Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 367

Feeling the power to end all things, Tao Shi's mouth twitched, and the spear swung around, sweeping the slash away.

Then the gun went with him and rushed forward.

With a sword with that kind of power, even if he had the incorruptible body of King Kong, he would die if he was cut.

At this time, he was not as calm as before.

Kuroyoshi didn't care, and went up with a sword.

The two fought together again.

Guns and swords

Along with the sound of metal collision, sparks continued to burst, and the burst of air waves continued to raging around.

The peach-style marksmanship is extremely superb, coupled with the long weapon, for a time actually suppressed Kuroyoshi.

Naruto Sasuke and the others who watched the battle from a distance couldn't help but feel tense, and Ino was as anxious as an ant crawling in his heart.

Although she said that Kuroyoshi was not the one she knew.

But, the same appearance, the same voice, and similar personality

Neither the familiar thing nor the impression left by taking him away for the first time, it is impossible to regard him as a similar but unknown stranger.

Please, don't lose!

Ino prayed in his heart.

Chapter 262 The Death of Tao Shi

Boom boom boom!!!

The battle is in full swing.

The two of them hit and walked, colliding non-stop along the way, bursting out a strong impact raging around.

The layers of the earth collapsed, the giant trees fluttered, and even the cliffs collapsed under the air waves.

The battle fell into the previous situation.

At the beginning, Otsuki Momoki relied on powerful spear skills to suppress Kuroyoshi, and Kuroyoshi could only rely on the power of the end sword to resist.

But as the battle time passed, Kurayoshi learned his spearmanship with the help of the realm of all phenomena, penetrated the weaknesses and flaws of this spearmanship, plus the power of the end sword, the situation was instantly reversed.


Unwilling to be suppressed by those who regarded him as inferior creatures, a circle of sharp black air blades burst out of the big tube wooden peach-like body.

This is the unique coercive pressure of the big barrel peach-style reincarnation eye, which can change its nature and form.

However, this Qi blade that could cut off a mountain was smashed by Kuroyoshi with a single sword.

However, he was also pushed far away.

Momoshiki didn't think that this move would hurt Kuraki, so he stamped his right foot on the ground, and the ground shook. Several dragon-headed zombie monsters flew out from the ground to bite Kuraki.

At the same time, the sky cried.

A fire phoenix spread its wings soaring, and after a slow beat, it also flew towards Cangji.

On the way, the fire phoenix caught up with the monster in the dragon head and snake body, attached to it, and formed a burning dragon snake.

That power really shocked the world.

Dog feeding Jian Ming and pheasant hunting.

A combined ninjutsu that changes the nature of the earth attribute and the fire attribute chakra.

"Energy ninjutsu that changes from the nature of Chakra will be absorbed, but this ninjutsu with physical properties, you will absorb it and show me!"

The big tube peach-like flying in the sky laughed wildly.

"this one?"

Looking at the roaring flame dragon snake, Cangji smiled contemptuously, a finger often seen in his hand.

Suddenly, the space was distorted, and the flame dragon snake was torn into countless small pieces.

"Space Ninjutsu!"

Tao Shi's complexion was slightly solemn, and he raised his hand to the ground and grabbed it. A lava giant rose from the ground. His body of more than 20 meters exudes hot air, and his aura is particularly amazing.

"Shoot me to death!"

Momoko commanded loudly.

The lava giant really raised his big hand and took a heavy shot at Kuroyoshi.

But before the big hand fell, the earth shook again, and a palm about the size of a lava giant stretched out from its feet and held it in his hand.


The giant hand clenched tightly, and the lava giant instantly crushed it into slag.


Datongmu looked at the giant hand in surprise, and an ominous premonition rose in his heart.

His hunch is not wrong.

The palm that was about the size of the lava giant supported the ground, and the earth "rumbling" non-stop.

It seems that the giant sleeping underground has awakened, and is about to break out of the ground at this moment and see the sun again.


The earth split and collapsed, and the giant hundreds of meters high crawled out of the pig and stood in the sky.

In front of this giant, the peach-like self-proclaimed god is just an ant-like creature.

Cangji fell on the giant's head, looking at the sluggish peach-style, and waved his long sword, "Kill him!"


The giant made a deafening noise, and the giant hand that shielded the sun yesterday was raised high, covering the sun.

Then, the giant hand fell heavily.