Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 371

"Even if you let yourself go back alone, it's useless, I will tell her about this experience, and then come to you."

Ino pursed his lips and looked at Kuroyoshi in a daze.

After a long while, he recovered.


After cursing, Ino put on his clothes and left the room.

Kuroyoshi stretched out his hand towards Ino's back, but in the end he didn't say anything to leave her behind.

At this time, his mind was messed up, and Ino's mind was messed up. It's better for both parties to separate and calm down temporarily.

It was the first time that Kuroyoshi had encountered this kind of thing and had a headache.

Although he was chased down by countless girls in his previous life, he never tried to hang him, and he refused in person.

He can't do two boats.

What's more, the Ino of his own world is his first love, and the Ino of this world is his woman.

Both of them are very important in his heart.

He didn't want to deceive the two most important women in this life.

In fact, it is very easy to solve this problem, just married two women together.

But the concept of Naruto World is also monogamous, even if Kuroyoshi wants such a good thing, the two Ino will not agree.

"Oh! Take a step and see!"

Kuroyoshi sighed and took out the collection of this trip.

Dragon veins, golden peach chakra.

Ding!It is detected whether the special material "Chakra of Datongmu" can forge special props "Wanhua Mirror", "Lunar Wheel" and "Datongmu Crystal".

Ding!The special material "Pure Big Tubular Chakra" is detected, and special props such as "King Kong Unbreakable Pill", "Defective Chakra Fruit", "Wanhua Mirror", "Wanhua Mirror", "Alchemy Furnace", and "Big Tubular Wood Crystal" can be forged. "Sacred Tree Crystal", whether forged

Ding!If the special material "Dragon Vessel" is detected, the special props "Time Jumping Anklet", "Etheric Cloak", and "Gate of Time and Space" can be forged.


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind, and suddenly there were many more items in front of him.

First, there are three kinds of props in gold style.

White-eyed contact lenses.

Thumb-sized white crystals.

A moon wheel glowing red.

The white-eyed Wanhua Mirror and the Otsuki Crystal were nothing to look at, and Kuroyoshi cast his gaze directly on the moon wheel.

"Moon Wheel: A space-type prop that can be suspended behind the owner, and can be taken out and put into weapons by means of mind."

"This thing"

Kuroyoshi squeezed his chin and thought for a while, and found that this thing and Tiantian's scroll seemed to have an extra effect of levitation and mental manipulation.

For Kurayoshi, the effect of force is greater than actual use.

However, the level of the gold style is just like that, and Kurayoshi didn't expect this guy's Chakra to forge anything powerful.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi set his sights on the peach-style chakra forged.

There are seven items in total.

A pill that exudes fragrance.

A chakra fruit glowing red.

A pair of contact lenses with white eyes and reincarnation eyes.

A white crystal the size of a thumb.

A pocket-sized three-legged furnace.

A green crystal the size of a thumb.

Needless to say, the contact lenses with white eyes and reincarnation eyes are the pair of Taoshi.

White eyes can see through the seal, and reincarnation eyes can absorb other people's ninjutsu and release it after amplification.

The white crystals are large barrel wood crystals, which can be digested to obtain a peach-like large barrel wood vein.

If you even eat that green sacred tree crystal, you can get body hardware equal to the peach pose.

Apart from these four items, there is also the bright red Chakra fruit, which has the same effect as the one on Pu Shi.

Kuroyoshi didn't rush to eat either, but looked at the two remaining items.

"King Kong Unbreakable Pill: It contains all kinds of pills that strengthen the body's endurance and toughness. After taking it, you can get the unbreakable body of Jingang."

"Alchemy furnace: its owner is a manifestation of the magical alchemy, possessing a variety of medicinal materials or substances containing chakras that can be refined into more efficient use of elixir."

"These two things are good."

Cangji nodded and subdued the King Kong Unbreakable Pill.

Suddenly, the pill was digested and turned into a stream of heat flowing through the body, strengthening his body, making every cell more indestructible.

He thought that his body was just strong.

Now, his physical strength will also become terrible.

Although the so-called King Kong is not bad, it is just relative.

But you can understand it by referring to the monkey demon.

At least the general super shadow level tricks are not explosive.

265th time jumping anklet

Alchemy furnace

The Wanxiang fish basket can also make alchemy, but the alchemy power is completely exploded by the alchemy furnace.