Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 355

Looking at the resurrected Hamura, Kuroyoshi was surprised, and his tone was full of sarcasm.

The six immortals didn't seem to have heard them, and didn't care.

But Hamura opened those white eyes, and the invisible pressure was released from those white eyes.


The air trembled slightly.

Invisible pressure was placed on Kuroyoshi, making him immobile.


Kuroyoshi laughed, the dreamy blue pupil glared, and more powerful pressure was released from his eyes.

Not only broke the coercion of Yumura in an instant, but also countered Yumura and the six immortals.

Both white eyes and reincarnated eyes have the ability to release coercion.You can suppress the enemy with your eyes and make it immobile.

At the Five Shadows meeting, Kurayoshi used this hand to make Tsuna rushing towards him unable to play.

But now, Hamura used this hand to deal with himself, and he didn't know what he thought.

Although the ability of coercion is very useful, it is useless to deal with the strong.

Especially if the opponent has the same pupil technique, they can counteract instantly.

In the next moment, he will know.

At the moment he countered with coercion, a red torii fell from the sky and settled firmly on him.

This coercion is just a cover to attract attention.

The torii containing the seal fell from high above Kuroyoshi's body, like a meteor.


The earth shook and smoke billowed.

A mountain bag was cracked.

Kuroyoshi stood up, and Yumura Rukage rushed to him, hitting him with his right hand into a palm.

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

A violent repulsive wave erupted, and Hamura was ejected like a cannonball, smashing through several mountain peaks.

Six immortals arrived in the next second.

The Tianmao spear stretched more than ten meters and pierced from the sky.

Cangji's figure was slanted and could be dodged, and then he swept across with a sword and cut it off.

Just when he was about to accompany him to meet the six immortals, Hamura slammed in front of him again.

Condensed on his back were nine Daoist Jade, holding the fairy blade that I did not know where it was taken out from, and cut it down at Cangji.

As a last resort, Cangji could only resist with a sword.


The two swords clashed, rubbing sparks of metal.

Hamura lifted his leg and kicked violently against Kuroyoshi's abdomen, and the two jade beads behind him turned into aurora from the left and right.

At the same time, the six immortals swooped down from the sky, and the severed Heavenly Marsh Spear had been restored to its integrity.

1+1 is much greater than 2.

Neither of the two brothers is an opponent of Kurayoshi, even if they join forces...

If it's just pure power stacking, it is far from being compared with him.

But the combat power they exerted surpassed Kuroyoshi at this time.

Especially Hamura, who can operate in three lines at the same time, his physical skills far surpass those of Kuroyoshi and the six immortals.

In close combat, it was already very difficult to deal with him alone, not to mention that there was still a Six Dao immortal staring at him.

Kuroyoshi somewhat understood why Kaguya Ji possessed far more power than the two brothers, but was still defeated and sealed by the two.


"Many people bully fewer people, right?"

Kuroyoshi sneered, "Don't call me despicable next!"

Four invisible shadows burst out of the body.

One rushed out from the front and punched Hamura first, making it fly out.

One flew out from the top of his head and kicked the six immortals.

The other two came out around, chasing the Liudao immortal and Hamura who flew out.

But Cangji's body swung away two Taoist jade with his sword.


Qiu Daoyu was swept away from the left and right, mushroom clouds were planted on the ground on both sides, and the mountain peaks that stood between the sky and the earth were smoothed.

-Hell by the side of the tomb!

The unique pupil technique of Uchiha's reincarnation eye.

The shadow that can cast the world that is next to reality but the farthest away from reality has the power equivalent to the body.

Although the time to transform into an entity is limited, it is an existence that cannot be seen and perceived. Only the eyes of reincarnation can see it, and only the six immortal arts can perceive it.

From the perspective of the attacked, this is an unsolvable attack.

If it's a normal opponent, even a difficult guy with soil will be knocked down.

But he is facing the Six Ways of Immortals and Hamura, characters that exist in myths and legends.

They can all see and perceive the shadow.

In addition, the shadows cannot use immortality, and the actual power is still incomparable to the main body, and it is not particularly difficult for them to deal with two shadows at the same time.