Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 369

After Kuroyoshi replied, he was a little embarrassed, "Sorry, I made Konoha like this."

"No, if it weren't for you, things might get worse."

Naruto smiled and said, "At least, you saved me and everyone in the venue."

"Moreover, even though it was destroyed like this, it was originally a sparsely populated place, plus everyone evacuated the crowd in time, so there were no casualties."

"is it?"

"That's good."

Kuroyoshi was also relieved.

If he could, he didn't want to cause fearless casualties.

"What are you going to do next?"

Naruto glanced at Ino on one side, then looked at Kuroyoshi, "Do you want to live in Konoha first?"

Following Naruto's line of sight, Kurayoshi also looked towards Ino.The other party lowered his head in embarrassment.

Kuroyoshi lowered his head and groaned, "First arrange a place for me to rest. I won't stay for long."

"Well, let Shikamaru then"


Sakura punched Naruto in the head from behind.

"You do it"

Naruto held her head in pain, looked at Sakura puzzledly, but saw Sakura slaving her head back.

He looked in the direction, but saw Ino lowered his head in silence, his eyes were complicated, giving a feeling of sadness.

Suddenly, it suddenly dawned on me.

"Then let Ino arrange the accommodation!"

"Hey, let's go, everyone still needs to work together on reconstruction."

Naruto left with a group of people.

On the golem, only Kuroyoshi Ino remained.

The two of them looked at each other with complicated expressions, and neither of them spoke.

A gust of smoke blew by, blowing the clothes of the two of them.

As if realizing that the silence would never be broken if this continues, Ino stroked his hair and smiled at Kuroyoshi.

"Put away this golem first, I will arrange accommodation for you."

"it is good!"

The brief dialogue made great progress in the deadlock situation.

Kuroyoshi let the golem sink back to the ground, and then walked towards the commercial street with Ino.

The arena is located northwest of Konoha, very close to the prison, but far from the center of Konoha.

Most of the battle between Kuroyoshi and Momoshiki was due to physical skill, so it did not spread to Konoha center.

The streets near Hokage Rock are still full of flowers, and people who had taken refuge because of the previous panic have also returned to open shops and do business.

There are also many shopping crowds on the streets.

Kuroyoshi and Ino are walking side by side on the street. The male is handsome and handsome, and the female is sexy and mature. They match well.

"The Konoha here is really prosperous!"

Looking at the shops on both sides and the pedestrians coming and going, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but sigh.

After more than ten years, Naruto's ruling standard is really not overshadowed.

It's just that, considering that he had a knowledge level similar to that of blindness in his childhood and youth, it is hard to imagine that he will have this level of leadership in the future.

Seeing what Kuroyoshi was thinking, Ino smiled slightly, "Yes, when Naruto became Hokage, everyone was worried that he would defeat Konoha!"

This is probably the mentality of the first generation of Hokage, after knowing that Tsunade became Hokage, worried that she would ruin her family by betting Konoha!

Thinking of the feelings of his companions at that time, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but laugh.

"At that time, you must be afraid to help Naruto manage Konoha!"

"That's enough."

Ino seemed to recall the funny story, and finally returned to the usual smile on his face.

"The sixth generation of Hokage was still tutoring Naruto at the time. Even if there is a big mistake, he will help wipe his butt."


"Well! He is amazing."

"Five to five, I know."

The two of them came to a star hotel.

Ino arranged a suite for Kuroyoshi on the top floor.

Ino accompanied Kuroyoshi around the room and asked, "How is it, is the accommodation still satisfactory?"

"You know, I don't care much about this."

Hearing Kuroyoshi's words, Ino thought of something and lowered his head with a dim look in his eyes.

For a long time, she took a deep breath and looked up calmly, "If there is no problem, then I will leave first, and you can find me whenever you need to."

After speaking, Ino turned around and prepared to leave.

Kuroyoshi quickly stepped forward and took her hand.

Ino was silent for a long time before saying, "Please let go, we"

Before she finished speaking, Kuroyoshi pulled her over.