Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 375

The fact is also true.

After Ino finished the wedding, Kuroyoshi's eyes were happier and more satisfied, and the other party felt that everything was right for his own good.


"I have companions and relatives in my own world, and another you as a lover. Come with me. The three of us will form a big family together in the future, OK?"

On the night of the wedding, Kurayoshi said so to Ino.

Then Ino, who was immersed in happiness, nodded without hesitation.

In her eyes, a man loves herself so much, even if there are other women, it's okay, as long as he loves herself as always.

So, the next day.

Kuroyoshi opened the gate of time and space and left the world with Ino.

"So, that's how you tricked people back?"

Main world.

Alice stared at Kurayoshi with weird eyes.

"How is this called cheating?" Kurayoshi said with a flushed face, "If everything was confessed to her."

"Cut, scum."

The daughter made no secret of her disgusting eyes.

Invite the woman who loves her to marry in the dreamy wedding hall, making this love even more profound and unable to extricate herself from it.

In short, it is indeed a scum.

"My father is planning to use the same method to marry other women in the future!"

"It's not other women, but Ino."

Kuroyoshi was not angry at all when he was scolded as a scum.

Because this is the best solution.

Whether you choose the current Ino or the future Ino, you will always hurt someone.

Therefore, if two marry together, no one will hurt.

Of course, in this world of monogamy, choosing two together will actually hurt both together.

Even scumbags and scumbags are hiding things from each other, just fooling around outside.

But if you love each other deeply and don't care about such things, that's another matter.

However, Ino is still young now, and Kuroyoshi doesn't plan to do anything now.

Moreover, he prepared the same Ninja World and attacked the Five Shadows at the Five Shadows Conference, which actually made Ino a little embarrassed in Konoha.

Those adult ninjas regarded Kuroyoshi as careerists. Even if Kaguyahime, the public enemy of the ninja world, and the future two-world link plan to profit from the ninja world, they were regarded as big sticks and sweet dates.

In fact it is the same.

Although Kurayoshi's idea of ​​unifying the Ninja world is not ambition, but to really help Nagato achieve permanent peace in the Ninja world.

But no matter what the reason, the facts caused by his actions will not change.

Therefore, it is better to have less contact with Ino here, and we will wait for the real unity of the Shinobi world.

Kuroyoshi's expression was serious, and he talked about business, "How is Kaguyaji's side?"

Alice also recovered her seriousness.

"The effect of the seal is getting weaker and weaker, and the seal will be lifted in about 6 days."

"Where are you?"

Kuroyoshi asked, "As a descendant of Hamura, he also has the responsibility of guarding the seal. Didn't he notice that the seal was weakened?"

"He has already used the power of the reincarnated eye to reinforce the seal, but he only delayed the time and turned Huiye, who could break the seal in three days, into ten days."

"That's it."

Kuroyoshi knew it.

"My battle with the six immortals has already let the entire Ninja world know my power. Therefore, there is no need to deepen their impression of me and once again destroy the planet and put the battlefield on the moon."


Alice opened her mouth and her expression was wrong.

"With the moon, I can't help you, I can't leave the earth."

"It doesn't matter, I'll be enough by myself." Kuroyoshi said confidently.

Strengthen Ryohei, strengthen Nagato, and even strengthen the corpse of Osaimaru and Kurozu

Everything is to prepare for Kaguya Ji.

but now

A trip to the dragon veins, a trip to the future.

He had gained strength several times stronger than Kaguya Ji, and the previous preparations were no longer needed.

Alice thought about it for a moment, and then realized.

"How sure is your father?"

"One hundred percent."

"When will you go to the moon?"

Kuroyoshi smiled slightly, "Now."

As he said, a spatial passage opened in front of him, and Heijue's corpse was also taken out.

"I will go back."

While speaking, Kurayoshi took out a remote control and pressed a button at Kazue.

Suddenly, Kuroyoshi's shadow slipped into Heijue's body and became his shadow, while Heijue who should have died re-emerged and stood up.