Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 378

After being forced to retreat, Kaguya Ji did not rush to do it again, but floated in the air, quietly watching the smoke disperse.

Sheren was on the other side, looking at this scene in astonishment.

Although he has no eyes, he can see what is happening outside, just as he can see Hinata when he followed his father to the earth when he was a child.

The brief confrontation between the shadow warrior and Kaguya Ji was not only fierce and powerful, but also caused Kaguya Ji to suffer a small loss.

This development makes Sheren feel incredible.

That was the ancestor of Chakra!

What's the origin of this guy, it can make Kaguya Ji a big loss.

Gradually, the smoke disappeared.

The dark figure of the shadow warrior appeared.

However, there was an identical person standing next to him, except that he was not completely dark, but was no different from a normal person.

This person is naturally Kuroyoshi.

Looking at the extra Kuroyoshi, Kaguya Ji's expression became serious, and she faintly felt that something was wrong.

With white eyes, she could see through Kuroyoshi's situation at a glance. His chakras were several times more tyrannical than herself, and he also had a complete ten-tailed chakra.

Such a guy is an enemy, which is really bad.

Kaguya Ji looked at Kuroyoshi, who was also looking at her.

He was also curious about this goddess of Mao, the ancestor of Chakra.

However, after taking a closer look, it was no different from the animation, and suddenly lost interest.

However, his reincarnation eye also saw that there was a stab wound on Kaguya Ji's chest, which was healing at an extremely slow speed.

Hey, it is obviously a knife wound with the effect of tearing that cannot be healed, but the result is still healing, and the ability of immortality is above the blade of betrayal.

"who are you?"

At this moment, Kaguya Ji asked.

The corner of Kuryoshi's mouth rose slightly, revealing a faint smile, "Kurayoshi."


Kaguya Ji was puzzled and didn't know who Kuroyoshi was.

"It's just a little ninja, no big deal."


Kaguya Ji became more confused, but immediately said nonchalantly: "It seems that a lot of things have happened in these thousands of years. If you continue to ask, you will only become more confused."


Kuroyoshi smiled and nodded, "You just need to know that I am the one to stop you. It is enough to be the enemy."

"Does it have to be the enemy?"

Kaguya Ji took a deep breath and said, "We are so strong and have an immortal lifespan. Why can't we be companions?"

"Companion?" Kuroyoshi was stunned, then laughed, "Do you also have the concept of companion?"

Facing Kuroyoshi's sarcasm question, Kaguyaji frowned lightly, "For the same kind, there are naturally."

Kuroyoshi understood.

There is no difference between Kaguya Ji and Peach-Style Gold Style, both with the arrogance of the Datongmu clan.

Calling himself a god, treating other people as inferior creatures, disdain to stand in the same position.

However, Kaguya Ji is a little better than Peach.

Peach-style only recognizes the blood of Datongmu. The purer the blood, the more recognized.On the contrary, the lower the purity of blood in urine, the more disapproval.

If there is no big tube wood bloodline, it is directly regarded as an inferior creature.

But Kaguya Ji was different. She had been sealed by her two sons and judged by the strength of her strength.

She didn't even look at people with low strength.

Just like in the anime, when the seal was just lifted, I passed by Kakashi Kozakura, but it seemed that they didn't find them.

It's not that I didn't find it, but I ignored it.

In her eyes, Kakashi and Sakura are no different from the ants passing by the roadside.

When humans walk on the road, they will not care about the ants passing by unless they are really boring.

After understanding this, Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, "That's right, how can anyone be company with ants? I agree with your philosophy."

Kaguya Ji also breathed a sigh of relief inside, but nothing changed on her face, "Then, with me"

"Not interested in."

Kuroyoshi interrupted Kaguya Ji, "I am not interested in working with Ants."

Quiet, deadly silence.

Kaguyaji's face was frosty, she raised her head and stared at Kuraki, an invisible aura erupted from her body.

Sheren, who was on the other side, felt a strong sense of oppression. He was short of breath and couldn't even stand still, and couldn't help feeling shocked.

"It's so powerful! Didn't you try your best in the previous battle?"

On the other side, Kuraki was unaffected by it, just looking at her with a smile.

Kaguya Ji didn't talk nonsense and raised her hand.

Suddenly, the world changed.

The vast expanse of the land suddenly disappeared, turning into an endless world of magma, with only sparse lava peaks standing in it.

Kuroyoshi floating in the sky, watching the changes in the world, couldn't help but be surprised.

Heavenly Royal.

Kaguya Ji's unique pupil technique in the reincarnation writing round eyes creates spaces such as lava hells, frozen mountains, sulfuric acid seas, infinite deserts, supergravity spaces, and the initial ball space that can be directly connected to these five spaces.