Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 372

First of all, the Vientiane fish basket can only refine the edible substance full of chakra like chakra fruit into pill.

But the alchemy furnace can directly make Chakra into alchemy, and the conversion rate of materials is much stronger.

As long as Cangji is willing, he can even use other people's chakras to refine pills.

Needless to say, Cangji directly threw the defective Chakra fruit into the alchemy furnace to make a pill.

A total of more than forty grains were refined.

Each grain is glowing red and exudes a faint fragrance, which refreshes people's spirits after smelling.

"Try it."

Cangji threw a pill into his mouth and swallowed it.

Suddenly, a huge flow of heat was born in the body, and the body cells and mental consciousness suddenly shook, and suddenly grew a lot.

This pill can not only permanently increase Chakra and vitality, but also make Chakra raging in a short period of time, allowing Ninjutsu to exert greater power.

It’s no wonder that both peach and pu-style will save some pill to eat when fighting.

However, although Chakra was violent in a short period of time, Ninjutsu played a stronger power.

But no matter it is, it will also lose the familiar sense of the body, making it more difficult to manipulate the chakra in the body, which is pros and cons.

After thinking about it for a while, Kuroyoshi ate all the pills.

As long as one's own power is always crushing the enemy, then there is no need to rely on Chakra Rage to defeat the enemy.

Instead of leaving a few pills as a trump card, it is better to directly improve your own strength.

Of course, this is also because Kurayoshi has many props as hole cards.

Because, you will always encounter enemies that you cannot crush.

If you encounter a well-matched opponent, having the ability to make Chakra rage as a hole card is enough to defeat the opponent.

These forty tablets of pills have made Cangji's vitality and mental power soar, and the speed and amount of chakra refining has more than doubled, far exceeding the defective chakra fruit eaten before.

The original bright red reincarnation writing wheel eye is even more brilliant, exuding a faint golden light.

Kuroyoshi shook his fist and felt the chakra flowing in his body, only feeling refreshed.

Wasn't this going out to find the dragon veins just to become stronger against Kaguya?

Although there was an accident, the result has not changed.

The current Kuroyoshi is more than twice as strong as before, and it is already a good deal for Kaguyaji.

Kaguya has no combat experience, and her use of chakras is not as good as that of contemporary ninjas. She just relies on the unparalleled amount of chakras to fight with the immortal physical characteristics.

Now, Kuroyoshi has a Chakra twice stronger than Kaguya Ji. If he still loses, then he can hang himself.

After a long time, calm down.

Kuroyoshi set his sights on the remaining three props.

A moon-white anklet.

A brown hooded cloak with long diamond-shaped ornaments hanging from the lower end.

A door the size of a palm.

This is forged from the chakra of dragon veins, so each piece has the nature of time.

"Time jump anklet: It allows the wearer to ignore what happened within ten seconds, and jump to the time after ten seconds. Every time a time jump is activated, it needs to be cooled for three minutes before it can be used again."

Looking at the system introduction, Kuroyoshi always felt familiar.

After thinking about it carefully, isn't this an alternative Central Asian golden body?

Ignore what happened during the jumping time, that is to say, no matter what kind of attack others attack him, he can't help him.

Absolute artifact!

Don't think too much, just put it on the ankle.


"Etheric Cloak: A cloak with space power that the wearer can move instantaneously. The longer the jump distance, the greater the chakra consumed and the longer the cooling time. If you jump within ten meters, there is no cooling time. "

What do you say about this stuff?

Very awesome.

Momentary movement is not like a spatial channel. There is no sign, and you can jump when you say jump.

Very fast.

But it has no effect on Kuroyoshi.

Within ten meters or even kilometers, his speed is similar to teleportation, or even faster.

And the teleportation distance of the etheric cloak is more than ten meters, and the CD starts to appear. The farther the distance, the longer the CD, which is far less than its own movement speed.

For long-distance movement, he also has spatial channels, Shenwei, Huangquan Biliangsaka and other techniques. Although there are signs of activation, there is no CD, and it is better than the ether cloak.

Moreover, the etheric cloak is too second to wear, and it feels like being in COS.

Shaking his head, Kuraki fixed his gaze on the last item.

"The Gate of Time and Space: A gate that connects to different time and space. As long as you open the door and think about passing through the place, you can exit from that place."

This thing is a bit like any door, but it can't travel to any place, it can only be any time and space.

With this, anyone can easily travel through time and space.

Seeing the introduction of the system, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but smile.

"No wonder there will be parallel worlds. With this kind of thing, it is estimated that there are as many parallel worlds in Naruto as there are messy lines!"

Kuroyoshi himself can travel through time, but he must take advantage of the chakra with the nature of dragon veins to make a large time jump.

If you rely on yourself, you can only travel for more than ten minutes.

But with this door, whether it is to travel through the future or return to the past, it can be done easily.

However, there is a systematic warning that he will not traverse casually, lest more parallel worlds appear.