Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 366

However, the coercion he released was comparable to the coercion released by Kuroyoshi, just like Firefly and Haoyue, let alone bouncing off the pressure exerted on him, he couldn't even reduce the pressure.

"So fried fish must look like fried fish!"

Kuroyoshi repeated what he had said before, with a more contemptuous tone than before.


Jin Shi became angry from embarrassment, with a red chakra glowing in his right hand, and slapped the ground hard.


The fierce air wave broke out and broke through the pressure instantly.

The gold-style ejected out, holding the giant axe high in his hand, and smashed it against Kuroyoshi.

"Mortal wisdom!"

Cangji snorted lightly, and a jade for the truth appeared above his head, which turned into a protective film.


The giant axe slashed and exploded a wave of air on the protective film, blowing the people around him.

"You stand further away!"

Kuroyoshi rolled his eyes around Naruto and others who were watching the battle, and immediately punched out, and the protective film just dissipated at this moment.


The fist hit the golden abdomen, bursting out a cloud of gas, and the violent fist hit the sky through the body.


Jin Shi bowed sharply and vomited blood.

Kuroyoshi took a step back, kicked his chin with his leg, and directly sent it to the sky.

And the goal, it happens to be a peach-style.

From gold-style sneak attacks to frequent deflation, this guy has been hanging in the sky to watch the battle, and his calm attitude as if he has the overall situation is extremely uncomfortable.


Tao Shi firmly caught Jin Shi with one hand.

Jin Shi looked back and glanced at him gratefully, "I want to see Master Tao Shi to help."

"No, I just prevent myself from being smashed." Momoshi's mouth raised slightly, "My eyes can see that the guy has foxes, octopuses and other chakras in his body. It is estimated that all the tail beast chakras have been gathered. ."

"Although I don't know how he did it, we are not opponents with such power."

"So, you know what to do!"

Jin Shi was stunned, and then his head hung down, "Master Tao Shi, please absorb me."

"Golden style, I won't forget you, just let us become one!"

As he said, the reincarnation eyes on Tao Shi's hand sucked fiercely, and the golden style was absorbed into the body and refined into a bright red fruit.

"Inferior creatures, take a good look, this is the power of God!"

Peach-style swallowed the crimson fruit in one bite, and his body began to change.

The pale skin was covered with black stripes, the hair spread out like a waterfall, and the horns of the head became vertical.

The most important thing is that his white eyes turned golden, the reincarnation eye on his palms also turned golden, and a golden reincarnation eye was squeezed out of his forehead.

The incomparable aura radiated from the body, making the air tremble endlessly.

"The alchemy of the Datongmu clan is really powerful. It can refine such waste into such a chakra fruit with such a strong boosting effect!"

Kurayoshi just felt that the Chakra of Taoshi at this time was stronger than the Six Dao Immortals, and indeed had arrogant capital.

"You can only be arrogant now."

Momoshi snorted, and his body fell like a cannonball.

Cangji smiled, and shot up into the sky.

The two collided in mid-air, bursting out like a wave of air, and after a brief silence, the world resounded with loud and explosive sounds.

The ground was lifted up like a floor, and the arena was turned into ruins in an instant.

"It's not bad, it's even with me for the time being."

Momoshiki praised indifferently and shot again.

Not to be outdone, Kuroyoshi hits with a fist

The two sides fisted back and forth, colliding with each other, waves of air swelled, layer upon layer of impact burst, and the earth was raging, shaking.

Both can absorb ninjutsu, so physique is the best way to confront the enemy.

The Datongmu clan's physical skills are very powerful. In the battle, even the various martial arts skills of the previous life have been displayed by Taoshi.

On physical skills alone, Kuroyoshi is not as good as him.

However, Kuroyoshi's strength and speed are better, but he can make up for this little difference.

However, Cangji has reached the realm of all phenomena.

Anything can be learned at a glance.

During the battle, Tao Shishi was surprised to find that the guy whose original physical skills were not as good as his own was gradually able to equalize himself in physical skills, or even stronger.

"how is this possible!"

Momoshiki refused to accept the facts and turned into anger.

With both palms spread around with the roar, the majestic Chakra burst open Cangji.

Then, both hands were held in the void, and a spear glowing red was condensed in his hands.

Momoshiki pulled a gun, leaned back behind him, and hooked his finger towards Kuraki with his right hand, "Come on!"

Cangji smiled disapprovingly, raised his hand and shook it, and the spirally extending end sword was taken out, and immediately slashed with a sword.

The slash with the aura of destruction tore the earth, and it attacked like a bamboo.