Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 360

It is also possible to summon the Hundred Ghosts to carry out enslavement in this world, or to summon Yin Qi to attack in this world.

However, Hundred Ghosts cannot stay in this world for too long.

Kuroyoshi has the level of having tried Hundred Ghosts, the weaker is only the strength of the ninja student, the strong can be compared to the super shadow.

If it were in the world in the Hyakki Night Walk, their strength would be even higher.

There are basically three items that can affect Kaguya Ji, and the rest

Thunder armor like Raikage, Tsunade’s facial cleanser, God’s gift or something

Either the level is too low or it is not for combat.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi still feels a little worried.

Although these preparations should be foolproof, Kurayoshi's character is a little cautious, and he is still a little worried about it.

"You have to do two-handed preparation."

Kuraki thought about it, opened the space channel and left the portable cabin.

The yellow sand is full, with only oneself as company.

In the endless desert, there are long-abandoned ruins buried.

Kuroyoshi walked through the remaining dilapidated buildings and finally entered a relatively complete hall.

There is an abyss in the depths of the hall, and there is only a bridge that can be passed by one person.

Inside the bridge is a building like an altar, with a strange kunai stuck in the bulge above it.

Kuroyoshi flew towards the altar and fell down beside Kuunai.

He looked down at the kunai inserted on the altar and muttered to himself, "Dragon veins, let me see your power!"

After speaking, he grabbed Kuunai and pulled it out.

At this moment, the whole hall vibrated, and dust and gravel fell from the roof. The altar was particularly fierce. It seemed that there was something buried underneath that was about to break out of the ground.


The air quivered.

Suddenly, the altar cracked a hole, and a majestic chakra spewed out like a fountain.

The vast and boundless volume directly broke through the ceiling, turned into a column of heaven and earth, and continued to spread around.

"Sure enough, it is Xianshu Chakra!"

Looking at the color that was obviously different from the Chakra in the human body, Kuroyoshi had an unexpected expression.

Dragon veins, the gathering place of natural energy.

Through thousands of years of aggregation, natural energy is transformed into Xianshu Chakra.

In the course of this evolution, these chakras have left the mark of time on their bodies, possessing the ability to travel through time and space.

"All come to me!"

Cangji took out the sealed pot, pulled out the plug, and pointed the mouth of the pot at the dragon vein.

Suddenly, the dragon veins were like a video of hearing the command, and they turned their direction and rushed into the pot of seal.

However, the amount of chakra contained in the dragon veins far exceeded Cangji's imagination, and the pot of seal could not be absorbed all at once, and was completely overwhelmed by the chakra that formed the wave.

Longmai took Cangji into the torrent of time and space, and turned the other side in history.

Cangji was not in a hurry, using the pupil power of time and space to wrap himself, avoiding the loss of lifespan in it, and then continued to absorb the dragon veins with the pot of sealing.

I don't know how long it took, the surrounding vision suddenly became empty, and the dragon veins that wrapped him had been absorbed by the sealed pot.

And without the dragon veins, you have returned to this world from the torrent of time and space.

However, there are no traces of relics around, only the yellow sand that can't be seen at the end.

"this is"

Kuroyoshi frowned and felt a bad feeling in his heart.

He let go of the restraints, and felt fully in the direction of Konoha.

Suddenly, several familiar Chakras were sensed.

It's just that Kurayoshi's brow furrowed even tighter.

"Naruto, Sasuke, Ino"

"The chakras of these people have become stronger, and their breath has become more calm."

"I really traveled through time and space"

"And, it's traveled to the future."

In order to confirm his thoughts, Kurayoshi opened the space channel leading to Konoha.

Coming out of the space to the other end, Kurayoshi found himself in a city with high-rise buildings.

From some small places, Konoha's shadow can be seen faintly.

However, whether it is the scale of the building, the design style, or the clothes of the pedestrians on the street, it must be more advanced and avant-garde.

However, this is a commercial street, why are there so many people?

There shouldn't be so many talents in such a big and prosperous city!

Kuroyoshi looked at the sparsely populated commercial street with some doubts.

He perceives it again, and he perceives the dense chakras in the north, some of which are still colliding and consuming each other.

That place is

"It turned out to be taking the Zhongnin exam!"

Kuroyoshi knew the situation together and suddenly guessed the truth.

"Everything is here, just go and see!"

Kurayoshi flew directly in the direction of the arena.