Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 361

In the sky, Kuroyoshi saw the whole picture of Konoha, which has been completely transformed into a modern metropolis.

Various high-rise buildings emerge in endlessly, and machines in some modern high-tech cities are very common.

After a while, Kurayoshi came to the arena.

Here, it has also been rebuilt and expanded dozens of times to accommodate tens of thousands of spectators.

Amidst the cheers of the audience, a group of young teenagers competed in the arena.

Kuroyoshi saw the yellow-haired pineapple head, "Lubo" at a glance.

Chapter 258 I have greened myself

"Tsk, this is from Shi Feng Chuan to Bo Ren Chuan!"

Kurayoshi saw many familiar faces in the arena below.

Although I don't know what they are called, they can be judged by their appearance and clothing.

And, I saw Sakura, one-armed Sasuke, Xiao Li, Neji

Wait, why is Neji here?

No, no, with my big butterfly, it's normal for Ning Ci to live to the finale.

However, why are there still five great Shinobu villages?

Didn’t I unify the Ninja Realm and plan to relocate my personal village together to build a city of mercenaries and trade connected to other realms?

Did I fail, or was there something wrong with the plan?

Kuroyoshi was a little confused for a while.

At this time, the system prompt sounded in my mind.

Friendly reminder: Those who play with time will definitely be played with time, host, think about your ultimate pupil technique!


Kuroyoshi was silent.

His ultimate pupil technique, the unique ability of reincarnation writing round eyes is to control time.

Let time go back, let time speed up

Although the degree of control is not great, it can only be said to interfere with time, not control.

But as long as there are capable seeds, one day they will sprout and grow into towering trees.

I have an endless life span, and I don’t know which day in the future, I might be able to control time sideways.

With such an ability, Sora will become chaotic at that time, and it will be taken for granted.

It's just that Kuroyoshi still doesn't know what happened, and this situation has become like this.

Ding!Probably the parallel world

"parallel world?"

Ding!Although there is no evidence, I can guess a little

Ding!Because of your existence, irreversible contradictions appeared in the past and the future, which led to the self-division of the world and the birth of a parallel world

"Space-time refutation?"


The so-called spatio-temporal refutation is the occurrence of conflicting causes and effects.

For example, if Kurayoshi goes back to the past and did something that caused his parents to die unexpectedly before giving birth to him, then Kurayoshi would not be born in the world. Naturally, there will be no such person in the future.

Then, there would be no Kurayoshi crossing into the past to engage in trouble, causing him to be unable to be born.

Ding!Once this kind of contradiction occurs, the world will split and a parallel world will be born, separating you from the world after changing the future

"If this is the case, wouldn't it be that there are as many worlds as possible in the future?"

Ding!This is impossible


Ding!No matter how you divide a bucket of water, there is only one bucket of water. The difference is that one bucket of water becomes several bowls or tens of thousands of drops of water.The world is the same, the more it is separated, the smaller and more vulnerable it will be

Ding!People who have the ability to travel through time and space will surely discover this situation, and then restrain their behavior to prevent the world from splitting

"That's it."

Kuroyoshi nodded slightly.

Take himself as an example. If he doesn't know the relationship between the world and the parallel world, once he encounters something uncomfortable, he may change through time and space.

But now, after knowing the relationship between the parallel world and the world, you won't do it.

One is that it’s useless to go back and change, just to give birth to a new world.

The second is that doing so will eventually lead to the destruction of the world.

This is the real world destruction, not the destruction of a planet!

Unless it's the kind of crazy psychopath.

Otherwise, no one would do this.

Of course, it is impossible for such a person to gain the ability to travel through time, and the self-protection mechanism of the world will exclude such existence.

After sorting out his clues, Kurayoshi quietly landed in the back row of the audience and watched the game.

Although it is only a parallel world, many things are worthy of reference, and Kuroyoshi is going to stay back for a while in the future.

Anyway, no matter how long the future has passed you, as long as you return to the point of time when you travel through the future, you don't have to worry about Kaguya Ji's birth in advance.

He glanced at the arena first.

It's a team competition, it seems to be competing for something.

Kuroyoshi was not interested, so he continued to look at the acquaintances in the audience.

Shikamaru, Temari, Tian Tian, ​​Tooth, Ding Ci