Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 364


Ino was stunned.

Suddenly, there was a fierce howling in the sky.

Jin Shi's wide body smashed into the venue like a cannonball, causing the entire arena to shake.

"what happened?"

Everyone looked at the center of the dust differently, and saw the sturdy figure of the big tube of wood and gold holding the glowing right hand, and then suddenly grabbed it against the ground.


As the ground moved and the mountains shook, the center of the venue broke from both sides, the pillars collapsed, and the ceiling fell.

A huge roof fell above where Kurayoshi and Ino sat.

"Be careful!"

Ino stood up for the first time, ready to deal with the boulder, but saw Kuroyoshi smile and shook his head slightly.

"How could this kind of thing hurt me?"

As he said, a repulsive wave bounced from his body, instantly blasting the boulder away.

Looking at Kurayoshi who was so energetic, Ino was slightly startled, his eyes were flushed, and finally he couldn't help crying.

"Hey, what's the matter?"

Kuroyoshi calmed Ino a little flustered, but for some reason she burst into tears.

"I know, I know, the moment I see you, I know you are not the Kuroyoshi I know."

"The Kuroyoshi I knew died ten years ago."

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Kuroyoshi was taken aback and looked at Ino incredulously.

It's not that the world's self is dead.

Instead, I felt incredible about Ino's behavior.

If this parallel world was born because of the paradox of time and space created by himself, then the reason for his birth is to separate the Kuroyoshi of this world from himself and form a completely unrelated person.

Although the same name is Kuroyoshi, the same appearance, but the life track and personality will be completely different.

That is, the so-called different life from the same person is a phase entity.

Perhaps, Kuroyoshi in this world is not a traverser at all, or a traverser but no gold finger

Even in some worlds, Kurayoshi was trampled to death on the day of the Kyuubi Rebellion.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi in this world is dead, and it doesn't feel much to him.

However, Ino knew that Kuroyoshi in this world was already dead, so when she first saw her, she should know that she was not the Kuroyoshi he knew.

But she pulled herself to do something like that.

Is she by nature dissolute and starving?

Do not.

People of the same age are already married and have children, but she still maintains a perfect body. This can't be the reason, there must be more special reasons.

As if he hadn't seen Kuroyoshi's expression, Ino continued to cry and said, "I know you are not the Kuroyoshi I know. I can see you and listen to your voice.

"The familiar feeling that I can't forget in my life, and the feelings for him can no longer be suppressed"

"However, the Kurayoshi I know is not so powerful at all. Even if he resembles him again, you are not him!"

Yes, when Ino saw Kuroyoshi, he knew that he was not the one he knew.

But she kept deceiving herself and others until Cangji shot the five or six-meter-long boulder, letting her clearly realize this.

Hearing Ino's account, Kuroyoshi's heart is also mixed.

Regardless of the previous life or this life, my first time was given to the woman in front of me.

However, I am just a substitute for the other's impulse

Although I do not suffer.

But there will always be inexplicable emotions in my heart.

At this moment, the world changed color.

The waterspouts from the heavens and the earth roared and raged, the surrounding wind roared, lightning and thunder, and countless fire and rain fell.

Above the venue, there was a tail beast jade that obscured the sky. The majestic chakra overflowed, causing the air to vibrate and blast.

In the center of the venue, Naruto propped up the chakra shield of Nine-tailed head, and Sasuke stood in the center and put a layer of armor on Nine-tailed head.

This kind of defense is enough to resist multiple attacks of six levels.

This is like an attack like the end of the natural disaster, and nothing can be done.

However, no matter how strong the defense is, it will always be attacked.

In order to protect the civilians in the venue, Naruto Sasuke had to wear a protective cover and stay in place.

As for the peach pose that issued this attack, due to a lot of medicinal pills, the chakras in the body were endless.

Strong winds, tsunamis, thunder and lightning, fire and rain fell one after another.

Finally, even the shields supported by Susanoh and Nine-tail Chakra couldn't stop them, and the heads of the dogs that escaped from the armor were bombed.

"a ha ha ha"

The big tube peach-like flying in the air laughed wildly, "Just use this sentence to end it! Don't die, fox!"

As he said, with a wave of his right hand, the tail beast jade that covered the sky fell from the sky.

A gleam of enlightenment flashed in Naruto's eyes, and he said to Sasuke beside him: "Sasuke, the two children will be handed over to you."