupil power comparable to the mother, the full power of the ten tails.

I'm afraid, even his existence is as immortal as his mother!

In this case, it would be almost impossible to defeat him alone.


"This was originally a means to deal with the enemies that my mother was worried about, but now I can only use it first!"

The six immortals sighed deeply, held the tin stick in their left hand, and made a circle of ripples.


The country of rain.

Because of the battle in the sky, Nagato who evacuated suddenly fell to his knees in pain, leaving two lines of blood and tears at the corner of his eyes.

"My contract with the Outsider Golem was cut off, how is this possible!"

The psychic contract is a technique that follows the laws of space and soul. Once the contract is concluded, it cannot be destroyed by people from the outside world.

Even if the power gap between the two sides is too large, this kind of thing cannot happen.

But just now, he felt that the outside golem that signed the contract with him was taken away.

Is the battle in the sky really Kaguya Ji?

This is not the same as the previously stated plan. Is there something unexpected?

Nagato remembers that Kuroyoshi said that Kaguyahime is a ten-tailed body.

If anyone could break this contract, it would only be Kaguya Ji who was a Masaru Tokuya.

It's just that he doesn't know.

Six immortals with partial world authority can use partial laws of space and laws of soul.

How could it be difficult to obtain a contract based on the law of space and soul.

This is also the part that Kuroyoshi didn't expect.

If it is negligence to shoot the tail beast jade to the Six Dao Immortals, then the external golem was robbed, it is completely informational asymmetry.

Although he made a remedy, he was still taken away by the six immortals with authority and became an incomplete ten-tailed pillar force.


An altitude of thousands of meters.

There was an illusory figure beside the six immortals.

His eyebrows are very similar to those of the Six Dao Immortals, with his eyes closed, he seems to be sleeping.

"Wake up! Hamura!"

The six immortals called softly, closed their eyes, and the kind-faced soul slowly opened their eyes.

He glanced around blankly, then noticed Kuroyoshi a few kilometers away, his eyes solidified.

"Brother, is that the enemy that mother has been worried about?"


The Liudao immortal shook his head slightly, "Thousands of years have passed since the Sealed Mother, and the enemy my mother was worried about has not appeared, but there has been an accident in this world."

"Is that the boy?"

"Yes, he wants to give the planet a sense of autonomy, which will bring this planet to destruction."

"Can't you stop him?"

"He has the power equivalent to his mother, and I can't beat him."

"That's it!"

Hamura sighed, his illusory body gradually solidified, and a fleshy body grew.

"Then we can only join forces again."

Chapter 254 Sealing Yumura

"Tsk tusk, you deserve to be an old guy who has lived for thousands of years, and he still has a hand here."