Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 374

But I saw Kuroyoshi preemptively said: "However, there is still something to deal with in the world over there. I can't leave without saying a word. After I have settled the matter over there, I will come back and look for you."

Ino's smile solidified.

She lowered her head, playing with her fingers.

Then he raised his head and smiled reluctantly, "Did you know?"

"That's what he said to me back then."

"At that time, he was both the public enemy of the Ninja world and the savior of the Ninja world."

"At the beginning, you asked him to let go of everything like this at the beginning, and make him give up the idea of ​​unifying the Ninja World."

"He agreed."

"Say, after the decisive battle with Kaguya Ji, I will live a life in a two-person world with me, no matter what the Ninja world is like."

"Then, he died with Kaguya Ji."

Having said this, Ino grabbed Kuroyoshi's hands with some excitement, "This time, no matter what, I won't let you go alone."

"If there is something that must be resolved, then I have to follow along, eh? What is your expression?"

These words are completely from the bottom of my heart.

But Ino found Kuroyoshi's face stunned.

Even if you can't empathize, it shouldn't be this kind of reaction.

Or is it hard to understand me?

However, Ino didn't know, the situation he was talking about was entirely Kuroyoshi's plan to go back and deal with Ino in that world.

If the plan is successful, the follow-up situation will become what Ino said.

Could it be that this world is not a split parallel world, but the future I have chosen?

However, if all this speculation is true.

For the sake of the future Ino, let her live up to the past and let her suffer for about 20 years

This stupid thing

Is it really something I can make?

No, I don't want this to happen.

At this moment, Kuroyoshi realized it.

Good men do not necessarily make their women happy, and scumbags do not necessarily make their women sad.

Everything depends on the problem you are facing, and then make a choice based on the situation.

and so

I want to be a scumbag.

Kuroyoshi made up his mind.

Then, faintly, some unknown change occurred in the world.

This kind of change cannot be noticed by ordinary people, and only those with the power of time and space can faintly perceive something.

And Kurayoshi, who is already strong enough to control time out of space, is even more aware of this change.

The world is divided.

It turns out that this is really not a parallel world, but a future developed by a single world.

But now, because of Kuroyoshi's determination to become a scumbag, the original development trajectory has become different, causing the world to have contradictions, and it is divided into two.

This world has now truly become a parallel world.

Kuroyoshi goes back to the past, no matter what he does, he cannot change the historical course of this world.

Kuroyoshi held Ino's hand tightly and smiled softly: "Don't worry, I am very strong. What I have to do when I go back is not a big deal. I will be back soon."

"I don't believe it, you told me the same way last time."

"Then let's get married first, and then we will get married after we get married. How about I go back to deal with things?"

Ino looked suspicious, "You have to go back to deal with things in a hurry, won't you take your time by doing this?"

"It's trivial to say everything!"

Kuroyoshi put his forehead on Ino's forehead and smiled and said, "If you are worried, get married sooner, get married sooner, and I will go back to deal with things sooner, and then come back sooner."

"When will it?"

"Just tomorrow!"


Ino exclaimed, "How can this work?"

"Wedding is a major event in a person's life, we need to make adequate preparations, wedding hall, wedding dress, flowers, rings, inviting relatives and friends"

"I will prepare these. You just need to dress up and wait for me to marry you tomorrow."

Chapter 267 Return to the Main World

Konoha held a weird wedding today.

In the west, in the forest where there were originally only green plants, I don't know when there was a western church.

Nearby, there are flowers that bloom for all seasons, which are bigger than normal ones, brighter and more beautiful.

The floral fragrance is intoxicating.

The wedding is held here.

There are not many people involved in the wedding, but almost all of them are Konoha's senior leaders.

The newlyweds are even more enviable.

Having such a wedding in life will make love go even further, and let the couple love each other more deeply!