Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 377

Leading to Kaguya Ji's return to the world now.

"Absolutely, did you do the loosening of the seal?"

At this time, a high cold voice sounded in the room.

One forehead has double horns, the skin is pale, the forehead has bright red vertical eyes, and a woman with long white hair dragging a carpet emerges from the formation.


Heijue looked at the woman who appeared ecstatic, "Thousands of years of planning have finally made you see the sun again."

"So, this person..."

Kaguya Ji looked at the Sheren who was controlled by Heijue, and the familiar feeling from her body made her frown, "Is it a descendant of Hamura?"


Hei Jue got out of Sheren's body and flew towards Hui Ye, and Hui Ye also opened his wide sleeves and included it.

"Thanks for your hard work these years."

"It is my long-cherished wish to let my mother see the sky again."


Kaguya Ji didn't say much, but looked at the dormitory who was let go of her restraints, but still couldn't move because of her courage.


"After I was sealed, the world has been in chaos and chaos. Don't ruin my fields."

"Just let the world return to the rule of unlimited monthly reading!"

After speaking, Kaguya opened her hands, and the reincarnation writing round eyes on her eyebrows bloomed.

At this moment, not only the moon, but even the people on the earth felt the strangeness, feeling palpitations in their hearts, and couldn't help but look up at the moon.

A light flashed on the moon.

But nothing happened, making people think it was a mistake.

In the underground palace.

Kaguya Ji stared at the scarlet sword that penetrated her chest, her face filled with disbelief.

Not only her, but even the Sheren opposite was stunned, and even the eyes without eyeballs opened wide.

"Absolutely, you..."

Kaguya Ji was full of doubts, but she was interrupted as soon as she spoke, and another short curved blade pierced her chest.

"You betrayed me!"

Kaguya yelled loudly, an invisible air wave erupted, and the empty palace built on the moon was blown away.

In the smoke, two figures flew out from the left and right.

It is Sheren and Heizue.

Hei Jue held his father's filial piety sword and the betrayal blade in his hands, with a triumphant smile on his face.

His power has increased two or three times in all directions.

And he is the shadow of Kuroyoshi. Only when Kuroyoshi's body changes, he will change accordingly.

In other words, the idea of ​​using the corpse of Heijue to stab Kaguyaji on the back with the filial piety sword of the father was successful.


At this time, the sound of breaking the air sounded.

Hei Jue looked back, and two sharp black bone spurs came into view.

Puff puff!

The body was penetrated, and the body quickly decayed into ashes.

The shadow warrior turned into a shadow and stood up from the ground.

He glanced at the corpse that had been turned into ashes, and squashed his mouth. "This body is too weak. It is obviously controlled by me, but I still can't escape this level of attack."


The gust of wind howled, two strands of white hair broke apart and the smoke was stabbed like a spear.

The shadow warrior smiled softly, and a black rod appeared in his hand, slapped left and right, and easily swayed his white hair.

But before he was happy, more white hair turned into sharp thorns and shot across the sky.

-Rabbit fur needles.

The Shadow Warrior did not panic either, and swiped in front of him with one hand, opening a space channel.

The sharp thorns were all sucked into it, and there was no spray.

However, another spatial passage opened in the back, and Kaguyaji floated out like a ghost, raising her hand to hit in the air.

The shadow samurai seemed to have eyes on the back, he noticed the sneak attack without turning his head, and swung his backhand.


The metal rod clashed with the palm strength, bursting out an unparalleled wave of air, and the earth in a radius of tens of miles was lifted up.

In the smoke and dust, Kaguya Ji made Chakra extreme, concentrated and slapped her palms frantically, forming a fist that could shake the world.

The wind blown by the attack alone splits the earth.

Chapter 269 Heavenly Imperial

The power of fist that shook the world instantly overwhelmed the Shadow Warriors, and violent sand and dust rose everywhere, covering eyes and ears.

Suddenly, Kaguya Ji moved for a while and flew out quickly.

In the next second, a more violent and powerful force shook away the smoke and dust, spewing out like a volcanic eruption.

Fortunately, Kaguya Ji's eyes had an insight into it in advance, otherwise, the blow would definitely cause her to be ashamed, not to mention how much damage it caused her.

If her dignified goddess was made like this as soon as she debuted, it would be too cheap.