Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 368

As the shadow on the ground grew larger and larger, the surrounding wind became more and more violent. When it was about to fall to the top of the peach-style head, it was already screaming with lightning and thunder.

Entangled by these foreign land, giants are full of coercion like real gods.

Feeling the movement, Momosaki recovered, and was furious.

"Inferior creatures, dare to look down on me!"

Between words, a powerful repulsive wave erupted from the body.

The giant hand that seemed to cover the earth was shot up.

Then, with a flash of red light, Tao-style pierced the giant hand with a gun, and rushed towards Cangji along his arm.

At this scene, Kurayoshi shook his head.

The giant stone golem possesses six levels of power by virtue of its huge size.

But after all, it is made of ordinary stone, and it is still a little vulnerable to attacks of the same six levels, and can only bully people under six at most.

In his thoughts, Tao Shi has already come close.

The spear that was more than two meters shook and stabbed out with the help of the momentum.

Kuroyoshi sat on the head of the golem, as if he hadn't noticed the peach-like killing, with the tip of the gun facing his head, and he did not move at all, neither blocking nor hiding.

Although Momoshiki felt strange, she refused to let go of the successful plan, and shouted in surprise, "Successful", and the hands holding the spear couldn't help adding two points of force.

However, the spear pierced the body, and there was no feeling of stabbing the entity.

Kuroyoshi's body seemed to be illusory, allowing the spear to pass through without the slightest difference.

"not good!"

The peach-style secret path is not good, but just with the help of the impulse, he used too much force, and his inertia made him unable to stop and retreat in time, only to accelerate forward.

call out!

The Otsuki Momoki wears Kuroyoshi's body like a phantom.

But as soon as he passed through his body, Kurayoshi turned and pinched the back of his neck.

The original illusory body turned into a real entity at this moment, and his left hand was like a giant pincer, pinching his neck.

"I won!"

The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly, revealing a triumphant smile, holding the sword high in his right hand, and stabbing it at the heart without hesitation.


Momoshiki with his back to Kuroyoshi also showed a triumphant smile.

"No, I won."


The Ending Sword penetrated Peach-like body, and the power of destruction made the undamaged King Kong body drift away a little bit.

But just when Momoko's body was about to dissipate, the world fell into silence.

In the sunset, the long-distance wild geese stayed in the sky in this formation of spreading their wings.

Kuroyoshi stood still, holding the sword.

"Time freezes!"

The illusory figure flew out from the broken body, and the big tube peach-like movement lowered his neck, then turned and smiled at Kuroyoshi.

"The tactic that can be performed only by sacrificing the huge energy of the body is also the sealing technique of the Datongmu clan's home seeker."

"I have to admit that although you are an inferior creature, you did kill the gods. You are a true godslayer and you are qualified to be my weapon."

"That's it!"

Kurayoshi, who should have been held by time, unable to move, unable to think, smiled at Momoji at this moment.

The big tube peach style was shocked.


"I obviously freeze time, you can't"

Before he finished speaking, Kurayoshi grabbed his head.

"When did you have the illusion that only you can control time?"

"Obviously I have seen my ability to use the space system, but I don't dodge the possibility that I can use the time system!"

"You Datongmu clan seems invincible for too long, don't you know how to fight?"

As the voice fell, Kurayoshi activated the power of the human world and absorbed the peach-like soul.

Chapter 263: Knowing the length and depth of each other

The dust was blowing, sand and smoke were everywhere.

The prosperous city that combines modernization and forest has mostly turned into ruins.

Standing on the giant stone golem, Kuroyoshi could not help but sigh: all the prosperity and power in this world are just appendages of power. Without power, everything is a castle in the air.

Just a moment ago, he absorbed the soul of the big barrel wood peach, and obtained considerable information.

About Xuanci, about Datong Mumoto Family

At this moment, seeing Konoha turning into this scene, I couldn't help but have a new insight.

Whoosh whoosh!!!

Several figures fell on the stone statue.

It’s the Konoha executives headed by Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Sakura, Li, Choji, Toa, Shikamaru

Naruto forgot to go down, took a deep breath with a complicated expression, and came to Kuroyoshi.

"How about peach style?"