Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 357

The shadow samurai greeted him first, and Kurayoshi followed far behind.

He didn't join the battle group, but watched the battle from the sidelines, even if the six immortals showed weaknesses, they did not take the opportunity to attack.

This old man is very sinister, maybe it was a deliberate selling flaw that attracted him to the bait.

Although he is immortal, there is no guarantee that he has developed a trick against this characteristic in these thousands of years.

The shadow warrior has the same power as himself, can also use all the props and ninjutsu, even if it is broken, he can gather and recover immediately.

Relying on the power of the shadow warrior is enough to defeat him, there is no need for him to venture up.

The battle between the two reached a stalemate in a short time.

There were explosions, waves of shock raged

Centered on the two fighting men, endless power erupted, making the Ninja world dark clouds and dim.

During this period, thunder and lightning, violent storms raged.

The earth keeps shaking and cracking, the peaks are smoothed, the forest is burning, and the sea is roaring

It's like the end!

This battle did not last as long as the two brothers sealed Kaguya Ji in ancient times, it only lasted three days and three nights.

The power of the Six Dao Immortals is still much weaker than that of Kuroyoshi. Even though they have the power of a part of the world, they cannot reverse the power gap.

As the forces collided, the Six Dao Immortals became weaker and weaker, and finally revealed their flaws and was pierced by a sword.

Under the destructive power of the Ending Sword, his body could not be recovered at all, and a little bit of it turned into dust and dissipated.

"It seems to be the end."

Facing his body dissipated a little bit, the Six Dao Immortals seemed very calm.

"After my death, the power of yin and yang is unbalanced. Your mother will soon break the seal and come out. Please stop her and don't let the entire Ninja world become her farm."

"You don't need to worry about this."

"That's it!"

The six immortals closed his eyes peacefully, "Yes, you will do it even if no one reminds you."

The last horn of the body turned into dust, and disappeared between the heaven and the earth together with the soul.

So far, there are no six immortals in the world.

Kuroyoshi glanced at the natural disasters that were raging everywhere, and sighed deeply, "I will succeed all the time. Although it has not developed into that situation at this time, it is still terrible!"

After sighing, he flew to the disaster sites to stop the disaster.

Under his god-like power, even the disaster of heaven and earth can be easily healed.

However, the land that has been ravaged by disasters needs time to recover naturally.

Fortunately, it only fought for three days and three nights, unlike the six-dao immortal brothers who fought for more than three months when they fought against Kaguya Ji, and there was no such thing as the god tree that caused damage to the origin of the planet.

The extent of the destruction of the earth is far less than the fighting in the ancient times, and it will be restored within a few months at most.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi did not travel around like the six immortals to recover a little bit.

As for human casualties

I can't say no, but it's not serious.

With the help of ninjas in various villages, civilians from all over the world were sent to shelters before the catastrophe completely took shape.

However, property losses are inevitable, and many people have lost their homes.

However, there are also ninjas helping to rebuild.

I believe that the prosperity of the past will be restored soon.

Moreover, after the two worlds are linked, commercial trade will also make the two worlds prosper quickly.

The current dilapidation is only temporary.

In a base in Dashemaru.

He looked at the silver-haired girl in front of him with bright eyes, and couldn't help but be surprised.

"Even the will of the planet can be given to mankind. If it weren't for you to say this is an unrepeatable miracle, I would have been shocked to lose my heart to explore the truth."

Kuroyoshi ignored the Oshe Maru, but looked at the girl in front of him nervously.

In his vision, after absorbing the monitor, the girl can obtain information about the entire planet, from an innocent baby to a god who knows everything.

But after she absorbed the tester, she did not show the reaction that Kuroyoshi imagined.Instead, he stood there with blank eyes, no answer to whatever he yelled.

Although Dashemaru told him that this was because of absorbing and digesting the information of the entire planet, he was still a little nervous.

After all, she was created by herself, so she must be taken care of. Otherwise, what would she be created for?

Be a tool person?

Although Kurayoshi wanted her to help him, he was not a ruthless researcher and would not treat humans that reproduce naturally as objects.

In the face of the girl’s abnormality, Kurayoshi has a sense of urgency to face the newborn child without crying.

At this moment, the girl rushed to Kuroyoshi, rubbing her pretty face on him, and yelled coquettishly: "Dad!"

In fact, the girl had already absorbed the information of this planet.

She was just observing Kuroyoshi's reaction.

After becoming the will of the planet, she knew everything and what Kuroyoshi created her for.

But she does not want to be a mere tool person.

Even the father who created himself.

Chapter 256 Daughter Alice

The filial piety of children to their parents does not mean obedience to everything.

The girl has received the information from the birth of this planet to the present, and has the authority to control everything. She is a true god.

Her thoughts are not as simple as they were when she was born.