Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 376

"Eh eh eh!!!"

Alice cried out incredulously, "How did it do it? How did it do it? How did he come back to life without seeing her father reverse his death?"

"Just agree with his body!"

Hei Jue chuckled, but his voice was exactly the same as Kuroyoshi.


Alice looked at Kurayoshi who was also smiling at him, then turned to look at Kurozu, with a black question mark on her face.

"Well, just borrow a small prop."

The props are "jun and name" forged from Ino, which can exchange bodies with others.

But Heijue is dead, so the exchange becomes occupation.

And, because of the existence of the shadow samurai, Kurayoshi belongs to the two-in-one existence.

He separated the Shadow Warrior to occupy the body of Heijue, while he was still in his original body.

After listening to Kuroyoshi's explanation, Alice finally understood, but questions also followed.

"My father already has full confidence in dealing with Kaguya Ji, so why do you need to do this?"

"No one will dislike yourself becoming stronger!"

Kuraki smiled, took out two sharp weapons and handed them to Kurozu.

A bright red body, like a sword cast with blood.

The size of a palm, the same bright red curved blade.

The sword of filial piety and the blade of betrayal.

If the child holds the father's kindness and filial piety sword to pierce the parent's body, that person will carry a huge sense of guilt, and at the same time, will also gain infinite strength.

The blade of betrayal can cause incurable tearing wounds to the betrayer.

Hei Jue was born from Kaguya Ji as her child. In theory, stabbing her with a father's kindness and filial piety sword would gain tremendous power.

Kuroyoshi wanted to try, borrowing Heijue's body to stab Kaguyaji on the back, would he gain the same strength.

Anyway, he has no relatives with Kaguya Ji for no reason, and he will definitely not bear the guilt.

The Blade of Betrayal was an insurance measure to kill Kaguya Ji.

Chapter 268 Hei Jue's Back Stabbed Kaguya Ji

The far side of the moon.

In the underground of an empty palace, with white hair and closed eyes, the Sheren in white clothes stopped in front of a pattern.

The formation pattern flickered, and the undulations made Sheren frowned.

The puppet on the side reminded: "My lord, the seal is getting weaker and weaker. You have to strengthen the seal quickly."

"It can't be reinforced. The two reincarnation eyes on the moon have exerted their maximum power and can only last a few days at most."

Sheren turned and faced the earth. Although he did not have eyes, he seemed to be looking at the earth.

Decades ago, the six golems were channeled away.

Now, even Kaguya Ji's seal was loosened, and the earth had undergone major changes that he didn't know about.

After thinking about it, Sheren said: "Go to prepare the teleportation array, I'm going to the earth."

"Go to Earth at this time?" The puppet was a little startled.

"It's no longer possible to stop Kaguyaji from coming. I can only gain the strength to fight her before that. Go to Earth to find the Hyuga family. I want to awaken the reincarnation eye."


After the puppet bowed, he turned and left to go.

Sheren turned to look at the seal on the ground, and sighed deeply, "I don't know if Huiye can be stopped by the power of the reincarnated eyes."

"No, you can't stop it."

A gloomy voice sounded behind Sheren.

Sheren was shocked and turned around quickly, but saw a cloud of dark fluid penetrate into his body.

In the next second, Sheren was surprised to find that he had lost control of his body.

Sheren suddenly sweated profusely and asked loudly, "Who are you?"

"I am Hei Jue, the third child born by my mother Kaguya Ji. Now, I am here to welcome my mother to the world again."

"Hui Ye's third child!" Sheren was shocked, "How is this possible?"

"Kaguya Ji has only two children, that is my ancestor Yumura-sama and brother Yui."

"My existence is a secret. Even the Six Ways of Immortals and Hamura didn't notice my existence. It's normal if you don't know it."

"However, it doesn't matter anymore. After the mother comes, all of you will become nourishment."

Hei Jue said, manipulating Sheren's body Jieyin.

"Stop, stop."

Sheren resisted fiercely, trying to regain control of his body, but found that he couldn't regain it anyway, and he couldn't even interfere with Heijue's actions.

Dozens of complicated stamps are over.

Suddenly, the flickering pattern was completely dimmed, and everything was calm.

In the next second, lightning flashed and thunder, and only the dim basement illuminated by candlelight suddenly brightened.

At the same time, a shocking sense of oppression spread from the seal, making the air tremble.

"Ah ha ha……"

Hei Jue laughed loudly, "The Chakra just leaked from the seal has this kind of power. Inside is the mother, and the mother will finally see the light again."

Sheren can only remorse.

He hated himself for not implementing the teachings of his ancestors earlier, destroying and rebuilding the world that the Six Dao Immortals failed to create.