Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 363

A weak and inaudible whisper came into his ears, Kuroyoshi's brain was blank, and his body was subconsciously pulled by the opponent.

after an hour.

Kuroyoshi walked out of the lane with Ino, who was flushed in a daze.

For the first time in his life, he just explained it in a vague way. Did he not understand what happened?

Moreover, there are children in the same class, and Ino is the first time

I am Liu Xiahui in this world?

"That, Ino"


Holding his arm, Ino, whose whole person was attached to him, looked up, and the flush on his face had not faded.

Kuroyoshi opened his mouth, and stopped talking.

He originally wanted to say that he was not the Kurayoshi she knew, but looking at Ino who was so happy and content, he couldn't say anything to the point of his mouth.

"No, nothing."

Kuroyoshi scratched his head and said, "Let's go to the Zhongnin exam!"


Ino snuggled in Kuroyoshi's arms and headed to the arena together.

Back in the arena, the two looked for the last position to watch the game.

In the venue, there is still a team match.

The second generation of Xiaoqiang is very eye-catching, but bloggers are the most eye-catching.

His shadow clone can be divided into more than 20 at once.

His various attributes of ninjutsu are readily available.

No one who took the exam was his opponent, and even the shadows of other villages were teasing that he had a great son.

And Naruto also feels face.

"Naruto's son is so amazing, I feel like he's almost catching up with you back then."

Ino was also surprised by the blogger's performance and couldn't help but open his mouth wide.

"Really good."

Kuroyoshi's rebirth eyes naturally noticed his cheating using scientific endurance tools.

But how to say?

Even if you use props, you can't achieve this level if you are not good enough.

Just like the shuriken and kunai people use, there are some who are strong and others are weak.

You can take a few samples back with this thing for Da She Wan to study it.

If it can be mounted on the Chakra armor of the Snow Country, it will be a good improvement for ordinary ninjas.

Just as Kuroyoshi reveries, the game entered the one-on-one link.

One by one, the second generations of awesome and blasting debut, showing the strength of dominance.

Especially Sasuke and Sakura's daughter Zorana.

She has already opened the eye of the writing wheel and inherited Sakura's strange power punch.

Through the insight of the reincarnation eye, Kuroyoshi also discovered that Zoryana had learned the technique of the Hundred Heroes and the Yin Seal and was in the stage of accumulating chakra.

If this kind of strength were put in their Zhongnin exam, it would almost crush the audience.

But here, there are a few more awesome ones.

Gaara's righteous son, Oshamaru's son

On the contrary, it is a blogger, even if you use a scientific endurance tool, you can't compare with these few.

However, for others, bloggers who use scientific ninjas still have overwhelming strength, crushing opponents time and time again in the game.

Finally, after defeating Shikamaru's son with a scientific ninja in the semi-finals, Naruto discovered the clue.

He also personally exposed the blogger's cheating behavior and changed the winner to Lu Shiro.

"Eh! Naruto is in a complicated mood right now with a son who behaves badly in the name of the shadow!"

Looking at the father and son who seemed to be arguing in the field, Ino was a little worried.

"A family will inevitably have problems like this, but"

Before he finished speaking, Kuroyoshi sensed two chakras peeping from the sky, and couldn't help but look up.

Two white-skinned people with horny tentacles floating high in the sky.

One was similar in body to ordinary people, and the other was very fat, with a red moon in the back of his head.

"It's finally here!"

The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly.

Although he hasn't read the blog, he has seen the theater version and knows that the Datongmu peach-style gold style will strike during the Zhongnin exam.

Both of them are good in strength, and they should be able to forge some good things to further increase his strength.

It is precisely because of this that Kurayoshi will watch the game with great interest.

Otherwise, a group of forbearance

Even if there are a few of his strengths reaching the level of medium or even superior, it will not arouse his interest.

"what happened?"

Seeing that Kuroyoshi was halfway through his words, he raised his head and looked to the sky, and Ino followed.

Without the pupil technique, she couldn't find the two people floating in the clouds, so she asked.

"Ino, something will happen later, you leave the meeting place first."