Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 359

"Well, just call"

The girl's face was full of expectation.

"How about White Hair?"

The look of expectation instantly collapsed.

The girl shook her head vigorously, "No way, no way, it's too ugly."

"The black hair?"

"Look at it, your silver hair, doesn't it correspond to black hair?"


The girl stuck her waist and glared at Kuroyoshi, "I am not a pet, so why do I have to add a fur to my name?"

"That's it"

"Don't embarrass me deliberately!"


"Just call Alice!"


The girl was startled, and subconsciously asked: "Why did you take this name?"

"It doesn't have any special meaning!" Kuroyoshi scratched his cheeks: "It's just that I've seen many beautiful and kind girls call this name before, so I am"

"Then my name is Alice!"

Girl, no, Alice seemed to be very happy. She turned around in the same place, and the big dress spun and danced.

Feeling the joy in the other party's heart, Changji couldn't help but feel happy for her.

For a while, Alice calmed down from her joy.

She looked at Kuroyoshi seriously and asked, "Father, you should know about Otsuki Kaguyahime!"


Kuroyoshi nodded.

If Alice didn't take the initiative to ask, he was also going to mention it to her.

"As the consciousness of this planet, I feel the danger. The source of the danger is on the moon."

Alice said grimly: "Through historical information, it is almost certain that Kaguya Ji is the omen of danger."

Kaguya Ji planted a sacred tree, plundered the nutrients of the earth, and used natural life as fertilizer.

Her behavior can be described as the deadly enemy of the planet.

For this, Kurayoshi knew it well.

He considered it for a moment and asked, "How long will the danger that you only know will come?"

"Ten days."

Alice said: "At most ten days, Kaguya Ji will break the seal and descend on Earth again."

"Ten days?" Kuroyoshi pondered slightly, "time should be enough."

As he said, he smiled at Alice, "Relax, let's father and daughter join forces, Kaguya Ji is nothing to fear."

"Thank you, Father."

Alice bowed to Kurayoshi 90 degrees and thanked her.

Although she knew that Kuroyoshi himself would deal with Kaguyahime, it did not prevent her from being grateful to him.

Because his behavior against Kaguya Ji really helped the planet itself.

Saying goodbye to Alice temporarily, Kurayoshi continued to prepare for dealing with Kaguya Ji.

Strengthen Liangping, forge equipment, and use Kazuki's corpse.

Chapter 257 Coming to the Future

In addition to strengthening Ryohei, in addition to manipulating the black corpse, Kuroyoshi is also frantically forging props.

Now he has mastered the ninja world, can easily obtain any person's body tissue, and forged thousands of props.

However, most of the props only manifest the abilities of those with special talents.

These props may be able to enhance the strength of the public ninja, and even make the level of the movie level further.

However, wanting to participate in the six-level battle, it is still a little bit worse.

However, some useful things have also been forged.

The first is the props forged on Wuying.

Terumi Mei forged two props, a deep sea gem and a dream wedding palace.

The Deep Sea Orb was forged in the second generation of Hokage, so there is no need to talk about it.

The dreamy wedding hall is the same BUG scene props as the puppet theater.

Accept the other party's invitation, and those who step into the palace will become loving couples who can die for each other.

If you can set a trap and invite Kaguya Ji to enter this hall, then you will win without fighting.

In addition to these two props, Tu Ying also forged a decomposition gun.

It looks like an alien’s toy gun, which can emit decomposing light to break down objects into the smallest molecules.

The power of this thing is determined by the size of the chakra injected by the user, and it can also be injected into the fairy chakra.

Kuroyoshi tried two shots, and there was only one laser cannon.

In the end, Kuroyoshi forged ghost beads from many of Dashemaru's subordinates, and finally merged and upgraded to forge a picture of Hyakki Nocturnal.

Inside the Hundred Ghosts Night Walk is a self-contained world, a place where sprites live.

You can suck people into it, order Hyakki to bite, or control the Yin Qi inside to erode the enemy's body, which has a great corrosive effect on the enemy with strong vitality.