Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 362

On the central high platform, sat the grown-up Naruto, Gaara, Kurito, Chojuro, and Darui with a white beard.

Seeing these people who grew up together but became very mature, Kuroyoshi felt a little strange in his heart.

Probably, at the node of his time and space, his appearance in his twenties was seen by Ino and others, so it was the same mood.

But when it comes to Ino, why didn't you see Ino?

Kuroyoshi stood up and scanned the audience again, but still did not notice.

With the insight of reincarnated eyes, it is impossible to miss.

"Don't you come to watch the game?"

When the scene was puzzled, a familiar shout came from behind.


The tone was a little uncertain and expectant.

Hearing this voice, Kuroyoshi turned around and saw a purple figure with gold.

The auditorium is in the style of the Roman Colosseum, which is raised upwards like steps from the inside to the outside.

Then Qianying stood under the highest sun, unable to see the front.

But those purple cropped clothing, fishnet guards and fishnet stockings, and long blonde hair like a waterfall,

The most important thing is the faint scent of cosmos radiating from the opponent, making Kuroyoshi recognize the identity of the opponent at once.


Kuroyoshi put his hands in his pockets and looked at her with a smile.

Suddenly, under the face of the shadow, a little reflection was seen.

It is tears.

Ino cried.

Kuroyoshi was stunned, and before he could think about why Ino would cry when he saw him, the taller and more sexy man, the woman rushed into his arms.

"Great, great, you are finally back."

Before Kuroyoshi could react, he heard a crying voice in his arms.

Kuroyoshi raised his hands, feeling a little at a loss.

He wanted to comfort the beauty in his arms, but he didn't know what happened, and he didn't know how to comfort him.

At this moment, Ino raised his head.

Two lines of tears were on the face that faded from the girl's immaturity and became more mature and charming.

But the eyes and expressions revealed joy.

It is tears of joy!


Kuroyoshi let out a sigh of relief.

He thought it was his future self as a scumbag!

Suddenly, Ino stood on tiptoe and kissed Kuroyoshi's lips.

Kuroyoshi's eyes rounded.

He felt the flexible things that he had reached into and explored, but he thought in his mind: Am I green myself?

No, this is a parallel world, not a pure future.

I am not green myself, but my phased body.

Thinking of this, Kurayoshi quickly grabbed Ino's shoulder and pulled her away.

Chapter 259 Cangji is dead


Kuroyoshi wanted to make it clear, but as soon as he called his name, he was again gagged by Ino.

It was not that he could not break free, but he felt the joy of the other party's long-awaited reunion, the mood that he would not let go anyway.

Subconsciously, no longer resist, any other party takes on oneself.

One second, five seconds, or one minute?

I don't know, in this strange sweetness, Kurayoshi only feels that a long time has passed.

Finally, Ino seemed to be unable to hold his breath, and then separated.

Her arms were wrapped around Kuroyoshi's neck, with tears of joy on her face, and she was gasping for heat.

"Finally, I finally see you again!"


Ino raised his hand to cover Kuroyoshi's mouth, crying and said, "Don't say more, I know what I know, I know all"

Kuroyoshi widened his eyes.

What do you know?

I do not know how?

"Needless to say so much."

Ino's face suddenly blushed, and he whispered in Kuragi's ear: Come with me.

He directly pulled him and ran away from the exit of the venue.

Just when Kuraki was wondering where Ino was going to take him, Ino, who looked all the way, dragged his hand into the dark corner of the alley.


Passionate lips pressed again.

"Kurayoshi, give it to me"